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I'm a historian by training, a teacher by trade.


Pinkie's new coltfriend is kind of weird. For starters, he works for Canterlot Intelligence and doesn't officially exist. His cutie-mark has been erased, his real name is classified. Oh yes, and he is an unstoppable, cold-blooded, government assassin. That is not a metaphor.

This story follows the events of Daylight Burning.

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I wouldn't exactly say I'm back, but here's a story I've been sitting on for a few months and decided to finally post. The finale chapter is in final edits right now, and the rest are all done, so I'll be parceling them out over the next few days. There are six chapters total, so what's presented at the moment is the first half of the story. Hope you enjoy! :raritywink:

It's finally up!:yay:

I need to reread to get myself back up to speed. Once I do, I'll massage your ego a bit. :pinkiehappy:

Very orginal, an agent in a Changeling hive.Poor Cricket, she was ready to have his grubs.

OO I wanted to see more of this Agent Pinkie relationship and I am happy to see it in writing. Can't wait for more.

By god...it's beautiful. Write faster!

This is gonna be brilliant.

And the plot thickens. :ajbemused:
No, not that plot, that plot.
You know what I mean! :pinkiehappy:


Even if you're still tentative, glad to see you've decided to at least post what you've been keeping in reserve. And always nice to see ya around.

Also, you might want to mention in the description that this follows the events of Daylight Burning, so nobrony gets confused.

Hot damn, excellent start. I'd quote and comment on the parts I liked best but it'd be like half the chapter.

Serious Pinkie is serious.

The spy game was not prepared for Pinkie Pie.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed your writing Guesswork, this is just great so far.

This is really really good. Like, really good

Why wouldn't they have a supply of cyanide antidote on hand for interrogation?

Also, betting that Maple is a changeling operative attempting to frame the griffons into a war against the ponies.

Very nice characterization.
Looking forward to reading the rest.:pinkiesmile:

Ahh, I was wondering when the opening bit with the changelings would come into play.

This is interesting. I'm not sure if I like it, but I can't stop reading so there's no real difference.:unsuresweetie:
It's good either way, real good. You have all of my interest.
Edit: read chapter three:ajsleepy: yeah, I don't like this story-I Love it:rainbowkiss:

that was an bad use of the party cannon :pinkiecrazy:
awesome story:)

1328638 because by the time you know you need it, it's too late. And don't even suggest administering the antidote when you aren't sure the poison has been administered:pinkiesick:, the cure is nearly as bad as the condition.


Cyanide treatments seem to be relatively harmless - glucose, oxygen, sodium thiosulfate, vitamin B12(a).

Party Cannon FTW

1336104 ok, I guess that one doesn't look so bad. Still, industrial liquid waste... eww:pinkiesick:



In other news, Pinkie Pie is hilarious and these two are ungodly cute together. "You are so yourself" is an instant classic.

"Not every day, you don't," said the Agent, "and it's the 'every day' that'll get to you. You come into the job with this fantasy about fighting evil, about saving the world. You might even fool yourself into believing that you're making a difference. But eventually, you realize that the evil never ends. The fight never ends. All that changes is that you get a little older each day and a little more tired, until one day, you're just too tired to fight anymore..."

Spectacles, I've heard this speech a million times and a million ways, and it's still old.
You're thinking it wrong.
There's always going to be evil in the world. No one person can change that. (And yes, ponies count as people. Even the Princesses.)
But your job isn't to eliminate evil. Thinking like that makes you into the Punisher or Atrocitus when you ought to be Batman or Spider-Man.
Your job is to protect.
Think about the people you've stopped. Think about what they might have done if you hadn't been there- who they might have hurt or killed. Now think about those people, and the fact that threatened or not, they're out in the world, walking and talking and laughing again, because of you. Picture a face, just one face- a child who could have lost his or her parent but didn't, because that death was prevented by your actions. Look at that face. Look into that child's eyes.
And shut up about not making a difference.


Truer words have rarely been spoken.

Seriously, guys, she hit that pony with a train. What.

Wait, what? You're telling me the changelings have a warrior caste that they didn't use when mounting a full-scale invasion of an enemy capital? Really?

I mean, I can buy that they have a caste that's better suited for this situation than for open combat, but I can't see them being considered the warriors. "Infiltrator" would fit such a group much better, in my opinion- they'd be intended for surprise attacks at an enemy's weak point, rather than a soldier's style of fighting.

1339416 The warriors were created as a response to the failure of the Wedding Invasion. :raritywink:

Ooh. Nice. I kind of guess I should have seen that coming, though...

"Each of us elite CI ponies has a storage-gem implanted in our frontal cortex. They record our coded memories, as pertaining to each job we do. That way, there's a hard-copy record of our last few movements, just in case."

Canterlot Intelligence is scary.

Wow, that ending. That's really sad.

Damn CI is scary. Also that ending is just tragic.:fluttercry:


All the cool spy agencies have neural implants...

On that note, shouldn't the gem be chilling out in the hippocampus?

Poor him, losing his love and his unborn children too. :applecry:

1347645 But does it justify what he's done?

Well I guess this chapter partly answers the question of how far Pinkies and Agents relationship has gone...

very well done classic he faked his death but pulled off perfectly :twilightsmile:


YAY! :yay:


Lol you somehow made this relationship even more fun than previously thought to be. Considering that Pinkie is the one that had to get the first kiss initiated I wonder if she initiated everything else too...

Nopony ever wins at 'the Great Game'.
I'm curious how much of CI's activities Celestia knows about, and how much CI thinks she knows...:unsuresweetie:
It will pass, but I'm not entirely sure I want Matchstick to lose.:fluttershysad:
The moment he starts the whole 'you cost me my happiness so I'm doing the same to you' that sympathy goes away.

1358274 Celestia is, if nothing else, a realist. This is the pony who banished her sister to the moon for a thousand years. I think when it comes to protecting her ponies, Celestia will stand for just about anything, although clearly she is not above a coverup...

Have you ever watch a series called 'The Scarecrow and Mrs.King'?
Something about the vibe between Pinkie and the Agent reminds me of it, but it's been longer than I'm willing to admit since I watched it.:unsuresweetie:

1360950 I've never heard of it, but I watched a few clips and yeah, there's that same vibe. LOL! Never even knew it!

1364411 The world is wondrous strange - and TV stranger still.:pinkiehappy:


I know that show quite well as it was a favorite for my Mom. Theme song was catchy too.

"Pinkie, this isn't some game," said Dash, standing up and dusting herself off. "One of these days, the Elements are going to have to fight something that can take our magic away, or scramble it. That's what Twilight said, anyway. My pegasus magic, Twilight's unicorn magic, your... your... whatever it is that you have..."
"Attention Deficit Disorder?"

ADD ponies for the win!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Now, if you don't mind, there is something shiny outside my window that demands my attention.:derpyderp1:

I'm a fan of breaking the rules of reality and all, but she just broke my record of the biggest thing i hit somepony with. I probably should have used a bigger sledge hammer...:pinkiecrazy::moustache:

You WILL update in a quick and succinct fashion, because this story is awesome.

1711770This story is awesome.

No pressure, Guesswork, I know how life can catch up with you when you least expect it, but we haven't forgotten you.
(aaaannd if you did feel like posting an update, it wouldn't be unwelcome.:rainbowkiss:)

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