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A little bit crazy and a sucker for the happy ending, you just might not know what you're going to get. Read at your own sanity's risk.


A sudden and powerful magical event consumes all of Ponyville in the space of a few moments, and when Twilight and her friends come to, they find the landscape around them quite different. And the world they discover, to be devoid of magic and inhabited by strange beings.

One of these beings is Asher Burgess, the oldest son of the family whose secluded, Colorado ranch has suddenly become the location of an entire town of alien creatures overnight. Their lives are changed forever as they find themselves the link between the ponies and their own nation.

Bewildered by this new world, things start getting more urgent as more of the Equestrian world arrives piece by piece, and not all of it is so friendly. Searching for answers, Asher, Twilight, and the rest of the gang stumble onto more questions, and uncover an amazing secret. One that could either save them all, or doom both worlds to annihilation.

(Set just after the events of season 3 finale. Diverges from there, movie has no effect.)

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P.S. A request if you will: When someone gives a "dislike," would ya'll mind commenting why? Especially if it has something to do with a writing skill.

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The heck? How'd this get into the feature box so fast?

I love this. This is a great way to start a 'ponies on earth' story, and a quite unique one at that. The interactions between the characters are really well done, and you did a great job showcasing the emotions of the characters as they experienced the story. While I was reading, I did notice a few sentence errors, so it might be a good idea to go back and take a look through it. They're minor, but the fewer and smaller they are, the more they interrupt the flow of the story. Regardless, great story, and I can't wait to see more. :pinkiehappy: *click's favorite button*


Um, wow. Did not expect the feature at all. No pressure. No pressure at all. :twilightoops:

You now have my attention. :rainbowderp:

I would like to say that I don't think this exactly qualifies for the 'random' tag, though. Maybe Adventure, but that conflicts with slice of life (which it is both, but not like the administration gets that sort of thing)

I went down to press the next chapter button, but it wasn't there... D:

This is interesting, I want to see where this goes. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

I like how know ones freaking out or nothing. Not even a "HOLY CRAP!! THERES A BUNCHA TALKING PONIES STANDING ON MY DOORSTEP!! WTF?!" lol.

I look forward to your next update! Liked and favorited.

If the government finds out about this, they'll probably spread propaganda to the public saying:


Then they take them all in for dissection.:pinkiecrazy:

It's official; I'm intrigued. A promising start to an epic tale. I'm following this. :twilightsmile:

Well, that's interesting. I've kinda been looking for an "entire town dimension swap" story for a while (kinda like the Ring of Fire series, which I recommend ... mostly). Could be cool.

But I have to say, I'm a little concerned about where you're going to take this. That comment

I really want to concentrate more on the story. You'll get the interaction, because that is always fun, but I hope you're prepared for a story too.

It makes me think that you may not be planning to take full advantage of the situation you've developed. I think it would be a mistake to focus too narrowly on just a single character, like this Asher guy, or Twilight.

You've got a whole town, a whole family, and a whole planet to work with. That means there's a huge number of different reactions and character POVs that you could use to tell (and greatly enhance) the story. It would feel like a real waste if nobody but one or two humans or ponies was ever used, and would basically relegate the story to a standard "human meets pony" category instead of what it really has the potential to be.

4667851 After they saw Scootaloo, they were like: "Since this little pegasus is real, nothing can surprize us anymore." :rainbowlaugh:

Good start so far. Interested in seeing how this goes.

Well this looks promising. You sir have my full attention.

4667933 Na the political backlash for treating the first sapient species that humanity has come into contact with poorly would be too great. There would be protestors forming human walls around ponyvile, I know I would be there with them.

So far very interesting. Keep going. :twilightsmile:

"Why not? This day could not possibly get any weirder."

Oh really?
You haven't met everypony yet.

very interesting, you have my attention as well. I love how you are writing your OC's as characters instead of as if you ARE them a huge plus in my book :twilightsmile: hope to see an update soon :twilightsmile:


But seriously, I hope this works out for you.

Just don't use this story to push your political or religious views. Bad things will happen.


That's... that's a LOT of acreage. o_O

1. I hope Anne is as absolutely giddy about all the OMGADORBZPONES as I would be. :yay:
2. Solid first chapter.
3. Describing Scootaloo's mane as pink threw me off. I always called it purple, but now that I look at it, holy crap it actually changes quite a LOT, especially depending on the lighting. Sometimes its very clearly purple and sometimes it almost looks like Fluttershy's pink.


I guess its ... Magenta?

Heh I wonder what will happen if the Crystal Empire appears in Russia.


I wonder what happens if Canterlot appeared on Camano Island in Washington state.

I didn't notice mention of Pinkie in this. Found that odd. But still, great start to the fic.

mentally noting he only had one shot left in the clip.

one shot left in the clip.

the clip.


t0.rbxcdn.com/c7f464c47fada7f7757f2597a64b3fa8 It's a magazine! Not a clip!

Anyways, I love the way this story is turning out. I can't wait to see more, but please, don't ever call a magazine a clip ever again.


They should learn the difference between a clip and a magazine. They're not the same thing.


Just to clear it up, I was fully aware about the difference between a clip and a magazine (been hunting since I was 8) but in typical American slang clip is used more often (because we are lazy). not mad, just answering.

4668776 a magizine is out side the gun a clip is inside the gun is what i was tought by my grandfather

More! I must have more!

Good writing keep writing more.
I guess that's all, I couldn't see any error's so yea.

Only civilians use that slang. Anyone in the military gets that idea, metaphorically after the '90s, beat out of them (I've seen vets visibly flinch when people confuse the two). My old battalion's Master Sergeant told us his story of how his training back when he kept using the word "clip" instead of "magazine", and what he was forced to do as punishment ensured that all of us never confused the two :fluttershyouch:

4669274 ... why? It's not a mistake I tend to make myself, but aren't there more important things that could use more focus in basic?

That's actually the point. It is a small detail, but those things can easily get you and your squad killed on the battlefield. It's more of a "instilling discipline" and "paying attention to detail" kind of thing than actually caring about the difference.

4669471 Alright; I'm pretty detail-oriented myself, so I can understand the logic in that.


It's never the tank driving down the middle of the road that kills you. It's that fishing line that runs across the doorway at ankle height that does.
-A Drill Sergeant

This was another one of the things that the Battalion Master Sergeant loved to quote when he found someone not paying attention to the small things. He never did tell us who that DS was, but the point is valid.


Awesome chapter,can't wait for the next one!

4668963 "I'm an American so I don't count" isn't a valid excuse for being lazy with your terminology, especially in writing.


Yep, I considered Cloudsdale over Allentown myself (that was the working title of a little idea of mine) -- it pretty much did not get done because I was frightened of the sheer number of characters because you have the ponies, the residents, the government reaction -- it just seemed like the story would become too busy too quickly. You sure tried something difficult this time around.

What is funny is that TWO stories from my story bin had similar stories started by other authors today.

I can just hear the U.S Army mobilizing from Colorado Springs. There are a shit ton of military bases around the area, and I would be horribly disappointed if the military didn't get involved. Nice first chapter! :twilightsmile:

They would probabley be stationed around Ponyville until they are certain there is no threat, and I wouldn't be suprised if the town was quarantined to prevent the spread of alien diseases.

...and even if it proved to be entirely harmless, having foreign people in large masses on American soil? They'd go ape shit! Drones, constantly in the air. Barbed wire everywhere. That's my hypothesis at least xD

I can't wait for the ponies to learn about Earth culture!global3.memecdn.com/edd-and-eddy_o_1904793.jpg

Nice to see an ISOT story here. I'm surprised there aren't more. Of course, using that plot device makes it hard to write a short story.

4669841 Sound like a normal day in the stargate universe then.

As a former US Army soldier, not really. US law prohibits any federal military personnel from being deployed on to US soil (save for an act of Congress clearing them to do so temporarily, which would have a lesser chance then having an act of God appear and take care of the problem). The Colorado NG would likely be deployed to establish a no-fly zone over the area, secure a perimeter, and then have ungodly strict ROEs in place to enforce the quarantined, both ways (meaning the soldier that opens fire better have his life in immediate danger or he's going to be spending a few decades in Fort Leavenworth). After that, the CDC and Department of State would have to get there and try not to screw everything up (like civilians usually do, especially diplomats :trollestia:).

Most of Hollywood wouldn't even recognize the real military if they "knocked politely" on their front doors.

And then every Ponyville citizen died due to exposure to forgin pathogens from earth.



jk, love the story, fave'd and liked.

(But it could happen you know)

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