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It's a normal day at CHS, right? So why is everyone ignoring Sunset Shimmer?

Cover image by Saberking2012

Made the Popular Stories section from 11/14/17 to 11/15/17 (#1 popular story at one point)

YouTube reading by FireRain. (Please note, reading was done prior to the rewrite.)

Check out the spinoff, Muted Wubs.

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I'm not really keen of Sunset be suicidal but I love with what you did with the plot line.

I can hardly read this without crying...😭

Dude...right in the feels. Good story, but definately sad.

Wait... so is she dead? If so, ouch, right in the feels. If not, it still hits me in the feels. It's a little ambiguous so I can't tell(or maybe I'm just an idiot and can't tell...). Still, I can relate... here's a like and favorite

"Is was the scene as gruesome the Internet made it out to be, though?" Rainbow asked as she paused her strumming.

Delete one of those words. (aka "Is the scene as ..."; or "Was the scene as ...").

Wow. This was thoroughly depressing. Still a good fic. Well done ^_^.

8552624 Whoops! :twilightblush: Thanks for the catch and the compliment.


You're welcome :twilightsmile:. When I get through my long neglected unread chapters in my favorites, I'll look through some of your other work. Any stories you've written that are your favs?

I'm proud of the SciTwi Shimmer series that I'm working on.

8552239 You might want to put this in AU. Just feels right. Of course, that's up to you.

No wonder this made the Popular Stories section for a bit. It really tackles one of the fears that might hold suicidal people back: that they'll realize how much everyone misses them but not be able to go back.

8553055 I've had those feelings multiple times in the last nine months or so.

I've never seriously considered it before and I never will. When i do think about it, I tend to put myself in situations that will never happen.
Then, instead of actually committing the act, I would pretend I did and see what people think of me. See, it's hard to explain right now because even that feels wrong now. I don't even consider stuff like that now, since currently, i don't see it happening.

I'd definitely love to read a followup with Fluttershy :fluttercry:

8553808 It might be a week or two before I start the sequel. I'm trying to get My Little Pony: Gag Reels Are Magic finished up plus work on my Christmas fic. This story actually took me about a week and a half to write.

I'll be looking forward to it then :twilightsmile:

8553881 I guess I have work to do then. And for the record, the sequel will NOT have Fluttershy trying to take her own life.

8553944 Just wanted to get that in the open in case anyone might think that this would lead to a similar situation (losing a friend/loved one and then taking their life).

Man, that would get dark fast...

Darker, I mean.

8554000 Yes. Yes it would. Plus I already have Fluttershy attempting (and failing) suicide in Friendship is Forever.

Huh, I haven't read that one yet.

8553939 Oh thank goodness, you had me worried for a second there because I don't think my heart would be able take losing my favorite character:fluttershysad:

8554087 It was my first story, inspired by Argodaemon's video, Remembrance. I started it in January and finished it in July. It's 21 chapters long and it's kinda sad.

8554225 Fluttershy is acting kind of odd right now. Might have something to do with Sunset. (I'm not working on a sequel ahead of time or anything)

8554286 It'll all make sense in the final product.

ok, I still dont see why people hate Age of Extinction... Last Knight, I sorta see the hate, but not AoE.
Huh? this was a story about Sunset committing suicide?
I should be talking about the obvious feels I got instead of commenting on why everyone hates AoE?
alright fine....

Why does everyone hate on Age of Extin-*Gets pulled away from keyboard shouting about the movie*


Why does everyone hate on Age of Extin-*Gets pulled away from keyboard shouting about the movie*

That made me laugh.

I am to kid around XD

"Was the scene as gruesome the Internet made it out to be, though?" Rainbow asked as she paused her strumming.


Rainbow "No Tact" Dash everybody.

I Kinda Expected that ending as soon as it go to the notes. Sad stuff like this does happen though in real life. It was well written and overall an amazing story.

So this is what having your heart ripped out feels like...

You know this could be a suitable dark ending to the scitwi shimmer thing.

8856284 I actually have a sad/dark ending planned for the final story in the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Oooooo, now I have something to trive for (other than the manga/anime releases).

Everyone else is sad and crying, and I'm the one reading this and thinking: How the hell did sunset open her locker if she's dead?

That ending is quite a surprise.

God, and I thought the original couldn't get any more heartbreaking. I was wrong, so wrong!

Sunset laid on the horn as a beat-up truck swerving back and forth crossed over the center line onto her side on the road. She turned the wheel to left as hard in an attempt to avoid the oncoming vehicle. The sudden movement shook Twilight awake in time to see what was going on.

Huh... Written by somebody from Europe.

Usually it was just fear of actually dying that kept me grounded... Heh, too much of a coward to live or die.


Huh... Written by somebody from Europe.

Why do you say that? I've never been outside of the U.S. and don't ever plan to.

10/10 I liked it quite a lot

8951183 Thanks. Glad you Liked it.

Oh... Never mind then. It just that you wrote Sunset as shoving the wheel left, which would take her into the lane going the opposite direction... In America. In Europe, they drive on the left side. That's where my confusion was.

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