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Pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's bugger-all down here on Earth.


Sunset Shimmer wakes up to discover she has been out for several years and the world has moved on without her in an unpleasant direction. Is Sunset ready to start her new life? Of course not. Neither, for that matter, is the Author.

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What do you mean by that?

You think it's terrible? So do I. (but one-word vague comments aren't useful, just so you know)

Lord knows this isn't the first time I've done a sh!tpost fic. Trust me, I could have cared even less.

Not at all, I loved it i just saw the description and was like damn, that must suck. Then I commented that then read it lol

Well, good to see you're back! And the fact G4 is over is no reason to stop writing G4 fanfic. After all, Conan Doyle has been dead for ninety years, but fanfics based on his writing are still popular. Some of them are even movies.

True, those that have been in the fandom at the beginning or middle of the show's airing might be sick of ponies, but those of us that came near the end are just getting started.

As the Greek philosophers said, everything in moderation.

Even pie?

Yes, Pinkie, even pie.

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