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This story is a sequel to It's Time To Leave

Takes place during the events of Equestria Girls through Camp Everfree.

I've been bullied by my classmates, teachers and even the principal, so I decide to try starting anew. However my new group of friends, one in particular, has a checkered past. Should I trust her?

Part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles

(Warning: contains spoilers from Friendship Games and Legend Of Everfree.)

Cover art can be found here.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 43 )

I like. I really like.

I never understood why every student at CPA was such a jerk towards Sci-Twi or why they always got away with it. And I was really disappointed when Sci-Twi didn't went for revenge during her Midnight Sparkle transformation.

8102448 If you remember, Midnight Sparkle was more interested in collecting all the magic in Equestria. So with her ripping holes in the space-time continuum she was sort of getting her revenge indirectly.

i disagree, i think in this story Twilight should get some pay back on the shadow bolts, and Cinch more directly please.


yes that true but i think she wanted to transfer t that other school to get away fromthe Bullying shame at Candance for not notcing all this was going on!
I really hope in this story she gets paypack even a small amount directed at them will teach, actions have Conqunces!

It´s a good start to the story and it´sactually nice that you expand on the more tamer examples of bullying presented in the movie since it wasn´t really that severe and it will create a good connection between Sunset and Twilight later on. The only problem I had was that while you did good with the cafeteria sceen and the hallway bullying, the last part about the diffrent species were a little bit childish... They are suppose to be what 16-18 of age? I just reminded me of something someone from a elementary school would use as a bully method and not something a highschooler would go for. Maybe it just me though, every bully case doesn´t have to start with heavy abuse and mental scarring. i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/638/600/6ff.jpg

8103986 The name calling and personal, childish insults never stop with some bullies, no matter their age. That's why the last bit is there. As far as any heavy bullying in the story goes, I have plans for that in a later chapter. :pinkiegasp:

8104034 Meh, that´s true I suppose.
Look at you, getting me all excited and shit. Let us see if you can earn yourself another dark tag shall we! 68.media.tumblr.com/f8d306007614d5c2bdddd86fdfbc94e0/tumblr_nna5xeJO681t9sksvo1_400.gif

So, this will more than likely be the Friendship Games told from SciTwi's POV? As well as her transfer, meeting the others, and growing a fondness for Sunsets?

8110917 Most of it. Later on will have Sunset and SciTwi having a difficult time getting along.

Alright you got me. I'll be waiting for the next chapter. And I best see the next chapter

8162527 The next chapter is with my editor right now. The following chapter will probably be ready for editing within the next 24 hours.

It's no wonder Twilight wanted to get the hell outta CPA as quickly as possible. Sunset Shimmer sure made one helluva real first impression on Twilight, didn't she?

Yeah, it's going to make for an interesting next chapter, isn't it?

Does Sunset's other friends know about the scars? I know 'pony Twilight' doesn't or there would have been a serious intervention. I'm also guessing that no one else knows about those scars? How does Spike not know about those scars?

8165927 They learned about Sunset cutting herself about halfway through A Time For Redemption (Book 2: Ch. 3). 'Pony' Twilight was the one that brought it to the attention of the other five "off-screen" between Ch. 2 & 3 after Sunset poured her heart out on the phone at the end of Book 2: Ch 2.

8165970 Actually, I thought Twilight only saw Sunset cutting her wrist at the beginning of chapter 3. As far as I knew, she never showed them her other cuts. And I think they were too busy to notice them while fighting the sirens.

8166142 That's the downside to having multiple stories in a series. You tend to forget what got written where.

Well, hopefully it will actually stick with Sunset this time that she isn't alone anymore. Based on what the next three books contain, this is an understatement.

8172453 Kinda makes you wonder what Sunset meant when she said "why can't treat Twilight with respect?" in the bathroom during the previous chapter. Doesn't it? :heart:

8172518 Oh I know why she said that. She still hadn't gotten over what Twilight could have caused coupled with the issues of herself that she was still trying to deal with.

Comment posted by pabrony deleted May 27th, 2017

She has anger issues i cant help but love it lol

Twilight made sunset show them

Really... instead of expecting someone to do something why don't she do something?
I heard shooting the school was the new mania sweeping the States.
Ok, that was uncalled for but people that expect others to do something for then instead of taking matters on their own hands, even if in the figurative sense like going trough the burocracy of filling complaints with the police, annoy the shit out of me... there is aways something you can do you just have to want to do it.

:ajbemused: wow those Crystal Prep students...

I gotta hand it to them... THEY’RE A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES!!!!:flutterrage:

9051522 You think they're bad now, wait until I get the story gets rewritten. :pinkiecrazy:

After breakfast the next day, I went back to the tent with Sunset where she showed off a cute, new bikini for me.
"Can you give me a hand tying the strings?" she asked as she pulled her shirt off.
I was in shock at not only the sight before me but the feelings stirring within me. Was I really in love with my best friend?

We're all in love with Sunset here. :raritywink:

9318771 Yes. Yes we are. :pinkiehappy:

"One of your friends is a cutter? Your father and I didn't make a mistake letting you go to that party, did we?" she asked.

This does seem to me a dick opinion like comparing a person with depression and a poor outlet to a drug addict

There's some people that don't understand the reasons why others cut themselves and I wanted to (attempt to) convey that ignorance (for lack of a better term) with that line.

Yikes. I remember being bullied like that before.

Someday I'll show all of them, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

Ooh, Twily's showing her mad scientist side! j/k

Knowing what I know about where the series is, it'll be interesting to see how the rest plays out.

That got real all of a sudden.

I was in shock at not only the sight before me but the feelings stirring within me. Was I really in love with my best friend?


Rather frantic pacing, but it's covering a lot of time in a little space. Still, it feels like the majority of the story is padding for that scene between Twilight and Sunset.

Mind you, that was a very good scene.

Still, definitely could've developed the contrast between Timber and Sunset in Twilight's mind a bit more. Regardless, I'm glad I found this series. On to the next one!

Glad that you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

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