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This story is a sequel to Cadere a Gratia (Fall from Grace)

Sunset has begun her recovery, gotten the girl of her dreams, even become a princess. Though not all of her wounds are superficial, and cannot be healed with apologies. What happens when she encounters some of the students from CHS a week before school is due to start. Will she choose to stay in Equestria, or remain on Earth with her girlfriend, Rainbow Dash.

Cover art once again by the amazing BiggerNate91

Featured November 28th 2022 to November 29th 2022

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Thanks, and thank you for the watch.

Not usually a fan of Alicorn/Princess Sunset stories, but I'll stick with it for now and see where it goes.

All I ask. Thanks for reading. Will have the next chapter up soon.

Can't wait to see what happens next

Well, it's 65+5 in some cases. Plus lucky them the highway wasn't a choke full of traffic, unlucky for them the patrol car caught them speeding.

Just saying, Gilda being the one to give Sunset crap and try to teach her a lesson has been REALLY overused in Anon-a-Miss fics.

I agree, but she is the easiest one to write about being vengeful. I don't mean to sound lazy, but my story only partly rides on that. You'll just have to wait and see. Chapter 3 is with my editors now, so it should be up soon.

Yeah. I'm from South Africa, so I'm a little confused about some of the laws. Did you see what I did there though?:derpyderp1::pinkiehappy:

Most speed limits have a 5 MPH cushion to take into account other factors though if it's quota time ...

Great chapter as always

Thanks. And thanks for reading.:twilightsmile:

To be fair on the patrol officer, Sunset was doing 110 on the highway.

“Yip.” I said, turning to address the entire room. “I think we should head to the throne room. I’ll explain everything when we get there.” There was a chorus of agreement as we all turned to walk off, Dash and Snowflake getting into a race to see who could get there the fastest.

AMAZING chapter, as always, but had a question, djd you really mean to type "yip"?

Typical Rainbow Dash moment there at the end. Rainbow just has to prove that she's faster than everyone else, even herself.

Yip. Despite Snowflake (Human Dash) not knowing where the throne room was.

Liked what you did with giving human rainbow dash a different cutie mark and different hair to make sure she's different from her counterpart.

Easier to write that way. Do you like her nickname?


Thanks guys. It's praise like this that keeps me going.

“Besides, Snowflake and I need to get some flying practice in, and I can’t think of a better teacher than Equestria’s Best Flyer.”

Wonder if either will ask Twilight on how many crashes she had learning ...

Possibly. Might happen in the next chapter, might not.:pinkiehappy:

A great, funny, and cute chapter.

Still feel weird that Sunset is a alicorn


Thanks guys. Next one will be here a little later. Got a lot to get through today before I can update.
I'm not the first one to do it. I've been wanting to do an Alicorn Sunset story for a while now.


I'm not the first one to do it. I've been wanting to do an Alicorn Sunset story for a while now.

There are far too few such stories.

Yeah. A pity it's not Canon though.

Great chapter and it's fine it was late. Your going through a lot

What? No, don't put her through that again!


Just wait. there is a method to my madness.:pinkiecrazy:

Coming in the next chapter. I have a major plan for that.

Well, I say major, when it isn't really.

Thanks. I'm glad to have readers like you. No matter how dissappointed I am with the final outcome of a chapter, you always compliment them. :twilightsmile:

I edited the A/N. Take a look, mate.:twilightsmile:

Hey, no prob. It's the least I can do after all the positivity you sent my way, especially during my depression. It was one of the things that kept me going through the recovery process.

Enjoyed the news chapter

Hey, it's me again, back with some more new cover art.


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