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The sad news of Michael Morone's suicide attempt really put the Brony Community in a sad state. It was because of bullying that Michael is in the hospital recovering from his severe brain trauma. This, however, was not the only case of bullies driving their victims to suicide. Physical bullying, mental bullying and cyber bullying. These are three parts of a disease that sicken us to the point where we feel we're no longer any good to our world.

To that end, I form this group for all the Bronies on the web to help stand against bullying and give the victims out there our helping hand/hoof. We will share with each other with their experiences with bullying, how to deal with bullying and how to make sure bullying can no longer exist in our community.

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You just gained a new member:heart:!

This group, these 17 people including myself, have taken a great stand. I was going to create a group of this myself and I found that there was only one group like it. Let us gather and assist, and help, and love before it is to late. We are few, but we do stand together....I have been bullied throughout my years and abused, so I know what I am talking about when I say i'm happy that this group is here. I am not sure how long this group will be active, but please, please, please.... PLEASE let there be more against bullies than this. I will make sure that this group gets proper recognition, and will tell other bronies here and also on my main page. Dont be surprised if you get more members. Thanks again.

Dat Founder name.

To defend those who cannot defend themselves.

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