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Hi everypony!

I'm posting the edited chapters 2 and 3 back up again, just so that Part 1 of the story is completely published.  Chapter 4 is about halfway done, and should be ready for editing by the end of the week, as long as holiday crap doesn't get in the way.

For those of you who already read Chapters 2 and 3 way-back-when, I'm afraid to say that not much has changed.  Chapter 2's intro scene with Cold Type and Evening Edition has been completely rewritten, but everything after that, all the way to the end of Paradigm's speech, has been edited only for grammar and continuity with the newish first chapter.  Don't fret though, as I've said, Chapter 4 is almost ready to go.  Everypony who is enjoying TCE can rejoice in the fact that the story has picked back up its original momentum, and is on the path to being finished.  Thanks for being patient with me!  I'm definitely back on the horse these days, so to speak.

Have a great day!

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>>1842764  I took your advice and changed it back.  ;)

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I will always hold out hope that you will finish "Pinkie and the Spy" but I also realize it is unlikely.  Just a reminder that it was very good while it lasted.

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I'm not too sure why you modified the cover art on Daily Burning to include text. I mean, the accolades are nice, but the text makes the picture look ugly and it's a turn off.

Anywho, it's great to see you're online again. Hopefully this means more pony in the future!

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Sweetie Belle explains everythin bru.

Silver out!

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