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Hi. I'm a struggling writer who, in his off-time, writes stories about ponies and humanoids based on ponies. Like my work? Hate it? Let me know.

Who Is Soufriere?

Name: [redacted]
Age: I Remember Life Before The Internet.
Sex/Gender: Male
Nationality: I'll Let You Figure That Out.
Sign: Virgo (but I don't care about astrology)
Joined The Herd: March 2011
Favourite Pony: Sunset Shimmer
Favourite Mane 6: Rarity
Favourite Dazzling: Don't Make Me Choose!
Any Dislikes? Yes, but I want to stay positive!

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Random Ramblings CCLXXXI · 8:15am Yesterday

Okay, I'll elaborate on that directly. But first, Laura Brehm's newest song!

Now that your day is automatically improved by Laura's existence, onto the meat of my post…

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THE GUIDE! · 5:52am Feb 21st, 2017

(last updated: 2018-06-15) Since many of my stories are interconnected one-shots or short subjects, I thought it best I link them all in an easy-to-digest way in their proper chronological order. I will edit this blogpost as work progresses. Keep in mind I sometimes write out of order and was often influenced by IRL weather, so the seasonal reality may make only slightly more sense than the Zelda timeline(s).

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I don't know what I'm doing here...just roll with it. :rainbowlaugh: Anyway...

Fun fact: The original composer of this music, Akira Ifukube, also happens to the be creator of the iconic sound of Godzilla, which was made by taking a leather glove that was coated in pine resin and rubbing along the string s of a double bass. The result was pretty awesome:

Damn man, I sh!t the bed this weekend and totally forgot to add a song.

Speaking of which, I didn't actually watch that song in your blog the other day until I came back to see your reply to my Anchorman reference in the comments. I gotta say, I wasn't expecting to see a huge, bearded white guy in there, singing and dancing with a bunch of Japanese girls. :rainbowlaugh: That was pretty awesome.

Anyway, I didn't really have anything in particular in mind for this week, so I'll just default to some good old Mega Man covers this time.
Krzysztof SĹ‚owikowski

I really like Krzysztof's arrangement here; they way he plays the guitar and keyboards off of each other is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Ugh, sorry to hear about your roof. I'm lucky that mine is still intact even after a once-in-500-year ice storm, a tropical storm (uncommon in the Ozarks, over 500 miles from ocean), hailstorms (very common as this is technically part of Tornado Alley), and wind.

As for Babymetal, they recently wrapped up their USA mini-tour and will be in Europe in June, but they're going through a transitional period -- their "Dark Phase" -- right now. One of their members, Yui Mizuno (my personal favourite), has been unable to perform with them since last October -- they announced the day of their big December concert in Hiroshima that she had to drop due to undisclosed medical issues. However, the people in charge didn't tell fans before the US tour that she was still MIA; it was only when serious music magazines started reporting on it - and #whereisyui became a Top-3 trending hashtag in Japan - that management reluctantly released a statement confirming she was still in the band. As you can imagine, many fans were sad and/or angry.

Babymetal has always been about the theatrics of the show as much as the music, and its producer must be a big pro-wrestling fan in addition to a massive metalhead, as he insists no one EVER break "kayfabe".

Still, I think the four new songs they've debuted on this tour are excellent, and they have 26 studio songs worth listening to, along with seven years worth of fancams and interviews where you literally watch them grow up from kids into the young women they are today.

I did not actually know that, but it is a cool fact! You’re actually the one who introduced me to Babymetal, so unfortunately I still don’t know a whole lot about them. As far as Dragonforce goes, I kinda fell off that wagon after the fourth album because all the songs on it sounded the same to me. Those first three albums blew my mind though, and I still go back to listen to them every so often. I really should check out their newer stuff...I could be missing out on something good.

Ugh...adulting. I hear ya. There was a bad wind storm here about three weeks ago that ripped a bunch of shingles off the roof—and of course they hit the neighbor’s new truck on the way down. So I had to plunk down $10G on a new steel roof as a perma-fix. (the same thing happened last year...it will NOT happen next year!)

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