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May the Sun illuminate your path and the Moon guard your dreams. Let the Love grow strong and the Magic roam free.


Midnight Sparkle never really went away, she just stalked Sunset Shimmer for a while. Now, a couple of hours after Twilight's incident Sunset has a magic obsessed roommate who insists on following her to CHS. Oh, and she will be attending class as well, Principal Celestia already approved the paperwork. It is going to be one interesting year.

Rated Teen for some light raunchy banter.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 12 )

I thought Sunbutt was Celestia.

Sunset is all filled out upper body and lower too.

This will be a fun ride.

Are Sci Twi and MidNight separte?

I love this concept. Looking forward for more Midnight.

Gosh, where's the cider Sunbutt 2.0...

Oh this is going to be fun...

Looking forward to the next one...

I'll be watching...

This is gonna be funnnn:rainbowdetermined2:

how about we them deal the problems of needing to masturbate but room mate wont give you alone time or finds your toys

Time to use the new EqG tags

Well, where is the continuation, Author?

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