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This story is a sequel to Highs and Lows

Years of guilt and hatred and jealousy have gotten to Sunset Shimmer. She simply cannot take it anymore. She wants to find some way, any way, to alleviate or redirect her anguish, regardless of whether it's constructive or not.

The second instalment of Sunset's Recovery Arc.

Rated "T" for detailed description of self-harm and some cursing.

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Another great piece in this series. Honestly, I think it would be worthwhile to see if you can change around the series a bit to use original characters and get it published. This series has helped me personally and I think it could help a lot of other people.

7959884 - I'm honoured to know that this series has helped you. It's helped me too, in its own way.

As to your suggestion, the thought has crossed my mind, and I'm flattered you think "Recovery" could work outside of Pony and that I possess the talent to try going legit. I don't know. Confidence is not one of my strong suits, but thank you so much for your praise! :twilightblush:

A good addition to your series. Certainly does help drive how deep Sunset was when Rarity shows up.

I'm not sure who could use a hug more, Sunnybuns or you.


I just wanna give you both a huge hug!! :fluttercry: It'll be okay Sunset. We've all been here. Its funny, thinking back, I used to write poetry when I was depressed. I know it sounds emo, but it helped me release a lot of stress, anger, sadness, etc. onto paper. This is a wonderful story. It has made me think about my life and how I've gone through the same thing. Thank you for writing this :pinkiesad2:

7960754 - You're very welcome.

Back in high school, I drew comics and/or played Quake while listening to Peanuts music. It's oddly comforting blowing demons into unrecognizable pulp with RPG's while listening to a cover of "Christmas Time Is Here".

…I am not the best-adjusted person. :derpytongue2:

7960613 - Yes. :eeyup: Seriously though, I truly appreciate the sentiment.

But remember, this is an interquel to an earlier story. We know for a fact Sunny will get better. She'll be… well, not great, but she'll recover. Thus the arc's name: "Recovery".

I cried the whole time,I already been in Sunset’s place,I'm glad she just cutted herself, instead of trying suicide,specially with that thoughts she had.

Very sad and difficult to read. Kudos to you for using your writing to help you through your own challenges and I hope things continue to improve for you in your personal life. :twilightsmile:

Edit: To clarify, this is an excellent story and it made me reflect on my own past feelings since it captured the emotional state so accurately. Been there; not nearly as far as Sunset is here, but even a mild case of depression is life altering.

Makes me wanna cry. :fluttercry: But I think it does have its place within the series.

Speaking of which, it's getting to be enough stories that at some point a series guide thingy might be in order...


Speaking of which, it's getting to be enough stories that at some point a series guide thingy might be in order...


By the way, is it wrong that I'm sort of glad this story made people cry? I mean, the goal of any fiction is to get the reader to feel emotion, so I guess I succeeded. :twilightblush:

7962063 - Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! :raritystarry:

No SUNSET!!!! :raritycry:

That's it! I'm getting my ass over there. :twilightangry2: (Gets on car and drives like a John Wick on speed.)

Comment posted by David olvera deleted May 24th, 2017

Ouch, close to home some days.

I love these kind of stories, always so full of raw emotion.

8521207 - If the writer is able to arouse some sort of emotional response in the reader, particularly if it was the one intended, then the writer has done his job.

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. :yay: I tried my best to convey that feeling of rawness. And trust me when I say it's much closer to home than most realize -- I was not in a good state back in February.

PS - I like your avatar. :eeyup:

Definitely. Yeah, the winter months are always hardest.

Why thank you! I am pretty fond of it myself!

I don’t like the idea of making Sunset living a poor life so that we can pity her. That’s not Hasbro have planned, and in actual lives, people with mental illnesses are often being bullied but not bully other people.

when she cut herself my arm tensed, suffice to say, well written

That was very difficult to read, I spent the entire time wincing. But really good and horrifyingly accurate. Someone had better beat her door down soon.

Warning: If joking about suicide/self harm offends or triggers you, please ignore the rest of this comment. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh silly Sunset. If you want effective result you’re supposed to go up the highway, not across the street.

Unless they have a drive yo strive for. Sunset was not show as being exactly mentally sound, she literally had grandiose complex when a pony untill the end of the first movie.
Sometimes our ambitions are all we have and when we lose that drive we are left with a hollowness and we see that uncertain in Sunset on the second and signs of it on the third movie and only at the end, when she discovers a new drive is that she overcomes it.
Sometimes all we have are our ambitions and when those are no more we try to hold on to something just to breakdown when what we believe should happen do not.

Yeah... That brought back memories... Ones I'm happy to say I've made peace with. I couldn't imagine at the time where I am now... Married almost a decade, and now with the most adorable two month old baby boy I could have ever been privileged to raise.

To anyone reading this that is considering self harm or suicide, I say this - do not enact a permanent 'solution' to a temporary problem. Even if things don't get better, you can get better... And your light can make the world a little bit brighter.

You know, I could have responded to you immediately instead of waiting months. But, rereading your post reminded me why you've managed to stick in my craw much more than anyone else who criticized me. I know that an author responding with anything but contrition to a negative comment is poor sportsmanship. Still, I'm tired of holding my tongue.

With respect, you don't get it. While I can sort of understand the barely coherent drivel you posted to L&H, let's pick apart your comment here, shall we?

I don’t like the idea of making Sunset living a poor life so that we can pity her. That’s not Hasbro have planned, and in actual lives, people with mental illnesses are often being bullied but not bully other people.

  • Do you think I give a shit what Hasbro thinks? That I hold "canon" sacrosanct? I couldn't possibly care less! This is MY world. MY characters (trademarks aside). And I will do what I see fit.
  • Are you as stuck-up as your profile pic looks? Do you really believe I set Sunset up just to be pitied? Unlike literally thousands of other readers, you alone seem to have missed the point entirely. It's a journey.
  • Don't you dare tell me what people with mental illnesses do or don't do re bullying. As someone with a fairly long list of diagnosed issues, I'll tell you true I've been both a victim and a perpetrator. I'm not proud of some of the things I've said and done in the past.

In short, you have totally missed a primary conceit of my Sunset stories. I award you no points, and may the god of your choice have mercy on your soul.

This sure does bring back memories of my past, it also brought back the feeling of being back in that state.
Very well written, you have done a good job with making this fanfic.

Holy....I have chills right now.

I mentioned in the previous story before this about my depression. This....this right here is how I felt when I crashed. I never went to the extreme that Sunset did here, but I came damn close to that edge.

I have to go take a moment to myself right now.


From where you started the story to where you finished seemed well done. However, because you started at rock bottom, it didn't do much for me. I think it would have been more effective if we saw the spiral down to this point. As it was, yes, it was depressing to see Sunset at such a low point. But because we didn't get to see that spiral down as she just stopped doing anything, it was hard to feel too empathetic while reading. The events sucked, and that evokes some amount of feeling, but without seeing the journey, that can only take you so far.

In other words, this was a reasonable snippet of Sunset's life, but for me, as a snippet, I don't think it had its intended effect.

Oh my gosh, this was so sad but so beautifully written! I really want to give Sunset a hug, and you for that matter. *hugs* I'm going to have to go read Highs and Lows now since that was the previous fic.

And I'm with what someone else said, you should change some of your writing to original characters and get your stuff published for real. You're a great writer!

Really sad and dark but intrigued nonetheless personally I feel there is a disconnection on the mental state of Sunset. In 0. Sasha and 1. Highs & Lows, she was sorry for what happened in EG and then happy go lucky in the next just to be depressing wreck here.

Or was Anon-A-Fix (which I haven't read) suppose to happen around here since its between EQ and RR. Also I notice that Anon-A-Fix and EQUESTRIA GIRLS: Sunset's Not-Saga are not in the timeline you stated despite being a sequel to Sasha.


Anon-A-Fix is a totally different continuity because I wanted to write it but there was no way to fit it into this timeline. Too much would be going on at once so I said screw it and split the universe. I'm the creator. I can do that.

In H&L, Sunset is having a manic episode. She's on a psychological high that she knows isn't going to last. Here we see the crash.

Also keep in mind H&L was the very first story about Sunset I wrote that doesn't involve burritos, so I didn't quite have her character down yet.

So will there be an update to The Guide to show this new continuity timeline?

I haven’t spoken to anyone in weeks. Except to check my mailbox – only ever bills and junk of course, plus occasionally venture out into the cold unforgiving neighbourhood to buy food… okay, it’s just to the convenience store set up in the ground floor of my apartment building, but it still requires me stepping outside for thirty seconds – I haven’t left my room in weeks, either. Why should I?

Her friends sure must be worried about her. :fluttershysad:

Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I took a bath or washed clothes. Maybe I should at least clean these pyjamas, as the sweat stains have become pretty obvious and… yep… I smell rank. But why bother? I’m not leaving, and no one is coming to see me, so there’s no one except me to care if I offend.

I feel bad for sunset 100%. :fluttercry:

An ancient (by its standards) laptop computer sits on an overturned milk crate next to my bed. I bought it shortly after I arrived in this world, and it has served me well. However, it was one of the last of my personal items I named – Cream-Puff – not sure why it took so long. I briefly open it. The screen lights up to reveal a half-finished short story I intended to send into the Canterville Literary Quarterly . Freelance writing makes up the bulk of what I do to earn income, but I haven’t touched finger to keyboard since I hit that mental block. I try to read my story… ugh. I shut the computer without bothering to check any social media (too depressing anyway). Its light suddenly cuts out like a refrigerator’s.

I still find it odd she names her personal belongings.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the others: those five girls who professed to call themselves my friends. I believed it too. But I quickly realized it wasn’t my place. I didn’t share all of their interests and it was getting too hard to fake it. Given my attitude towards them in the past, I feel so awkward around them now. I love seeing their smiles. They’re such wonderful people. I don’t deserve them.

No one deserves to be alone.

They’ve probably forgotten about me by now. Part of me hopes they have. Some tiny part of my brain screams in an infinitesimally small voice that I’m wrong, that I need to keep trying. What a fucking joke. It is quickly drowned out by the basso profundo wailing of my subconscious. Despair. Regret. Jealousy. Hate.

I'm sure they haven't Sunset and are likely worried too.

I feel nothing, physically or emotionally, except for disgust, but I cannot be certain from whence it comes – am I disgusted because of the act itself or because it did not go far enough? Either way, it serves only to make me angrier. Visions of my friends and acquaintances going on with their happy joyous little lives dance through my mind. All that smiling and euphoria, it sickens me. I want them to feel despair. I hate myself for having such feelings about those who deserve only love.

And you deserve love as well sunset.

Maybe tomorrow will be brighter?

It hopefully will sunset, have faith.

I feel definitly like her.

This is so well written and captures the reality of mental illness. I fucking cried reading this. I've been in Sunset's position several times before, including now. Thank you for writing this :fluttercry:

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