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Hi. I'm a struggling writer who, in his off-time, writes stories about ponies and humanoids based on ponies. Like my work? Hate it? Let me know.

Who Is Soufriere?

Name: [redacted]
Age: I Remember Life Before The Internet.
Sex/Gender: Male
Nationality: I'll Let You Figure That Out.
Sign: Virgo (but I don't care about astrology)
Joined The Herd: March 2011
Favourite Pony: Sunset Shimmer
Favourite Mane 6: Rarity
Favourite Dazzling: Don't Make Me Choose!
Any Dislikes? Yes, but I want to stay positive!

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Random Ramblings CCCXXVIII · 4:14am 17 hours ago

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. First the sweet: Babymetal's newest music video.

Immediately after came the news that Yui Mizuno, who had been ill for a year, was leaving. More past the jump.

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THE GUIDE! · 5:52am Feb 21st, 2017

(last updated: 2018-10-02) Since many of my stories are interconnected one-shots or short subjects, I thought it best I link them all in an easy-to-digest way in their proper chronological order. I will edit this blogpost as work progresses. Keep in mind I sometimes write out of order and was often influenced by IRL weather, so the seasonal reality may make only slightly more sense than the Zelda timeline(s).

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Do you dig these guys? I like their sound, but their videos... ehh. I dunno.

Steal away.

Megadeth is pretty much my top choice as far as bands (of ANY genre) go. Mustaine, Ellefson, Friedman and Menza (RIP) were, IMO, the golden age of this band—from ‘Rust in Peace’ all the way to ‘Crypitc Writings.’
I had such a hard time picking a song for this post; their selection of good tracks is almost endless.
(FYI: the runner up was Conquer... Or Die! from their latest album, ‘Dystopia.’)

The crapton of music I have to listen to is almost all J-Pop, so this is a nice change of pace. Can't go wrong with Megadeth, especially since Marty Friedman was the first Western musician to support Babymetal.

PS - Mind if I steal your link in case I want to use it as an intro to one of my blog posts?

This is probably a waste of time since you've got a crap-ton of new music to listen to, but anyway...

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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