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Hi. I'm a struggling writer who, in his off-time, writes stories about ponies and humanoids based on ponies. Like my work? Hate it? Let me know.


It's the middle of the night. Maybe. Since Sunset Shimmer uses light-blocking curtains and has no bedside clock, it could be noon for all she cares. Still, the buzzing of her transdimensional diary wakes her up. It's Twilight Sparkle, panicking about venturing outside her comfort zone. Sunset does her best to calm her friend down.

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Would you look at that ;)

Thanks for still staying around, and even if I don't mind at all, I wasn't expecting a story from you.

This was really good! Thank you for the look into Twilight and Sunset's relationship and such. It was kind of heartwarming. :)

Sunset did not respond, as she had shut the diary just as that last line appeared, then promptly fell back into a deep sleep, dreaming about vegetables, cheese, and sauce all wrapped in a warm tortilla.

That sounds delicious. As long as it's not from Taco Bell.

This story is so sweet!

That’s Twilight: Brilliant, kind, neurotic, and condescending all in one package. Bad with the good and all that.

Nothing like early morning support phone calls.

Fetch #6 · 1 week ago · · ·

For Sunset, a dream. For Twilight, potential nightmare. If Pinkie's party file is accurate.

Oh wow this was good

And knowing Pinkie, it probably is.

So heartwarming. I can hear their dialogue!

This was fun. And also nice to know Sunset is at least a little ahead of Twilight in some places given her age. Or maybe it's just her mare of action attitude. Either way, awesome.

Cute, in-character, well-written, and thoughtful. Nicely done.


Thanks for still staying around, and even if I don't mind at all, I wasn't expecting a story from you.

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. :raritywink: I'm not leaving just yet and, let's be honest, it wouldn't be me if I did the expected thing. :rainbowwild:

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Thank you so much! :yay: I'm glad y'all enjoyed my little story.

You're very welcome!

And it was a kind of story I'm used to from you, means it is great and funny ;)

Possible additional line for the end.

And in doing so set into motions a complicated series of events that somehow retroactively changed Moondancer’s dissertation into the socialogical effects of quesadilla based diets. There were no survivors.

A bit of excessive verbiage at the start, but overall, a great bit of Twilight confronting imposter syndrome and her own anxiety with the help of Bacon Horsegirl. Thank you for it.

Imposter Syndrome isn't a real thing. Or rather, it is more real than anything else, inasmuch as sufferers accurately perceive reality.


One of the things I've come to realize as I've gotten a bit older, is that while there is almost always a far better suited person than you out there for any given task, that person will almost never be available when they're needed. We're all horrifically inadequate for most things.... but in most situations, we're also the best that we've got. Making due with the resources at hand.... in a lot of ways, that's what life is all about.

Anyway. I just bring it up because, so far as Imposter Syndrome goes.... yeah, your worst doubts about there being better-suited people out there than you is almost always gonna be true. But, the problem is here right NOW.... and those better people usually aren't, are they?

But they don't. Whether they are accurately gauging their own abilities is one question, but I think the greater question is whether they are accurately gauging the abilities of those around them.

This is a very good one-shot. I am glad that Sunset was able to calm Twilight down.

Sunset's rather harsh here. But I guess that's what being awoken in the night does to you, among other things.

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