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A young pony is killed, and her spirit erased, yet Reaper--Death's agent in Equestria--is unaware of her passing until hours later. He has to team up with Luna and Twilight to travel back through both their memories of centuries past in order to track down the elusive killer.

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Well, this looks to be a story with a good amount of potential. Consider it watched, good sir.:moustache:

Thanks! I've been writing in a professional capacity for the better part of 23 years, but have almost no fiction under my belt. Let's see where this goes! :)

So Nightmare Moon is the killer

6398059 Well, we will see what we see! :) (I'm working on the next chapter as we speak...)

I hope we are not going to see a generous helping of sex in the next chapter.

I can't help but think of this when i was reading

Luna and Rarity look around

What is Rarity doing here?

6421639 Oops! Fixed--thanks for the catch! :)

Kinda of surprised those shrines to Nightmare Moon still exist

6467704 They still have one in Ponyville! ("Luna Eclipsed" S2E4) :-)

6468161 there is a big difference in my mind between a shrine and a statue. Not to mention its been years since that episode

Hmmm... Interesting. Was this a loss or a win? Will have to see.

Danged a cliff hanger

DANG Cliff hangers

Dang it another cliff hanger. Though I assume if Death fails and is destroyed by Celestia a new Death will have to be chosen and all of Equestria will hope Celestia doesn't go totally insane with the death of Twilight and Luna.

I found your story again, and this time, to make sure that it doesn't get buried within my "close watch" bookshelf, I made a new book shelf for the stories I REALLY need to get caught up on. Like this one. I'm SO sorry for not being completely caught up on this yet, I will most certainly remedy this.
-Sincerest apologies, SirShadestrider

6556450 No worries! :) I look forward to your impressions!

6398059 i dunno i got a feeling its celestia some how

poor twilight this is going to fuck her royaly

:twilightblush: mindset: one pit to pure knowledge. one pit to find it. one pit to know it all and in darkness i find it

Isn't Reaper more of a psychopomp than a harbinger? I mean, he doesn't really appear to ponies before they die, right?

True, though "psychopomp" is a bit of tough sledding for most readers! :) (Kudos for creative word use, though!)

If this story has rape in it, then you should say so in the synopsis.

What happened to all those "erased" spirits after Grey Thorn's death?

Did they finally get to move on?

Wow! That was excellent! Beyond excellent really. I haven't read a heart wrenching chapter like this in a long time.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the sequel as well! :pinkiehappy:

Wonderful. More adventures in Pony humping

Now available in final, proofread, polished, ready-to-print form at: https://tinyurl.com/y4vd93e7

Damn, you're not kiddin' around with this....

Love it!

Well, I mean, for us they just die but for them it could last a while. There's no way really be sure

You have my curiosity.

The only real issue I have with this, so far, is the amount of emotion Reaper shows. In my imagination, he's creepy, or perhaps eery and uncomfortable may be better words - he speaks well, but takes pauses at the wrong moments, or draws words where you wouldn't expect them... You know, a general "something's wrong with this guy, but I can't quite put my hoof on it" vibe.

Other than that, let's keep going and see.

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