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Realized something about season finale... · 6:30pm Oct 23rd, 2016

The way it ended, it seemed like Chrysalis is on her own in her seeking of revenge. But, here's a thought for everyone: What about the changelings that were replacing everyone? They weren't there for the redemption. They're still out there, ready to serve her. Like those replacing the mane six, those replacing the princesses, and those replacing the crystal empire royal family.

Meaning... Chrysalis is not quite alone in her seeking of revenge.

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It's a decent start. Though, after the first two chapters, just wasn't for me, so I removed it. Still though, wish you the best of luck on future chapters.

That's for adding Stay Tuned to your favorites list. I means a lot to see you enjoy it so much :twilightblush:

You're quite welcome.^^

Thanks for Favoriting Discord's Time Travel Trip! :pinkiehappy:

I'm sure I will. Still got to finish the latest chapter. Though, surprised Rainbow hasn't tried charades to tell about the demoness she saw. But, still, eager for more.^^ Loving what I've read so far.

  • Viewing 103 - 107 of 107
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