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Please see that if you guys are considering for real, even if based in story please go to call 911. If just needing some comfort, consider here.
I understand this is fiction, and stories, just saying.

Suicide should be one of the main themes of the story, or at least play a very important role

Is it enough for the story to contain suicide or does the whole story have to revolve around it?

She smiled at me and stepped closer. Her hoof raised and slowly drifted toward me. Was it all just a test. Will she knock the knife out of my mouth and congratulate me for my determination? My skin on top of my foreleg stung as I increased the pressure of the sharp blade against it. Her hoof touched me just below the knife. Did I impress her enough? Her hoof slid down my foreleg until she reached my hoof. What is this now? Is she trying to seduce me? Doesn’t she know I’m hers already? Her head drifted closer and her nose brushed against my mane. Yes! I’ve proven my worth. It really was just a test! Her lips touched my ear as she whispered, “Along the street, not across it!”

  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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