Currently under rewrites.

The Fall Formal sees Sunset Shimmer defeated and dethroned as leader of Canterlot High School. Desperate for redemption, she lacks anyone to turn to for help - except the five girls who's lives she tormented. Does she deserve help? Does she deserve friendship? Rainbow Dash seems to think so.

Meanwhile, Time Turner, a teacher at Canterlot High School, watches Sunset's progress from afar. But he too is desperate for redemption - but for what? Who has he hurt, and why? How is his story connected to Sunset's?

Cover art generously provided by Draconaquest!

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6021822 Thank you for your comment!

Truth be told, when I started this, I was worried that people would find it a bit too similar to other Sunset stories, namely Long Road to Friendship or Seven Days in Sunny June (in fact, I stole the idea of Sunset living in a factory from Long Road), so it's nice to see nearly everyone that's read this is enjoying it!

The SunDash was honestly just a throwaway line in the author's note that picked up some steam- I never intended to go through with it (though, obviously that's changed now.).

In regards to RD and AJ's reactions to Sunset, it all comes down to me wanting to distance myself from other, similar stories. Unlike most fics that revolve around Sunset trying to befriend the Mane 6, I'm instead more focusing her story on befriending the rest of CHS (which obviously can't happen before Rainbow Rocks).

And Time Turner (who is not the Doctor, by the way) is my favorite thing about this story so far. His backstory was one of the first things I put on paper for all of this. I've always had a soft spot for characters like him, so believe me, he will get more fleshed out in coming chapters.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy what's to come!

Brilliant! Fantastic! Molto Bene!
I'm running out of ways to express my glee...
This is getting more interesting by the minute (or chapter, depending on your time table)
SunDash... I can honestly say I've never seen it before, so it should be interesting...
And, I'm really curious about Time Turner's back story. Now, most people seem to ship Derpy and Time Turner, and that Dinky's the daughter, and I've never been fond of that. I like this better, as it really makes you wonder what happened. It's a mystery shrouded in an enigma, which is pretty much a fancy way of saying a big mystery.
I look forward to the next chapter! I hope you, and your mother, are okay!

6103297 Time Turner's plotline is easily my favorite out of the main ones. And I think you'll like what I have planned for it!

Sunset spared a glance at the surrounding students, who were- surprise surprise- still giving she and Rainbow Dash glares.


“Ms. Pie, I you’re one of Shimmer’s friends, correct?”

I think you're missing a word here.

Also I can't see any clear indicators of changes of scene or perspective like line breaks or extended space between paragraphs, which isn't necessarily to say that you didn't utilize such tools, it's just that my tablet sucks and is apparently incapable of displaying line breaks in most stories I read on fimfiction, and it's getting frustrating.

Brilliant as always, my friend.
Can't wait for the next chapter. I have a feeling Turner's going to be a bit uncomfortable, and something is going to happen between Sunset and Rainbow...but, what?

Does CHS not have any anarchist students? Loads of teens are anarchists, it'd add some interesting characters for any fic. (Just an observation I've made.)

6124582 It does. We'll see some of them later...

6138234 Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you're liking the story.

Yeah, that word does work better. Thank you!

Question time:

Should this story go into the Rainbow Rocks timeline?

I do have plotlines planned, if it does.

Oh my... I don't know what to feel about this scene. (In a good way.)

This is a great story, and as for Rainbow Rocks, it all depends on what you have planned. If it would make an already awesome story 20% more awesome, then I'd say go for it! If it would detract from what you already had planned, then I'd say that there's no need to do it. :raritywink:

6156502 I say you should go for it. :D

Love how this story is turning out can't wait for more

Wow...um I don't know what to say.
Okay, first off, sorry this took me so long to get to, I've been on vacation, and I didn't have the internet at my disposal, so, yeah.
Secondly, HOLY CELESTIA, WHAT DID I JUST READ!? (I mean that in a very good way) Seriously, this chapter was brilliant, and I can't wait to see where you take this now more than ever.
Best of luck !

6173672 Thanks! This one was a blast to write... Mostly because I finally got to explain what Turner's all about!

One thing that I wanted to mention but completely forgot about was that, after Turner attempted suicide after Ditzy's death, Luna would call him every morning after that to make sure he was alright, a habit that never went away and is the reason we see them conversing on the phone in chapter four. But otherwise, this chapter turned out exactly as I pictured it, and I'm glad that people like it!

As coincidence would have it, I'm working on a cover art for this.

6207996 Of course. I'll send you a link when I post it on DeviantArt.

... That was quiet touching. But now they to explain to Flash about why there in the school in the first place.

Argh...my brain....just a moment...
Okay, better.
Now then, where was I? Ah, yes, I remember.
Don't worry, I can't write Flash Sentry either. He's just so...basic. There's so little to his character he's difficult to write for.
Although, I will admit, the 'waifu stealer' comment had me laughing out loud.
I'm feeling sorry for Time Turner though. I wonder how his story plays out.
And, the Sirens are here! Yay! Son of a b:yay:tch. What are they planning? How will at affect CHS? What will become of Time Turner? Will he try and commit suicide again? Or will he go on a killing rampage? Does Flash become part of the primary characters? Will Rainbow try and hook up with Sunset?

Guess we'll find out next time! Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!



Ha, I'm glad to see y'all enjoyed this. I was sorta iffy on how I introduced The Dazzlings, but I'm happy to breathe a sigh of relief!

And while Flash won't be a main-stay in the way of characters, he'll definitely have a role to play in what's up next!

Can't wait for more of this!

This is so good! IF SUNSET GETS HURT, SEBASTIAN, THE GUARDIAN OF EQUESTRIA WILL BE VERY :twilightangry2:!!!!!!!!!!!!! reference to my story. wanna read it? pm me. Sorry had to reference it!i1.ytimg.com/vi/OR4vAX_sghY/maxresdefault.jpg

I feel like Time Turner's story is going to either end two ways, it all depends on how Sugar Cube Corner is.
And, Sunset has to explain to Fluttershy.
So far, "YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE ME!!!" is going through my head.

Wait a minute, Rarity's bringing Titanic?
Doesn't Titanic contain nudity?
And, Rainbow might like Titanic.
Well, that last half-hour at least.
And, maybe the nude scene. If it was Sunset Shimmer. (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink)

Although, why do I get the feeling that Berry Punch is actually forcing Derpy and Dinky to go Sugar Cube Corner? Honestly, it strikes me as odd that they'd want to see Time, especially after Dinky's outburst.
But, hey, I'll wait to see what happens.

And, something you find in most ship-fics (and clop-fics) a Slumber Party!
Oh, who am I kidding, I've written a Slumber Part scene! Except, the Dazzlings were there, and so was the 11th Doctor...

Still though, I'm anxious for the next chapter!

I'm glad you used my idea, and was a great scene, thanks again,

As for the Dazzlings I'm surprise at the method they are using to try take over the school or find the Magic they felt.
Very sneaky!

How could you tear up Crystal Wishes romance stories Sunset? They're so beautiful!

6300595 I was hoping someone would comment on that!

You got your father's smarts, though." She was abnormally nice. I was a loner, when I was young. When we were ten, she walked up to me, when I was all alone at the park. And we talked."

1. Extra quotation mark here.

The drama...
The anger...
The fury...
The romance...
And, drama again...


Mind controlled slaves (or henchpeople) are quite slow, mentally. Rather straightforward too. Still, they're great if you're on a budget.

Loving the story. At first it looked like a couple of other Sunset stories on here, but you really added that extra kick with the focus on other characters too. Possible favourite Sunset Shimmer reformation story. Faving and liking. Keep it up.

6393457 Favorite Sunset redemption story, eh? Why, thank you!:pinkiehappy:

6393469 you have a very well made selection of characters. Long Road to Friendship is another very good one, but this is just a notch further, and has a less comedic tone as well. But more realistic. Except the high schooler with a gun. But that's fine, because mind control. You have an explanation for those who seek it wether you want to or not. I apologize in advance for any essays you inadvertently read while perusing my comments. Then again, phone vs. laptops.

6393479 Better than Long Road? That's a mighty big compliment... One that I'll try to live up to!

Crimson Napalm having a gun isn't that far fetched, actually. You see, that way I imagined Napalm, is that he's real big on violence. Anything that can hurt, guns included. Naturally, he can't buy guns himself, but his father can. That's where he got the pistol.

Well dang! Cliffhanger!

They won't last two minutes against Applejack and her amazing strength. Or Fluttershy and her weaponized cuteness. And, of course, Pinkie Pie and a cake assault. And you can't forget Rarity and a sewing needle.

6393569 that explanation works also. With a name like that I should have expected it.

iiiiiiiiii ccccccccccccrrriiiieeedddd at the time bit

Just, wow.
That was heavy, real heavy.
Oh, and also,

Just then, Sunset and Pinkie Pie walked into the room. “Oh, thank Celestia!” Sunset exclaimed, running over to Rainbow Dash and giving her a tight hug. “I thought something happened to you! After that gunshot and you weren’t making any noise that I could hear and... Oh, I’m just glad you’re okay!”

Rainbow Dash smiled awkwardly- she tried her best to hide the slight blush on her face- and gingerly returned the hug. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine, Sunset." Dash laughed awkwardly, the red in her face deepening. "You can, uh... You can let go now."

“Huh?” Sunset lifted her face from Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. “Oh. Oh! Okay.” She said awkwardly as she slowly unwrapped her arms from Dash’s body. “Sorry...” The room fell into awkward silence as nobody said anything.

Pinkie Pie laughed. “Oh, just kiss already!”

And, the ship leaves the dock. May she tread into pleasant waters.

I hope your okay.
Be well.

im sorry about what happened but its his fault i hope you get better soon =)

My condolences for your loss.

So let's see losing those 3 doesn't really hurt the Dazzlings, they can always get more slaves. Plus if they hear about the break-in in the news (or from some other source) the Dazzlings will be heading straight for Dash's house. Though since Rainbow has no magic (or does she and simply not know it?). They'll count it as a dead end and a screw up on their slaves part.

On the other hand, if any of those three guys can tell the girls what happen, they're going to get an early warning. The Dazzlings wouldn't exactly be hard to spot in a crowd. Seriously, their hair kind of stands out.

"What?!" Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer half-whispered as the information processed in their heads.

... Sorry I have to post this...[youtu be=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1B0VVRMC_c] ... but It is not quite the time for turner to say what...

Turner sobbed on the floor, a broken shell of a man.

... now is not the time for that video I guess...

Well... this chapter was... ah...
Whats a good word to describe drama and shipping ... on right

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