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January 15th, 2014. A veil of light spans across the United States of America. As the citizens stare in amazement at what is certainly a once in a lifetime phenomenon, the entire country is ripped physically out of its place on Earth and sent to a new world, a world known as Equus. Now with 312 million Humans and their country trapped in completely unknown territory with no way home, they must do what Humanity has done for centuries that has allowed it to become a force of nature. Adapt, Survive, and Overcome.

Editor/Adviser: Sneaky Breeze.
Editors: Washingtonian & AlphaFartOfDoom
Technical Adviser: ArtichokeLust
A big thanks to them for all the input and help they have given.

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Let me be the first to say well done. These types of stories are difficult to write. I have read lots of stories where Equestria lands on Earth and 97% were a DISASTER. When I saw this story, I was like 'Oh no, the other way around, this is going to be a train wreck.' Oh my god I was so wrong. This is one of the best fics I am reading. I have very high hopes for this story!

Well then, I will try my best to meet your expectations!

4730682 Thats because you haven't read some of the great work at AH.com.

And AK47, great job on the first chapter. It looks good so far!

Thanks! I hope not to disappoint.

Also, are you a fellow user on AH.com?

An interesting beginning.

Very interesting although how will the US solidify its position as a superpower in new world without military conflict.


Who says there isn't conflict?:ajsmug:

Granted, it not like WWII over there, but some of the natives have their own things going on at the moment.

Plus, we're good for other things besides having an advanced military. We also have a huge industrial base and our farms would be able to export once the initial confusion is dealt with.

4730757 Yes, under the same Username. I'm more active in the Gaming sections of the forum which is probably why you don't recognize me,

Likewise, you're more likely to find me in the ASB or the non political chat sections.


Holy shit. You stole my idea! (just kidding).

Seriously though, it all seems too weird that a few months ago, I posted a topic in the HAS group saying "What if United States of America appeared on the world where Equestria is at?".

Its a weird ass coincidence. Anyway, have a like!


Thanks! (Proceeds to take like and stores it for winter.)

Also, mind posting a link to the topic? Wouldn't mind a quick read.


It was unfortunately deleted since two of them got into a fight on the thread (won't be naming anyone here). The fight was about the United States and shit, so I had to delete it. Sorry.

Ahh flames wars. No matter, I understand.

This is a very good story so far. I just have one question though, what happened to Alaska and Hawaii? Or the random bits of islands that are attached to Canada? Are they all fused together now? Is Alaska where it normally would be, except in Ponyland and without Canada to share a border with? Also, that's going to end very badly for the polar bears if it's in temperate waters...

None of it really matters, the concept, writing and execution are all brilliant.

I'm just curious about my fellow snow covered neighbour. And Hawaii too, but not as much...


Aside from the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands come along to. No one else. They're the same distance away they were before the event.

What random islands are you referring to?

I am aware of the issues concerning certain animals such as the Polar Bears, but I presume that there are sanctuaries in Alaska that would be adequate at storing enough of the population to survive.


Only real problem is the adjustment to lack of forign oil shipments. The U.S. would be able to sustain its self for only a short time before needing to either tap into its fields, get to widespread fraking, or negotiate a deal to drill in other species land. Not saying it wold be a an instant "OH LAWDY WE HAVE NO OILS HALP" , but it would be a logistical problem that would need to be considered.

Other than that, seems to be a solid, objective and logical consideration of both the problems and the opportunities such an event would present. Just please don't try to turn it into a political statement like so many others on this site. So many authors have tried that, and put the message over their story. I don;t think you will, and so far you might be able to pull it off, but that's just my experience.

4731809 Alaska continues in a long strain of islands going down the west coast of Canada. They're pretty small and inconsequential, but I was just wondering. Also, knowing that they're separated like that, makes the idea of reclaiming the nation and reconnecting the American people all the more exciting. Also, I'm not too worried about the polar bears. Canada, Scandinavia and Russia can probably keep them from extinction back here.


I have thought of the possibly of Oil shortages.
1. The Strategic Oil Reserve. As of this moment, it has 727 million barrels of stored oil and is the largest stockpile of oil on Earth (and in Equus now too).
2. Rationing. In a similar situation, such rationing would be implemented for a while before being lifted.
3. Equus might have untapped oil. At the moment, most of Equus' transportation relies on either steam or old fashioned manpower. Once the benefits of oil is discovered by the Equusan nations, expect to see them using more of it.

Believe me, I have zero intention to turn this into a political statement.

Ohh, you mean those little islands at the tip and at the left. Yes, all that comes along too.

HA! You can keep 'em, ponies. But seriously, if something like this actually happened: A world power just ups and disappears one day, it'd have some pretty bad complications to say the least.


Exactly, as I said, the U.S. wouldn't grind to a halt, just that securing a stable supply in the absence of foreign oil would be Prettyhigh on the " In alien world, what do" list.

Also, that statement relives me on so many levels that you plan to focus on telling your story. No problem with messages, just never sacrifice a story to do so.

Hoo yah it would.
1. Canada and Mexico's economy takes a huge hit, moreso than Europe I imagine.
2. The Kims jump for joy as plans to invade the south are drawn up.
3. South Korea and Japan just collectively shat their pants.
4. The rest of NATO is going to have to pick up the slack in the Middle East. The British withdraw is shunted back another year, if not more.
5. The now depopulated US is going to be searched by every scientist in the world to figure out just what the Hell happened down there.
6. The UN security counsel just lost a permanent member. Likely to be replaced by either India or Brazil.
7. Probably more, but nothing I can think of at the moment.

Honestly if anything about writing this intimidates me, it would be politics on both sides.

4731846 I think you mean old fashioned Horsepower. :trollestia:

Doubtful if from what I'm told about us importing most of our food is accurate. Shame, too. We've got some potentially really good farmland in this country, yet developers are wasting it on parking lots and over-expensive cookie-cutter houses in developments.

*reads title* Gee I wonder where that came from

If it really gets that bad (which in a real situation, I doubt), the government would start up an urban farming program or something in a similar style to victory gardens,

4731953 Necesity is the mother of invention.
Especially with what me and AK are working out. :pinkiecrazy:

It will be tough but we shall survive. But oh it will not be easy. :pinkiecrazy:

What would happen?
I'd pack up my camping gear, grab a hunting rifle and some ammo and my knife, load up some extra water containers and get as far away from my fellow Humans as possible before the crap hit the fan and all the stupid people went bonkers and started rioting.

You have about two weeks, get hiking.

Haven't even started reading love the concept that much

Hiking? I'mma drive most of the way, first! I already live pretty close to the boonies; Six miles' worth of travel on the right roads and you see more airplanes flying overhead than cars on the road, and those planes are crop-dusters!

4731505 yes but at the same time both world wars not only brought us to the position of superpower but also helped prove that we belonged there just saying

4732013 by the way what about Alaska and Hawaii?

True, but with an Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps more advance than the entire new world together, the US will be getting a say in the new world they were shunted on.

As mentioned below, they come along to, as does Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

hmm... Interesting. Color me intrigued

I've wanted to do something like this with a small town

You mean something along the lines of the 1632 series? Nice.


it'd probibally just be me dumping my hometown in Equestria:rainbowlaugh:

Another thing... Have American sports be played in Equestria. I want to see how they react to the Browns getting their asses kicked a good old game of football. And throw in some baseball and NASCAR :D just my thoughts for the story.

How deep into the crust was this transference? Did anything from Equestria of equivalent mass return to Earth?

Have you given any thought to how utterly catastrophic such a titantic land transplant would be to both worlds?

Our Earth would immediately lose a significant portion of its atmosphere, and the mantle would be directly exposed. The tectonic effects alone would cause enormous worldwide disaster as the plates immediately moved toward this open region of no resistance. The oceans would flood into the immense crater, releasing immense clouds of hot water vapor as the water encountered super-heated rocks/magma.

Basically, it would nearly obliterate life on the planet.

And it wouldn't be a walk in the part for Equestria either. The sudden appearance of so much mass and volume would cause a shock wave to rocket around the planet in the atmosphere as a gust front proceeding at possibly hundreds of miles per hour, and through the planet as seismic waves from the instantaneous increase in pressure upon their ocean's crust.

Ain't science grand? :twistnerd:


4732276 Yes but we will never know. :pinkiecrazy:

But then again something intelligent/powerful enough to pick up not only the continental US but its territories and personnel from wherever they were would be intelligent enough fix such things (if it wanted to/felt like it) and not doom both worlds. :eeyup:

4732094 so are we going to see some military pressuring from the US in this story because that will be very fun to watch

Sports from both sides will be featured, just not right away.

Basically what Sneaky said. If the teleporter, who or whatever it may be, wanted to destroy both worlds, then reality would have ensued right quick.

All I can say at this time is that Uncle Sam's boys and girls won't be twiddling their thumbs the entire time.


The Strategic Oil Reserve is little more than a child's safety blanket. It's designed to make us feel secure while providing no real protection against an oil embargo (or being teleported to another world). 727 million barrels sounds like a lot, but at current consumption levels would last less than 40 days.

However, the US is currently going through a boom in oil production and currently produces around 10 million barrels a day while consuming 18.9 million. Also, the US is sitting on the largest known oil shale deposits in the world, currently estimated at 2.175 TRILLION barrels of recoverable oil. With immediate rationing and fast tracked drilling and fracking projects, the US could conceivably weather the storm without it's entire infrastructure, both industrial and transportation, being crippled irredeemably.

Edit: Of course that depends on how much landmass was transported/duplicated from the Earth to Equus, etc.

4732294 And that leads to what should quickly be the single most important question to every character in the story: WHO/WHAT THE HELL DID IT AND WHY?!

In any case, they're dealing with a god-like entity at least as powerful as DisQord (nudging his powers closer to Q-level)

In which case everypony and everyhuman might as well just shrug and live with it, since they can't do jack shit against something like that. :trollestia:

Why the Hell did the Armed Forces suddenly have spontaneous headaches? Was it just them or was it country wide? I assume the former since you made the effort to mention it was all of the former with like one exception which makes no sense. If it's Chosen One Syndrome where he's just speshal, I'm gonna eat my neighbor's cat.

Also the OC. Ugh. Already disliking this dude. Probably because his introductions starts off like so many terrible romances fics where *insert princess of choice* falls in love with a guard who have grown to love her from guarding her all the time. Eventually they admit their love and start sucking face and/or fucking. Also not helping this is the utterly generic name. Night shade? Really? What next are you going to give Celestia a disguise that she assumes the name of Sunny Day?

And why just America and not North America in general? What kinda of cosmic space wedgie just kindly accepts our political borders as opposed to ripping the entire damn thing up? Especially since fucking Alaska made it, I mean really?! Alaska comes too but Canada doesn't make the list?

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