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"You don't know pain until you crave a conversation with someone who is no longer alive."



Anon-A-Miss occured before Winter Break, and tore down everything Sunset had built up to prove she had changed. She's the main victim of this deadly online secret teller, and everyone believes she's guilty. Including her so called friends.

It takes her to a point of no return, but at last minute before she jumps, she's saved by an unlikely ally... does she even a right to that word anymore?

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Couple spelling mistakes here and there, but overall good work. I'll track to see if this goes farther.

I'm liking this so far.

It took Sunset two minutes of silence before everything began pouring out. How it all started, what happened the day Gilda ambushed her, and how the fallout in Sugarcube Corner went down despite getting another free drink, and the best part of this rant? Sugarcoat stayed silent. She didn't once interrupt the Wondercolt's rant of anger about how she was wrongfully accused.

When it all ended, Sunset had to take a few deep breaths. One look at Sugarcoat's unmoved expressionless face told her that maybe her words went in one ear and out the other until she heard Sugarcoat give off a deep sigh and look towards the Canterlot High School. What idiots.

Who said Crystal Prep Academy was bad at friendship when Canterlot High was so quick to accuse someone who didn't get a right to explain their side of the story?

"They're idiots," Sugarcoat finally said. "A bunch of idiots."

"Sugarcoat...?" Sunset whispered out as Sugarcoat went on a rant. Each word becoming more and more known with anger and Sunset didn't think she saw this side of the usually calm girl. "Sugarcoat!" She finally shouted, mid-rant. "Enough! I know you're mad from the way you're yelling but-"

"But what?" Sugarcoat growled. "They're morons for not allowing you to speak, who judge too quickly, and I know at my school we're like that but we give a chance to explain! Who says CPA is bad when it's clearly CHS who's even more worse at friendship than us!?"

Whoa! Calm down Sugarcoat!

Sugarcoat & Sunset, huh? You have my attention

loving this so far. well i have thought about doing what sunset was gonna do. i would never actually go through with it.

Then the moment was ruined between the possible new friends when the door opened and shut. Rainbow's clear voice rang out like the fallout and Sunset winced, ready to leave before Sugarcoat stopped her and shook her head. No. She wasn't going to allow Sunset to show off weakness because she was just afraid of her former friends and what they might do to her. Besides, she had a shadowbolt on her side, she shouldn't be feeling scared. Certainly not of Rainbow Dash, despite the ambush being set up by the girl.

Here go again....

"Do you have to be everywhere we go!?" Rainbow growled out, crossing her arms. "I thought it was made clear we couldn't be here at the same time!"

"We got here first," Sugarcoat replied, deadpan. "You can leave."

"And now you're hanging around a Shadowbolt!?" added RD. "Are you trying to make a fool out of yourself?"

"The only fool is yourself." Sugarcoat added onto her sentence.

Good point Sugarcoat.

Sunset could almost sense the anger boiling back up in Sugarcoat and she wasn't sure if she should stop the girl or allow her to go on. On one hand, it would be nice to see the Rainbooms get what they deserved, but on the other hand, this could get Sugarcoat banded on Sugarcube Corner and she didn't want that at all.

"Pardon me, Sugarcube," Applejack said, ignoring Sugarcoat's look, "Yer just gonna waste yer time with this secret-stealer here. She ain't nothin' but a troublemaker."

"Only because you labeled her like that."

Rarity held back a roll of her eyes, "Darling, believe us, we're trying to save you!"

"From what? A pointless argument that you're not going to win?" Sugarcoat asked.

"Okay! That's enough!" Rainbow slammed her hands down onto the table, trying to keep her gaze away from the two owners at the front counter. "You're just going to get betrayed if you hang out with Anon-a-bitch!"

"Hmm... Which way? The way you pushed her away the moment you thought she was the one spilling out every little secret known? Or the way you don't trust her enough to share her side, therefore you think she betrayed you by putting on an act of being your friends to learn secrets about you so she could go back being alone? Which way?" questioned Sugarcoat.

:pinkiegasp: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn!

That shouldn't have been a surprise, honestly. Sunset knew Sugarcoat could be blunt. Really, truly, blunt. She didn't hold up to what her name meant, no, instead she just says what she sees. But the way she was up and defending Sunset was truly a shocker. To the Rainbooms, and to Sunset herself. Why was the girl even going through all this trouble for her? They were school rivals, and nothing else.

But... Sugarcoat was protecting and defending her like a friend should.

She didn't want to jinx it, but she really hoped she could have an ally within Sugarcoat at this point in her life. After all, Sugarcoat did manage to save her before she jumped off the bridge to end things.

"You...!" Rainbow began to say before Fluttershy placed her hand on her shoulder. Then, Rainbow pointed to the door and closed her eyes tightly. "Just go."

"We were here first. You go." replied Sugarcoat, sipping her drink.

"We'll go," Fluttershy quiet stated, taking her best friend's hand and began walking away. Her eyes shifted towards Sunset, who didn't even lock eyes with her and she sighed heavily. "We're sorry to bother you."

"Whatever," Sugarcoat shrugged, moving her head back towards Sunset.

The last thing Sunset saw before locking eyes with the Shadowbolt was Rainbow's angry glare.

:pinkiecrazy: Nothing smart to say now Rainbow Dash?

I have at one point too, I never did go through with it, I would never go through with it.

And here we see the sassy Sugarcoat burning the Rainbooms!

Comment posted by JCY2k16 deleted Jun 24th, 2019

Wow that was quite the statement, Sugarcoat made towards the Rainbooms & also, its quite the grudge Rainbow has against her. I kinda want to know more about what happened between her, Indigo, & Sugarcoat

That's fine, I don't mind, if that's what you're doing, then it's what you're doing.

The grudge will be mentioned a few times during the story, and I'll perhaps make another story to explain the grudge more when I'm done with this one

Sassy Sugarcoat incoming! 😂

Sweet, its gonna be interesting to see how & what happened. Thx 4 answering

I’d figure that would have meant you’d be out last chapter when she organized a beating.

“Can’t everything now” is there a world missing from what rarity says

Why do I get the feeling the reason Indigo dropped Dash is because of how much of an egotistical cunt she is and the only reason Fluttershy is still around is because she is too nice to drop her as well.

When I started reading this I thought it was another Dainn clone.

But, safe to say, this is a refreshing change from most of this tired genre. Count me in for the ride.

I have to wonder how many of Rainbow's friends in this story actually turned on her, and how many Rainbow just decided had turned on her when they did something she didn't like, similarly to how she acted when Sunset split the Humane 5 before the first EQG movie, and how said Rainbooms treat Sunset during the Anon-a-mess.

I love how you execute Sugarcoat's lines here in this story it is very well done!

Is this an alternate universe version? The friendship games happened after anon-a-miss, which is fine if you change but you will need to contend with even more “what?” on the part of the rain booms as now they have been even closer friends with sunset and used that friendship to turn her into a super sayan when helping twilight. You will also have to contend with how twilight handles all of this as she has practically no reason to think sunset is anon-a-miss since she wasn’t there during sunsets bully days.

Ok first, props for the adult intervention at Sugarcube Corner. I've only seen a handful of fics that do that.

Second, shout out to Sugarcoat for putting the Rainbooms in their place. (I swear the nerve of some people). Also for recognizing when someone needed help and taking initiative, not only for reassuring them but trying to get them into a better environment.

I don't think I've ever seen such a forgettable side character take point in an Anon-A-Miss story. Here's to a good ride. 🥂

Ah, no, the Friendship Games we all saw didn't happen yet, I'm talking about the last year's Games. The Shadowbolt 6 didn't all come, just Sugarcoat for moral support. She ended up meeting Sunset Shimmer, hence why they know each other's names without having to need an introduction

Just sign it and move on with your life sunset

Anymore adult invention in these fics you read besides the one I wrote

I'm sure that getting the paper signed will raise all sorts of hell in CHS.

All the more reason to do it. :trollestia:

I'm here for shipping as much as watching the world burn, at this point.

Sunset, sometimes you just have to cut your losses. Sever the dead weight and move on with your life. It's for the best.

Search your feelings Sunset, you know it to be true.

9697110 Honestly, I think that the only reason that they'd care enough to raise a stink at this point is because CHS is about to lose one of its best students (academically) to Crystal Prep.

But than again there's the thing about karma, which I feel will come back to bite them, and badly, before this is over with.

9697171 If they care anything about Sunset and her safety at this point, they'll sign in a heartbeat.

Mainly because I think Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna would be more concerned about her health and safety that the rivalry CHS has with CPA at this point.

Did Sunset write a ''Last Note'' before she went to The brigde, where she describes why she was going to do it?
Or was it just a fleeting thought at a opportune time.

Because if that's so, then that would be a compelling argument IF she decides to get Celestia and Luna's signature.
It would also be a very good reason for them to report it to the police for an investigation of this, as it have become a severe a serious defamation of character.
It could also be a good excuse for the to hold a school assembly where they give a Sit-rep on how bad it is, as food for thought.
Make the school body understand how far they pushed Sunset, and just who pulled her back up.
This would also serve as the threshold for the CMC to decide whether or not to cross the 'Point Of No Return'. Will they report themselves?

Anon-a-miss have directly caused with intet:
Cyber bullying.
Identity Theft.
Defamation of Character.
Mob Enticement?

....and nearly 'Involuntary Manslaughter' through suicide.

What else?

technically if sunset decides to go through with it, there isn't a lot celestia or luna could do about it, they don't have a choice as sunset has no reason to be prevented the transfer and the other schools already given the go ahead, if they don't sign they could get into some deep shit.

well here's hoping from this point forward everyone at canterlot high finds there heart repeatedly punched in the dick.

i pray this doesn't have sunset going down the forgiveness rout, it wouldn't be healthy.

"Mind over matters of the flesh. No soldier has ever extended a hand to the enemy while under fire, and for good reason."

It's more her telling them ''please don't try to convince me to stay'' than anything else, and something to drive the story forward.

NB: But then again... this is just pondering from my side.
Maybe something much better come in the coming chapters.

Please Sunset, start your new life in CPA.

Do it Sunset! Those assholes don't deserve you!


Wow that was fast.

"What won't work, Miss Dash?" Luna's voice broke in and Rainbow froze up as well as the rest of the Rainbooms, and the rainbow haired girl gazed over her shoulder. "Do not try to lie to me, from what I saw, you attacked an innocent student who was just cleaning out her locker for Winter Break."

It was at that moment, Rainbow Dash knew, she F:yay:ED up.

The familiar sound of jumping each her ears and she knew who it was. Pinkie Pie. Which meant the Rainbooms were coming closer. Well, it made sense. AJ's locker was right next to her own. But it also meant another fallout with the Rainbooms, and Sunset really didn't want to that at the moment. Not when her day brightened by getting the needed signatures.

The jumping stop and the footsteps did too.

"Great, it's the bitch," Rainbow whispered.

"Rainbow Dash, calm down," Rarity sighed, "She's at her locker."

Rainbow narrowed her eyes. "Doing what?"

Sunset sighed heavily and slammed her locker door shut, and gave them all a glare, "Cleaning out my locker for fuck's sake. Calm your fucking tits, Rainbow Fuck."

:rainbowlaugh: Good one Sunset!

"What did you say!?" Rainbow growled, slamming Sunset onto her locker. She rose her fist. "Watch your fucking tongue!"

"Vice-Principal Luna is behind you." Sunset said, deadpan.

"Good joke but it won't-"

"What won't work, Miss Dash?" Luna's voice broke in and Rainbow froze up as well as the rest of the Rainbooms, and the rainbow haired girl gazed over her shoulder. "Do not try to lie to me, from what I saw, you attacked an innocent student who was just cleaning out her locker for Winter Break."

:pinkiecrazy: Busted!

"Sunset sighed heavily and slammed her locker door shut, and gave them all a glare, "Cleaning out my locker for fuck's sake. Calm your fucking tits, Rainbow Fuck."

More like Rainbow Fuck-up.

I’m amazed Luna and Sunset had six minutes worth of patience.

can't wait to see some of my fav crystal preppers, IE Lemon and SUnny

Good for you sunset.

the funny part here is cinch is likely to give sunset alot of leeway simply because of the fact that she took an abused student out of canterlot high, if that doesn't tank it's rep when it comes out she's not anon-a-miss, nothing well.

Ha! Serves Rainbow right for being bitch!

Hope she meets sci two and be friends with her too, sugarcoat isn’t too mean with her and hopefully sunset can make more friends

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