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This story is a sequel to Nifty Nuptials

As we prepare for our first Christmas as a married couple, Sunny begins to take ill.

Part of The SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles

Preread by Quillian Inkheart

Rated Teen for extremely brief non-sexually nudity and implied adult "activities".

Cover art source here.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 37 )

You...you intentionally left it on a cliffhanger at the exact moment we'd want to know what was going on! :flutterrage:

:yay: Bravo! Bravo, and boo! :raritycry:

It'll all make sense on Christmas Day. :twilightsmile:

I was thinking maybe her demon form was trying to break back out

Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? (Besides the author, obviously. :trollestia:)

But... what if even the Author didnt know? then what? hehe

Then the evils of writer's block take hold and cause the author to put out a lousy ending.

I'm really worried about Sunset. I hope they find out what's wrong with her soon.

They will, but the diagnosis is a couple weeks away.

She nodded weakly as she fought to keep conscious. “I… I think I pushed… myself too… too hard.”

Hm...Something weird is going on. Something not quite right. Just can't place my finger on it...

He's dead, Jim!

9341262 I said that she wasn't dead though.

9341267 Sunset and Twilight can't put their fingers on it either. But she's not dead, Jim.

Yeah, that's pretty obvious now. XP

For God's sake, Jim, she's not dead. :rainbowlaugh:


*waves back*
Merry Christmas, Pinkie. Merry Christmas, Pabrony. It’s been a pleasure reading the tale this year.

Hopefully, my upcoming break will be able to allow me to recharge my batteries, finish past projects and come up with new stories/storylines. So have yourself a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I'll be back eventually. :twilightsmile:

ok, first off.... *points at the OC's* WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE???
Second... Pinkie, I really do think your off your rocker this time. None of the previous four chapters have had ANY of the letters for "baby" in any of the titles...

9366756 Actually there were. In the second, third and fifth chapters the letters were purple and the fourth chapter the letter was pink. They were hidden inside random words. It was very subtle. In regards to the OC's, they were part of Pinkie's Graduation Party (it's a Mature story so I can't send a direct link).

ah, see Im sitting here thinking you mean the title itself.
eh. Im not a fan of OC's in stories anyways...

9366868 The OC's are from other users. I held a contest back in August for three OC's to appear in the story as a thank you for hitting 200 followers.

“Babe, I’m sorry. I don't know what in the world came over me. You’re just looking out for my safety and I appreciate that. Do you forgive me?”

what makes the second be of Babe so special it needs a color, while the rest have the same color?

After he left, Sunny asked if we could make a quick stop to take care of something before we went home.

this time the a in care, i think i found something out.. There must be a pattern..

They both hugged Sunny after levitating Dawnie off the bed.

b in both, but a new color.. Hmmmm

“Um, it wasn't anything, uh, too important. Just, well… do you remember when your last period was?”

the y in period, back to the old color again.. Wait a minute......

So there was a point to the letters! Here i was confused until i read the rest.

I have a lot of time by myself at work which allows me to write stories in my head and add clever little twists like that to them. There was also an nod to the Advent candles with the coloring of each of those letters.

“Sunny, my parents, Shining and Cadence understood you were feeling under the weather”

Oxford comma here, please. Otherwise, nice work.

It’s the third week that gets the different color candle. Can’t for the life of me remember why — I left the church a long time ago — but a decade as an altar boy ingrained the rituals if nothing else.

I don't remember the reason for the odd color either but I still wanted to have a small easter egg (no pun intended) in there.

“Heart disease?”


Wait wait, so she has heart disease? WTF

“Mrs. Shimmer, I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave the room for a few minutes,” Dr. Flank said.

Mrs Sparkle* lol

Edit: nevermind, I see why its like that now

I meant that the test came back normal, as in negative for heart disease.

Ohhh okay, I get ya

Huh. Okay, so magic was kinda-sorta responsible for the pregnancy. I didn't think a gender-change spell was responsible. I thought it kinda happened, like in SciSet Diaries.

Ah, magical lesbian spawn. Always a delightful concept. I figured Sunset's magic was straining itself when trying to sustain the baby.

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