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Hi. I'm a struggling writer who, in his off-time, writes stories about ponies and humanoids based on ponies. Like my work? Hate it? Let me know.

Who Is Soufriere?

Name: [redacted]
Age: I Remember Life Before The Internet.
Sex/Gender: Male
Nationality: I'll Let You Figure That Out.
Sign: Virgo (but I don't care about astrology)
Joined The Herd: March 2011
Favourite Pony: Sunset Shimmer
Favourite Mane 6: Rarity
Favourite Dazzling: Don't Make Me Choose!
Any Dislikes? Yes, but I want to stay positive!

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Random Ramblings CCCIV · 7:30am Last Wednesday

I have no idea what sort of music video to post tonight. So I'll just find something random. Here we go.

I'm a sucker for jazz. Now into the fevered recesses of my mind.

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THE GUIDE! · 5:52am Feb 21st, 2017

(last updated: 2018-07-31) Since many of my stories are interconnected one-shots or short subjects, I thought it best I link them all in an easy-to-digest way in their proper chronological order. I will edit this blogpost as work progresses. Keep in mind I sometimes write out of order and was often influenced by IRL weather, so the seasonal reality may make only slightly more sense than the Zelda timeline(s).

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Just a curiosity I noticed. Is there a particular reason for your later stories to have such round word counts?

I'm diagnosed OCD. This is just one way it manifests. I like round numbers.

I didn't care much with my earliest stories until I wrote one that had a round word-count and it made me happy so I decided to just go with it from then on. Obviously I haven't fixed all the stories in my archive yet. I will soon.

EDIT: Since I wrote this post, I've edited several of my stories to have round numbers again (or for the first time with certain early fics). This also allowed me to finally add in a song reference to Sonata's first Burrito story so it no longer violates Burritoverse Rule 2.

I also threw even more song lyrics into A Day In The Park. I think now it's at least three dozen separate references in just over 1600 words.

Just a curiosity I noticed. Is there a particular reason for your later stories to have such round word counts?
1000, 2000, 4700, "Recovery" is 5000 words without the prologue, "The Rejected" is 10K exactly plus 1500-word last chapter.
Since your first published story of Sunset's recovery arc, you only have only 2 chapters with word counts that are not multiples of 5. (One is "Sonata Dusk Eats A Burrito", and the other is probably the darkest chapter of the whole Recovery arc.) I think about half of your chapters have word counts with at least one zero in the end.

I have now. Thanks. :yay:

Andrea's such a good singer. I love it when she gets solos.

Have you seen this awesomeness yet?

These guys...like, I can't even.
It only took three people to create this much sound.

I love the throwback to Raymond Scott's 'Powerhouse' (1937) at 5:50, which you (or anyone, really) have no-doubt heard in countless cartoons from across the 20th century.

Aw, screw it. I'll just post it too, for comparison.

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