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"Rich parents are your best financial assets." -Sun Tsu, the Art of War.

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ChatGPT: speculation on AI's impact to the society · 5:25am May 24th, 2023

Blue collar workers were the backbone of the industrial era in the past, but it seems their days are numbered. The rise of automation has swept through factories, leaving human workers in the dust. Take the example of washing machines. These household appliances have become commonplace, replacing the need for manual labor in washing clothes. Gone are the days when we hire workers to scrub and wring out garments by hand. Now, with the push of a button, the machine takes care of it all. This is

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An experiment at Nightmare Night. · 12:38am Oct 30th, 2023

give me your opinion of how this story should continue forward.

weekly(s) release - Keep the current the same. consistency of each chapter release schedule and length over everything else.

batch release - Release multiple chapters at the same time. Inconsistent and longer updates.

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