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Dedicated to any form of story here on Fimfiction containing the death of one of the mane 6, with Spike included. The stories are allowed to have a "thought to be dead scenario" or a ressurection scenario. If you have stories that bring you tears with some form of death in it, then add it as well.

Also, if you didn't get the message, if you see a story in a folder, definite spoiler alert as to what will happen in the story, you have been warned.

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I was wondering, can somepony tell me if there are discord stories?

Would a story about one of the cmc thinking about the death of a loved one (namely, an OC) work here?

Yo, check out my stories (but you if you dont want to its ok)

I've been working really hard on this story, and it's roughly lacking feedback. I was hoping to gather some critics from this group. Do you mind if I add it?

Decapitating Harmony is a sadfic that I've been working really hard on while receiving little feedback. I was hoping to gather some critics. Can y'all help me out? :pinkiehappy:

338591 Now you can, put it in background folder

I have a Granny Smith fic full of death and sadness. Can I add it?

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