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I'm a historian by training, a teacher by trade.

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Canterlot Embassy Up to Date (No Chapter 4 Yet!) · 12:52am Dec 18th, 2012

Hi everypony!

I'm posting the edited chapters 2 and 3 back up again, just so that Part 1 of the story is completely published. Chapter 4 is about halfway done, and should be ready for editing by the end of the week, as long as holiday crap doesn't get in the way.

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1842764 I took your advice and changed it back. ;)

I will always hold out hope that you will finish "Pinkie and the Spy" but I also realize it is unlikely. Just a reminder that it was very good while it lasted.

I'm not too sure why you modified the cover art on Daily Burning to include text. I mean, the accolades are nice, but the text makes the picture look ugly and it's a turn off.

Anywho, it's great to see you're online again. Hopefully this means more pony in the future!


Sweetie Belle explains everythin bru.

Silver out!

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