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Stories worth Checking out

The Saga of Starswirl the 147th, by Sereg
The Family of Starswirl the Bearded has fallen over the ages, but one Mare is determined to find the magic in all aspects of pony life.
An Earth Pony's Guide to Magic
More than Forty Blinks
Starswirl and Stripes Forever
A Debt to the Stars

The young and the old, Changelings and Ponies, Royalty and Commoners, can there ever be peace between individuals from vastly different backgrounds?
Prodigy by Sable Tails

The moving story of a tree and a rock. I cried. No really.
Taken for Granite by Tajjetone

A good suspense story, and really good Pinkie Pie characterization.
Pinkie and the Spy by Guesswork

...you all know Alex Warlorn is on fimfiction now, right? Right?


Not dead yet... I hope

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It probably is. He doesn't write anymore.

Please convey my... 🤔 ...my understanding disappointment.

It probably is. He doesn't write anymore. (Just plays idea wallball with me from time to time. Matter of fact, Fifty First Episodes is his fault)


Tell him I hope the project he and I discussed years back hasn't been scrapped.

He's just withdrawn from ponyfic. I talk to him frequently.

Someone should go to his dA (in his about tab) and contact him there!
He was signed in to it about four hours before this post was typed!

  • Viewing 302 - 306 of 306
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