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A little bit crazy and a sucker for the happy ending, you just might not know what you're going to get. Read at your own sanity's risk.


While doing some spring cleaning, Applejack discovers her parent's journal in the attic, where she learns the fantastic truth about the hidden life of her parents. How they met, How they lived, and Why they died. There's some feels, some daaws, and some action. All in the life of an outlaw

This is the story of Red Apple and Lily Bloom, or as history knows them:

The Sundance Colt and Calamity Mane.

P.S. Based loosely on the idea of Bonnie and Clyde, and I stress loosely. Thought I'd give another take on the missing generation of Apples, and make it fun even though I plan on it being pretty short. My first time trying a romance, so bear with me. By the way, it will be totally PG. And I don't have any editors right now, so there's bound to be a couple of errors. This has a comedy tag, but judging by the source material you may understand that sad feels may or may not enter this story.

Cover art by me! Yay!


Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 32 )

So far so good. A little rushed feeling at the end, though. :unsuresweetie:

Would somepony please tell me why they like to travel in packs? It makes it harder, ya know!

can someone say harry potter reference

I am intrigued, you may continue

Bravo dear sir this excellence of a story is one of the best I will ever read. Most story's here are a large amount of literal shit. How ever this is one of the great and well done storys on this site in my opinion. Kotos for you!!

4920726 Harry Potter reference

Aside from one typo This is a good first chapter. I hope to see more soon.

I like this.
I don't know if it's me, but your writing style actually seems to change when Lily takes over the quill from Red Apple.
I also like the little details that set this in the past (i.e. the mare-in-the-moon seemed to be smiling down at us)
The only mistake you made is that you called Granny Smith Granny Smith instead of Ma Smith on May 18.
You have my upvote.

Well, you've caught my attention, there are a few misspellings here and there, but other then that, it was good~!:pinkiehappy:

Wow. This story reminds me of having fun with Dick and Jane. I hope everything goes well with writing the next chapter.


4945496 You and me both

4945528 Let the hilarity continue!!!!! Have them Lilly and Red do a favor for Magum and Pearl, by switching wives for a week. That would be funny to read.

This is awesome. Great chapter. I can't believe they stole again. I hope though nothing bad happens to them.

this is a great story and hilariously done up.
its even better when read like a movie script.


4959558 I had been really debating whether to mark this comedy or sad because it wouldn't let me do both. :pinkiehappy::applecry:

is it wrong of me to read appljack's father's lines with morgan freeman's voice?
NOPE, i dont think so.

so why wont the site let you make this a tragic comedy?


4993391 Every time I try they say "sad and comedy are conflicting categories." They do the same thing with Adventure and Slice of Life. I know this because I tried to do that on Ponyville, USA.


you figure a FAN FIC site would have more appreciation for the written arts.

I have never felt this way before about a mare. I wish I was a more eloquent writer like Mark Twain so I could write down.

Don't you mean Mare Twain?
But I always thought 'Lily Bloom' was named 'Sweet Apple' hence the name 'Sweet Apple Acres'.
...Although the name 'Lily Bloom' would explain the name 'Apple Bloom'.
Great story!!

~ S. Wisteria

That was a great chapter. I enjoyed reading. I hope the next chapter comes out soon. To be honest I loved how Firefly got drenched in the rainbow falls, and she is the mother of Dash. Classic. I think they should meet the pies soon, or maybe even the Sparkles. That would be funny to read.


5206522 I figured since Mark Twain was already a pen name that was derived from a steamboating term that it might as well stay the same. Or I might have been lazy.

The thumbnail description has a typo

'Applejack discovers her parent's journal in the attic, where she learns the fantastic truth about the life, and death, of the two most imfamous outlaws of recent history'


Excellent chapter, and I can't wait for the next one to arrive!

Mainly because of this:

But anyways, the story is really only beginning... Somepony we all know and love is on the way.:ajsmug:

And I think that we all know who that is, don't we?:raritywink:

hah, cant wait for more mac entries, they should remain childish for some time.

he says that mine are getting that way too (I don't agree, they can't get my nose right)4.bp.blogspot.com/-H6JtbpUrQB0/Ua1MdgkUzZI/AAAAAAAABts/nRqzOv95zWc/s640/disney_memes_flynn_rider.jpg

Yet another great chapter. I can't wait for little AJ to arrive.

Wow. That was crazy. I guess the robbing days may be over, but that may be for the best. Unless AppleJack starts as well. That would be funny. Great chapter. Thanks for the update.

Wow. That was adorable. I'm glad you wrote about the Apple kids getting some friends.

It's so adorable! :rainbowkiss: My daww meter is on overload

I love this story. I've read from beginning to end and its a blast reading. Hoping more chapters will be coming soon.

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