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It's true some days are dark and lonely, and maybe you feel sad but pinkie will be to show you that it isn't that bad


I've had enough!!!
"All I want is the pain to end,
To leave these people who don't want me anymore."

But at the last moment, when it really counts, she'll find that there is still someone who still loves her, that still wants her to be here, and They'll fight together to bring those responsible to justice.


The death tag will be for the alternate ending that I'm going to write.

I do NOT own mlp or equestria girls or any of the characters, or the cover art, they belong to there respective owners!

Late story, happy holidays.

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"It's really Sunset" was the collective thoughts of the students they passed in the halls. But the crowd of students quickly turned cruel in there realization of who the paramedics where trying to save. Quickly the comments turned to mean remarks as more and more students poured out of some nearby classrooms to gawk at the site of the queen bitch finally broken.

As the paramedics finally hauled Sunset through the front doors and out of the school for good there was a cheer that went up into the air as students started laughing and celebrating, even Mr. Cranky and a few other teachers cracking smiles as they tried to usher there students back into they're classrooms.

It seemed at the peek of this celebration that a familiar sounding ping resonated through the hallways as every students phone went off signaling yet another post from anonamiss. Silence filled the space that had held such joy moments ago, as students looked at some petty anonamiss post about Lyra and Bon Bon, it began to dawn on them that sunset couldn't have posted this from the back of an ambulance!

"Ah shit" came a familiar country twang.

Hope you all suffer extreme karma, you pieces of shit! :twilightangry2:

I have to ask, on getting justice on those responsible, I know it the the ones behind it, but got to ask, will that also be the ones who tormented Sunset, hurt her drove her to this point?

Because I want them all to pay, the teachers as well as the students.

I just hope there will be no mercy.

I swear I grinned like a lunatic when i read the last line.:pinkiecrazy:

Okay this version of the whole chs students and staff are just messed up. Who in their right mind would cheer when someone dies like that?

What kind of monsters enjoy the fact someone tried to kill herself? Thats just inexcusable

"Ah shit" came a familiar country twang.

And it was at that moment everyone knew they'd :yay:'d up...

You and me both, I'm really loving this story so far.

I really hope the guilt and regret sinks right into the hearts and minds, all the students (except Pinkie) and staff (INCLUDING Celestia, and possibly Luna) will learn the consequences will be...severe.

Be prepared, CHS. Karma always comes to collect her due.

I wanted to give the story a new perspective, I came from a small country town school, where everyone knew each other, everyone was neighbors, students who where related to the teachers and staff. I know what it's like being an outsider in a setting like that

Being in a school like that and having everyone turn against you!!?
Everyone will get what's due, but would like to hear some ideas for punishment for certain individuals?
Want to see someone specific get hit by a bus?

Comment posted by Arago deleted Jan 12th, 2022

Fluttershy y Rarity se quedaron congeladas por un momento, antes de que Lightning, aburrida de la conversación, saliera mientras las dos chicas estaban claramente abrumadas en un estado de silencio. A medida que los dos se daban cuenta, las lágrimas comenzaron a caer de sus ojos cuando una fuerza desconocida comenzó a tirar de ellos de alguna manera, haciéndolos sentir repentinamente más pesados. Mientras permanecían inmóviles en el pasillo, fue Fluttershy quien dijo en voz alta lo que ambas estaban pensando.

That unknown force, the one that makes you think that suddenly the planet decided to put all gravity on you, that made you understand that you and almost the entire school were the true demons, that force, is the fucking fault and I hope it never leaves you or you or the rest of the school.

Why does the synopsis only have one period in it?

I had wrote the synopsis before I wrote the story and kinda rushed it to start writing before I could forget my ideas. I will fix this!

Comment posted by Samurai_Arashi deleted Jan 20th, 2022

This. I love Luna coming in clutch and dispensing justice. This is why she is best princess/principal.

Comment posted by Samurai_Arashi deleted Jan 20th, 2022

Whoa, talk about a roller coaster of emotions!

Honestly, I don't mind the whole Overused Anon-A-Miss stuff that much. However, I will say that this story feels rushed past the Sunset focused chapters. Besides that and minor spelling mistakes, this story isn't half bad. Sure, the plot seems to be going full speed ahead. But it also does have some nice moments of dialog and interaction. (Pinkie coming in just in time to help, and Sunset's overall greyness and sorrowful spiral into depression). That being said, there are at many times where characters feel rickety, OOC. The fact that most of if not the entire school was celebrating Sunset's suicide attempt truly felt wrong on a plethora of levels. Especially the CMC. Well, the two that are running Anon-A-Miss that is...

Still, this story does have potential. I will say that. And in the end, it's the authors choice on what happens. I wish you luck in the continuation of this story Pinkameanie!

If I was Sunset, I would of pressed charges against the students that assaulted me. Then I would of sued the families of said students and the school district for wrongful damages.

Afterwards, I would of either returned to Equestria or relocate to another city/school. Crystal High, maybe?

Honestly given the way things were and how wishy-washy the school is even in canon it isn't that much of a stretch that many would start celebrating. The teachers though is a bit odder, but ehh.

Just FYI, in Rainbow Dash's section, there's a "They're" that should be "there"... And half of it is in 3rd person while the other half is in 1st person perspective.

Fine read so far. Good job.

Comment posted by Samurai_Arashi deleted Jan 20th, 2022

Luna is one of the few who believe she might be innocent considering she tried to figure out who was guilty but Celestia didn't want to hear.

During or after the assembly, the Humane 5 (with or without Pinkie) should get a "The Reason You Suck" Speech'' for basically painting a target on Sunset by publicly accusing her in the hallway.

Maybe a question being raised why the student body as a whole belivede that Sunset was guilty, and their reason being...
''Because Sunset's friends said that she is!''

And then we have Applejack... who have now become an ''Asshole Victim''.
Learning that it's because of her own kin that will be the reason that she will be disowned from her precious family.
And that she was THE last straw that broke Sunset, when she said that with Sunset merely being alive was an insult.

PS: Will it not be interesting to see how Applebloom will react to learning that because of that post, she will lose her sister. And figuring out that because of that post she would lose her sister, no matter whether or not she was found out to be Anon-a-Miss.

You seemed to have typed “there” when you probably meant to type “their” on multiple occasions.

11117181 Homonym seems to be a recurring problem here. Case in point, the title of chapter 4.

Interesting story. Added to my read list. :twilightsmile:

I'll be following the story. I'm curious to see the direction it will take from then on, and well, I just hope everyone get their just desserts ^^ A good revenge story kinda feels good after a long day at work !

However, I noticed the story sometimes shifts from the 1rst to the 3rd person mid text (From Rainbow to I, for instance), which makes it a bit strange in my opinion. I'd recommend keeping the person consistent, with maybe Italic text to differentiate characters' thoughts from narration ^^

i like this story keep it up!

"Ah shit!!!"

Yeah ah shit indeed dumb idiot you dun goofed
And applejack you idiot,YOU SAID WORDS THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN SAID TO ANYONE! especially if its for stupid reason as a few online post and a flimsy evidence you guys have!?🤬 Also you rainboom Dumbasses "ITS THE 21st CENTURY PEOPLE THERE IS SUCH THING AS HACKING!?"

Anyway thank you for the chapter I can't wait to see this idiots suffer for their idiocy

Why does it constantly switch between the first and the third person?

"What have we done?"

yeah what did you do some friends you are.

for some reason that line reminds me of when I was bullied and I too almost with the route that Shimmer took but I remembered one thing that kept me going. "Bullies that say that are your friends is a lie."

I do enjoy this story btw

If I was sunset Shimmer I think that would be the right course of action but shouldn't this come to the attention of the board of education as well? I mean it would count under discrimination I think?

welp here comes Karma. What goes around comes around

"But since I'm only a teacher I'm not allowed to have a professional opinion about this mystable nonsense" he stood up from his chair as he looked me right in the eye and gave me a predatory grin as he spoke his next words "But it IS my professional opinion as a teacher that fighting in the hallway is two weeks detention, and that's exactly where I'll see you this afternoon after school understood."

I started this sentence thinking oh nice and then thinking what a gaslighting move that was saying because he was a teacher and then flipping it to make that bad for her.

I’m enjoying it but I agree with
11124681 that the story change the perspective between 1st and 3rd too much

I knew this would happen sooner or later because of the tags but it’s still sad

So true! it’s a good story but it’s making me feel slightly sick because of the pure abuse and the way it’s portrayed as normal. And this is coming from a big supporter of Anon-A-Miss

People always forget about hacking in Anon-A-Miss stories.
I kinda wonder if it’s not a thing in these stories?

Everyone should suffer for their idiocy

Now is coming assembly, and i hope karma strikes everyone

hope the next chapter(s) come out soooon, please and thank you!

Why would an assembly be called if a student was injured and paramedics were on scene? Pretty sure a lockdown should've been issued.

nope, I think sucide and school shooting are typical things in their school. american's dream culture and value.

Comment posted by Sorawo deleted Feb 20th, 2022

I always like seeing what new twists and turns people bring to this sad holiday tale.

I do have a suggestion, you might want to let up on the Shimmer-buse a tad if you want her to stay at the school. You went a bit hard and hit the there-is-literally-no-reason-Sunset-doesnt-just-walk-out-the-front-door point about 3 times in this chapter.

As a side note, if Anon-a-miss is Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and Scoots, you might want to take a bit more care with what they post if the target is Rainbow, AJ, or Rarity. They love their sisters and probably wouldn't post something that so utterly destroys their lives.
Embarrassing? Yes.
Life destroying? Probably not.

Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing where this goes! :twilightsmile: Don't think Ive seen any Pinkie-centric Anon-A-Miss stories yet.

...and, please, first person OR third person. Rapid jumps between Sunset narrating and an outsider narrating is quite jarring :twilightsheepish:

Ah it's excellent to see Luna keeping a good mind. Take them down Nightmare Moon! :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow hesitated only a second before she switched to stealth mode

Tell me I'm not the only one who pictured her crouch down like they do in videogames to stealth:rainbowlaugh:

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