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Faded Echoes

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This story is a sequel to Struggles

Sunset Shimmer thought her friends cared, as the Battle of the Bands looms, she learns just how much they do.

While it is not important to read my OC's story, Violet Times, I highly recommend that you do as there are a few spoilers in this story.

Continuity: Struggles

Rated T for Profanity, Violence and discussions of Suicide/Self Harm.

Proof read and edited by Jimmyhook19

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Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 24 )

I am not sure I would have hurt myself but i also came extremely close, if it wasn't for a friend doing this for me

I am a firm believer that with good friends, you can get through anything, as it has happened to me. I was close to ending it all, when two friends reminded me that I am special, and that I am loved

Glad you are ok, loving this story line

Thank you. I know I am not the only one going through what I am, but I am glad I can give those without a way to express themselves a voice. I thouroughly enjoy writing, and it was an escape for a while, but now I do it because I enjoy it like I do.

I should have the new chapter out by the end of next week. If you want to, check out the Homecoming story line by Rose Quill as they were the one who inspired me to continue writing.

Yeah, i loved the Homecoming storyline :) may have missed a few but yeah, read it :)

Yeah. I'm on my fourth time through it. Can't get enough. Needless to say, without Homecoming, Struggles wouldn't exist today

Thanks. I'm trying to write longer chapters.

Thanks. I am already busy on the next chapter and should have it up either tomorrow or Monday. :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Dialogue is clunky and lacks personality, descriptions are bland and nonexistent or drawn out to a point where it's just off, language is blunt and unresponsive to the imagination, scenes and internal dialogue of each character indicate either a lack of braincells or a clich├ęd mess of a human personality, font changes between dialogue and text is sometimes confusing, punctuationn is decent but still flawed.

On the bright side, it's realable to that automatically lands you a 5/10 and in itself is a good quality. Which says quite a lot of how high the quality meter goes on this site

I like this chapter it touching scene at the end. I know Trixie gets better later on in the series.
but hope she gets a huge wake up call in this story.
also like for Gilda to get oen as well, it not often she can become something else besides a villain in EG.

All part of my master plan, though Gilda only next story. :trollestia:

Keep an eye out. Next chapter is coming in the new week.

Liking where this is going

A great story so far. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for reading. Putting in the finishing touches to chapter 5 before sending it to my proofers. Keep an eye out.

I know I said that I was putting in the final touches on the new chapter, but I have hit a bit of writer's block and cannot think of a way to finish it. As soon as the new chapter is up, I will post on my blog

'Something is wrong, I can feel it.' I thought to myself as I watched Sunset turn and walk out of the band room. I took out my phone and sent her a text.

i've listened to Rap God a little too much

Someone finally got the reference.:rainbowlaugh:

:facehoof: Really Celestia, bringing the Formal up by name? That's not going to help any. Just say "in quite some time" or something if you have to, don't bring it up specifically.

I agree wholeheartedly with that. I think that the storyboard directors for the movie did it that way on purpose to create a bit of visible tension.

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