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I was looking through my ideas for story ideas, when I realized that I have too many of them to actually write.
So, naturally, I made a group.
In this group, you donate an idea or title for a fic, and someone else in the group will write it. It could end up as a 1000-word oneshot (very likely), or a novel-length epic (not quite as likely). The important thing is: it gets written.

There are now tiers of members!!! Your tier is based on how many pieces of cheese you've thrown. Just remember that you still have to actually write the story you throw cheese at.
Cheese Thrown Title
1 Cheese Thrower
3 Cheese Maker
5 Cheese Aficionado
10 The Big Cheese
15 Dairy Farmer
25+ Aristaeus, God of Cheese

Ranked Members

Cheese Throwers:
Shadowed Rainbow
Dream Seeker
Snowy Flanks

Cheese Makers:

Cheese Aficionados:

The Big Cheeses:

Dairy Farmers:

Aristaeus, God of Cheese:

1. If you start using an idea, make an effort to have it pass moderation.

2. You can take as many ideas and write them as you want, but try to be balanced in the give and take.

3. If you want the person who takes your idea to treat it in a specific way, you can specify that. Ultimately, it's out of your hands.

4. All new ideas are a separate thread.

5. The first person to reply to an idea that uses the phrase "THROW THE CHEESE!" gets to write it, then the idea thread will be locked to further attempts to throw cheese at it.

6. I'm not joking about #5. You must include that in a comment if you want to claim an idea.

7. Once you have thrown the cheese and the story passes moderation, add the fic to the relevant folder in the group.

8. NO CLAIMING YOUR OWN IDEAS. You can NOT throw cheese at any idea you posted. That is not the point of this group.

9. Anything goes. Nothing is sacred. I don't even care if you want to post a Mary Sue idea or Cupcakes ripoffs.

10. Having said that, please show some common sense in posting ideas.

11. Put gorefics (gratuitous blood and entrails, having a little blood doesn't count) in the gore folder and the clopfics (this is pretty obvious) in the clop folder. If it has some gore but it isn't central to the story, don't put it in the gorefics.

12. Please follow the posting format. It just makes it easier and cleaner.
12b. Failure to follow proper format will result in pumpkins instead of cheese. Those who throw pumpkins, however, still get a cheese count; pumpkins just hurt more than cheese.

13. When the story is published, add it to the group.

14. Acknowledge the person who dropped the idea or this group somewhere in the story description. This doesn't mean credit them as a coauthor unless they took on that role. Requests to not give credit should be sent to one of the group admins via PM and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

15. Have fun.

16. More rules may follow. You can probably ignore them.

17. Don't split the party.

18. The DM is evil.

19. This will always be Rule 19.

20. All things are true. Even false things.

21. Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!

22. Stop reading these rules, as they won't get any less farcical.

23. Disregard Rule 22.

24. TVTropes will ruin your life.

25. No smoking around the turret guns; it's bad for your health.

26.19b. For tax reasons this rule is also always rule 19.

27. Star Swirl the Bearded may or may not be The Doctor, the incarnation of true happiness, and/or an apple juice junkie. We can neither confirm nor deny any of these claims.

28. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

29. Rule 20 does, in fact, cover Rule 28. It does not, however, cover this rule.

30. Rule 29 is not entirely accurate.

31. If Twilight Sparkle ate 307 donuts, the world would be a better place.

32. Waffles. That is the rule.

33. Bacon cannot exist unless at least one person in the universe, multiverse, megaverse, and/or ultraverse believes that bacon exists. Therefore, bacon exists.

34. You sick, sick man.

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In Season 5 Episode 7 'Make New Friends but Keep Discord' we see a mail delivery pony named Parcel Post. He ended up delivering a letter to Discord while in Discords realm. Almost immediately after we see him being snatched away by one of the monsters that inhabit the realm and only briefly see him again 2 seasons later in the episode 'Discordant Harmony' still drifting aimlessly through Discord's dimension.

I thought it would be cool to see a story where we see Parcel Posts adventures in this chaotic dimension. Maybe there is more to Discords dimension than meets the eye. If you like the Idea and want to make a story out of it by all means give it a shot.

If you ask what I personally would want to see I'd love to see that the monsters in this chaos dimension are sentient but merely lack any form of society and are therefore more prone to violence and causing trouble (if anyone has seen Danny Phantom think of something similar to the Ghost Zone). Of course this is just a personal preference I'd love to see what anyone else can come up with.

Characters: flutershy, octavia, and/or bon bon (dr. Jeckal and mr. Hyde) transform into derpy, dj pon-3, and screw ball when the hear anything related to their alter ego.

357525 Feel free to throw cheese in the forums.

357525 Working on issues. Give me a sec. (tfw you almost forget about something, then your brain reminds you about it at 4AM and demands you do something about it.)
EDIT: Issues should be fixed.

I, am meepadeeper. I wanna throw cheese

I've been trying to submit the story I worte based on one of the ideas but I do not have permission

316732I'll fix the categories. Actually, if it isn't incredibly gorey (SAM, RF, Cupcakes, Saw and the like) it doesn't qualify for the gorefic folder.

HEEeeeyyy... I have a question... I have a story that's teen but is planned to have some gore in it... Which folder is that to go into? :rainbowhuh:

316615 You can give credit to whomever you want, so long as you add the story to the group :twilightsmile:

Question. Do we credit the person whose idea we use, or do we just add the story to the group?

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Don't forget to introduce yourself!!!

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