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This story is a sequel to The Long Road: Spiral

Sunset has enough of being woken up by Twilight and her nightmares and finally confronts her about it...at 2 am.

Part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Self-harm/Suicide tag for recollection of past thoughts and actions

Sex tag for implied nudity

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 21 )

AW! The freaking horse bucking feels!

I know, right? I was crying while I was writing Sunny's admission.

Great chapter! And I sadly can not loose my grudge against Twi right now for what she did in the day from hell

Thanks for the compliment. And there's more to come to this story, plus one or two more stories in this arc.

I’ve caught up on the series! And the last fic broke my heart! :fluttercry: I really hope they mend things soon!

It's mostly Twilight's mind that's on the mend due to the injuries from her car accident. Stay tuned to find out what has had her so worked up.

I need to say, this was the CUTEST thing EVER! I just love how Sunset is so calm and understanding with Twilight. I'm also happy that Twilight finally told her about her nightmares. I'm excited for what's next.


Thanks. I'm hoping the sequel will only take about a week to come out.

"Chicks dig scars."


AppleJack and Rainbow dated and now broken up? AppleJack left the Rainbooms, wow what happened? Also love the update and glad they work things out, and Twilight addressed how she acted before the accident and after.

I plan on addressing RD and AJ in a later story. So don't worry.

:yay: Aw~! I love that they've made up and that Sunny is being frisky again!

Also, I expected her to start laughing when Twilight begged her to not leave her for AJ. XD That's so silly. Though I'm a bit sad about it too, because it's a reminder of how the side-series never panned out...

Cant' wait for the next one! (now off to catch up with the rest of my stories...)

A while back Pabrony had a spin-off to SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles about RD and AJ in a relationship. Unfortunately, that series never panned out due to various happenings. It's still canon to SciTwi Shimmer, but there's no point asking for the cancelled second entry to be finished. I believe the explanation was that it wasn't going anywhere Pabrony liked. So I guess now that series' cancellation has an explanation in-universe.

Make sure you're alone for the next one because it's rated "M".

That's as close as possible for what happened with that. Though I still need to come up with a reason for the nasty split because of an upcoming story.


Honestly, there's two things AJ and RD are known for with each other: competition and arguing. Let that stew in your mind for a while.

I'll think about it. :rainbowlaugh:

"Wiggling alarm clock." :rainbowlaugh: If I ever become a father, I am so using that.

I enjoyed this despite it got emotional

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