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Hi. I'm a struggling writer who, in his off-time, writes stories about ponies and humanoids based on ponies. Like my work? Hate it? Let me know.



This story is a sequel to Rarity Reveals...

Rarity is a girl who feels things very deeply – life, love, loss. Despite this, her high school experience made her hesitant to put herself out there. When she did, and the object of her affection ignored her, she snapped. Now she is determined to restore her honour, in her own not-sane way.

While this story shares continuity with Sunset's Recovery Arc, it is absolutely not canon to it. Happy Halloween!

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i hate you for this


i hate you for this

You're welcome! :trollestia:

8522567 - Yeah, that's how I feel about it too, but it had to be done. When an idea pops into your head fully-formed, as this did, you'd be crazy not to jot it down.

I know you just recently read Night Of Faded Sun, so you probably noticed the narrative parallels and references to that story. That was 100% intentional.

Oof, a chilling non-canon coda to Rarity Reveals. :pinkiesmile: You spoil us with two stories in as many days! And while this one would be a dreadful canon ending to the saga, it's a delightful Halloween-y what-if scenario.

But! There's a doozy of a typo in the first line: "Thought" instead of "Though." It caused me to require a few reads of the first paragraph to get the narrator and perspective straight. Smooth sailing from there, though.

8522810 - Double checking. First line? That's not a typo. It's a dropped-subject: implied "I" preceding "thought"; subject is made clear later in the paragraph. I could add an explicit "I" and delete a word somewhere else (because I am hellbent on keeping the word count exactly 3,000). Let me see what I can do...

(EDIT: Rewrote the first paragraph for clarity and not-suckitude; enjoy)
(EDIT 2: Changed some words here and there to improve flow; now it's a Soufriere fic)

Next time I get over to the library, I'll upload my three completed stories to the cloud -- I would have done it today but I didn't have the files on me -- and you'll get to see the first drafts of the real ending.

The first paragraph is fabulous now!

Oh, the rest of the saga? :raritystarry: My November is going to be pants for editing-time but I shall have to see if I can squeeze you in somewhere...

8522919 - Honestly, I'm in no real hurry, so don't feel like you need to pencil me in. You may have been spoiled by two stories from me in two days, but you know better than anyone that's way out of character for me. But hey, I promised as soon as I had time to get to a newer computer, things would happen. And I kept my promise.

I don't intend to post anything more aside from blogposts and perhaps a capital offense until I've completed the final chapter of my 20k+-word historical adventure story. Only after that will I even consider moving on the rest of the Recovery Arc. Doesn't matter if it's 99% ready to go. Since when do I ever do anything in order? :raritywink:

Fun Fact: I wrote this story in just two nights. Mostly the second.
Funner Fact: It's a test-run for a real story I hope to complete within two weeks. I wrote its treatment in early September but decided to Ponify it while on a walk last week.

Well, either way, feel free to hit me up when you get that far. The spirit is willing, even if the calendar is weak. :derpytongue2:

8523220 - I liked writing it. :pinkiecrazy:

8523157 - Very well. I'll PM you Gdocs links once I transfer the stories there (since it requires spending a couple hours at the public library, it might be a few days depending on how my schedule ends up), and you can check them out at your leisure.

Soulfriere, what do you think of compressing Sunset's Recovery into one story? currently most of them are only a chapter anyways and it would make it easier to keep track of, please and thank you

8571192 - This is something I've thought about and other readers have suggested. It seems like it would be a good idea, compressing thirteen (eventually) short stories into one big story, but there are some logistical and literary issues that make doing that a problem.

  1. Shifting Perspective - While Sunset is the ultimate subject of every single story, many are not told from her POV. Throwing all of that into a single large fic would feel weird, but not as weird as...
  2. Shifting Tone - The tone of each short is radically different. Going in chronological rather than upload order makes it even crazier. Slice-of-Life followed by whatever H&L is followed by horrific followed by just plain depressing followed by wacky, and so on. The tag limits this site imposes would make it impossible for me to accurately show the content of every entry.
  3. Not Every Entry Is A One-Shot - If every piece of the Recovery Arc were just a single chapter, I could ignore the above points and still throw it all together and hope it works. The majority of entries are one-shots. However, Reconciliations, The Rejected, and Recovery are all multi-chapter and would feel out of place amongst a bunch of one-shots. Spider Queen got an epilogue that is integral to its story and setting up future entries, but I'm concerned that smushing it up next to the entry it foreshadows would hurt the arc's flow. Plus the inevitable battle between me and my readers over which Pinkie chapter to include in Reconciliations, because I would not use both.
  4. This Arc Is Ad-Hoc As Hell - I never expected Sunset's Recovery to become what it has. I wrote one story (H&L) while on a manic high then sat on it for eight months because I worried it would offend people. When I finally made it public, I was amazed at the positive reception it got. I was inspired to write its flip side. That story got an even better reception, so I decided to make it a series and run with it. Along the way, I published stories out of order, wrote even more out of order because I'd do an entry, then come up with another idea that would fit earlier, but I may have posted them chronologically. That's just what happens when you work on a series for two years and let it go where your brain takes you.

Having said all that, I am open to possibly throwing everything together in a single massive chronological mishmash once every entry is published. There are still three stories to go, one of which isn't completed yet.

Was Rarity's love supposed to be Sunset here? The reason I bring it up is that, if it is, her being underage for hitting on Rarity would be distinctly odd as, if anything, Sunset's likely older than the human six by a number of years-she just de-aged on coming through the mirror. So, it being illegal for Sunset to come on to Rarity for being underaged is...odd. Plus, if they were friends, wouldn't Sunset know her situation?

Now, why do I bring Sunset up so much? You don't really point to it being Sunset, yet you have the Sunset Shimmer tag. I'm perfectly fine with this being someone else we haven't seen or you wanting to keep it a mystery, but as Sunset is not directly stated in this story yet her tag is there it's a bit confusing and misleading.

Anyway, interesting story, and I can almost see Rarity being this if you took her relative sensibility away and a fair bit of sanity.

8583661 - You're overthinking this. A lot. I also wonder if you read my earlier stories where a lot of the things you pointed out were already addressed.

As I said in my blogpost, I somehow managed to write a Sunset×Rarity fic without ever saying either one of their names. I'll cop to that mistake, but this story follows on the heels of one where Sunset unknowingly rejects Rarity's advances, so Sunset being the victim can be inferred and is implied. No, Sunny would not know Rarity's situation. Rarity says it herself: "So smart yet so dense."

My quibble is this:

her being underage for hitting on Rarity would be distinctly odd as, if anything, Sunset's likely older than the human six by a number of years - she just de-aged on coming through the mirror. So, it being illegal for Sunset to come on to Rarity for being underaged is...odd.

You got it completely backwards, I think, or at least confused. I know I'm confused. Rarity is the underaged one in this situation. A key plot point in all of my Sunset stories is that Sunset did NOT de-age when going through the mirror, at least not by much, and I explicitly state in multiple SRA entries that she's been in EQG-world for ten years. In short, Sunny ain't a teenager; the others are. I plan to expand upon this further in a future SRA story, which I sent off to a friend for a look-over a couple weeks ago.

I haven't read many, if any, of your other stories. So that explains a good chunk of my misunderstandings.

On the underage thing, I must have misinterpreted how you wrote it. The way it's written, Sunset seemed to be the under aged one while Rarity was 18 or older. So, from this story alone, I don't think you clearly state which is which.

I know exactly how old you really are. But I don’t care if your making a move on me would have been illegal

Hmm...I guess I misinterpreted this as well. I took this to mean Sunset was the under aged one. Oh well.

While this story shares continuity with Sunset's Recovery Arc, it is absolutely not canon to it. Happy Halloween!

Huh. Screw my terrible eyesight, then. I did not even see this the first time I read through.

Is this love? Is this lust? Is this real life? Is this fantasy?








That fashionista sho done gone crazy,

8644093 -- Love will do that to a girl. Or a guy. Just don't look in my closet. :pinkiecrazy:

8644032 -- About time someone noticed that!

8587507 -- Hey. I know it's a month late, but I reread the story and took your advice. I decided to switch up some wording to make it clearer the "target" is Sunset. The changes are subtle but revealing. I think it's an improvement.

It's a good story but ya left us hanging did rarity kill sunset or not, i must know

It’s stories like this that make me glad I am too self centered to form an attachment of that magnitude to anyone, and I am abrasive enough that it is unlikely anyone will form similar to me. Certainly paints their relationship in a new and interesting light to imagine that she helped Sunset up due to this level of obsession.

Comment posted by BronyWriter deleted April 14th

Sooo, rather than confessing her feelings to Sunset directly, she'll break into her apt and commit murder/suicide?

I finally read this, since you mentioned Rarity having a nightmare about snapping and killing Sunset in her sleep. I assumed it had to be this.

Very creepy. My favorite part was Rarity wondering if Sunset had named the knife, and that Sunset was having a good dream. Probably about Rarity honestly.

Thiessen Avenue

That got a laugh out of me, I'll admit.

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