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This story is a sequel to Do Not Go Gentle

In this sequel to Do Not Go Gentle, Reaper and Luna go on a quest to recover Reaper's powers, while Twilight takes on some new duties.

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Very interesting twists

behold i am alicorn reaper the prince of friendship former harbinger of death

I repeat: I'm *pretty* sure nopony wants to see him filling that role! :)

"Though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, thou art not so."

This has been an amazing read so far! I just bwarly finished off reading everything and I can't say there's been a boring part to it.

Thanks! That's very kind of you! :)

interesting... Risky as Heck there Luna. Still I see Starswril's portal was better in the fact it made clothing for anyone who steeped though it.

OH HO something seems to be waking up. Wonder where this is going. At least Luna has a new fur coat, if she lives.

Luna managed to free her upper body and hips, but exhaustion overtook her before she could pry her legs loose. She slumped onto her side and slipped into unconsciousness. Bitch settled in next to Luna, shielding her from the wind, and laid her head next to her mistress with a sigh as the storm’s last flakes floated down silently, and Larg rose, cold and pale above the treetops.

and Larg rose...

Huh? who's Larg?

With Reaper out of action, are darker things on the move? And was Grey Thorn the only one using the Nightmare?

Kill 'em all and let God sort it out

The moral of the story is to never stop people from trying to commit suicide? I guess? :rainbowhuh:

I can see that interpretation, and I'm tweaking the scene to make Discord's "lesson" a bit clearer: if Twilight had arrived moments earlier, not summoned as the Harbinger, then her actions would have been entirely appropriate, but not as Death's (and thus, Fate's) agent. As the Harbinger she was meddling with Fate, and that never works out.

7026094 However what will happen when her 2 marks collide? I'm assuming since she's the focus point of harmony at some point her Map will call her as she's doing the whole Harbinger thing.

From the chapter Missing:

“Applejack and Rarity will take shifts, every other day,” Twilight answered, washing down her final bite, and placing the cup on a tray. “And if my cutie mark pops up, well, they may just have to figure out a substitute–I mean, I’m not irreplaceable!”

I'm now not sure Nightmare Moon is an foe, but I'm sure she's not a friend either..

Sorry for the confusion with this last chapter ("Smoke and Silver")--turns out it made a lot more sense split into two chapters, thus "Smoke and Blood." Enjoy! :)


Interesting chapter great imagery with Lunas dreams. I'm glad to see the author isn't suggesting events won't have a lasting effect on Twilight or Luna

Huh that's a twist at the end. Wonder where the colt came from

It would make sense for the colt to be one of the Void's victims

7714698 You'll just have to wait for book 3! :pinkiehappy: (I'm doing pre-writing work now)

Twilight grinned at him: “See? I told you it’s creepy!”

BEST LINE EVER! I laughed out loud when I read that.

How can I put this in a calm rational manner?


Yeah, I think that'll do. I take it this is only the beginning.

7942366 Me at my most George R.R. Martin-like! :pinkiehappy:

You just set a high standard for yourself there. :raritywink:
But, yeah, that was a bit of a surprise. I've long thought Luna was the more marshal of the sisters, and the way your portrayed her there, even if it was Nightmare Moon reborn as Dark Angel, just shows I'm not the only one.

Book 2 was definitely a great read, better than 1 only because you found your groove. 1 had some, hiccups I would say, in flow. As if you had an idea, but forgot to include some details. I've done the same, you should see some of my texts to family, words and entire sentences missing because they were in my head yet never were written. Don't take it as negative criticism, other authors have done the same to me.:pinkiehappy:

Hmm, now onto book three. I've an idea who the colt it, and if I'm correct, I can't wait to find out how it happened.
But, I think I'm going to take a wee break and look back over my own story. As short as mine is I think I want to finish it before submitting it again.

Why is this fic so little-known? The world-building and attention to detail are fascinating!

Thanks! :twilightblush: I'm actually going to use this world and "Her" as the foundation for a non-pony novel once I finish off the third story in the trilogy (Because I Could not Stop for Death).

This got real grim

I *literally* just received a commission based on this chapter! (It's now added at the beginning)

Shits tense yo


8704921 tyvm! :twilightsmile: What did you like most (or least) about it?

As morbid as it sounds, it is a good bedtime story for me. I'm no writer, I found the stories well paced, just the right amount of detail, mystery and bloodbath. I'd write a fancier comment but this is on my phone and the butterfingers aren't helping 😚. Good stories, thumbs up, you need more views/readers because i barely happened upon your story. And that just aint fair for this level of quality and quantity/sequels.

Now available in final, polished, proofread, ready-to-print form at: https://tinyurl.com/y4m57kup

It seems Grey Thorn's Legacy lives on... The Void still exists, after all.

This is some first class horror dungeon

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