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A Brony of non-US origin (pause for gasps of horror),thus I spell things slightly differently. Well, not 'things', specifically, but words like surprise, colour and centre. You weird people.


Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need a lot of help... An everypony story.

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Biiiiiiiiiiiig fan of this story, good to see it on FiMfiction!

you got this on fim fic. Now I can say what an amazing ride your story has been. And I can now rate and comment. And sir you have your self five stars.:pinkiegasp: Anywho great job, love your story.

I lost track of this story on FF.net. Probably one of the best ones I've read. Now I get to start fresh! :pinkiehappy:


Get ready for the flood my friend. :pinkiehappy:

YAYYY LOVE THIS STORY :pinkiehappy: Glad it's here :twilightsmile: TIME TO RE-READ!!!

I've read this so many times already on ff.net. One of the best stories by far. I'm so glad to see it here. I will read it again!

I read the entire thing over at Fanfiction.net, amazing story! You are an incredibly talented author :twilightsmile:

This may be my favourite story about Spike. May also be my favourite time-skip story. Thank you so much for bringing this here! :yay:

Finally! It's on fimfiction! Triple yay! :yay:

Huge fan! Cannot wait to see more of your work in the future!

Holy hell! The newspaper article in the previous chapter... So... Awesome...

Hey, glad to see this uploaded here - it's one of my favorites. :eeyup:

Just finished the first part! It has me hooked. :)

What took you so long to post this here, anyway? :trollestia: *Five Star, Fav, Track, Watch*

In cannon, spike would not grow with time, as dragons grow by collecting things, (as observed in 'secret to my exess) also He wouldnt have wings because he's an earth dragon.:twilightoops:


The great thing about fanfiction is that you can throw cannon out the window if you so choose. IF and only if, its in the cause for a better story.
And this I can tell, IS A GOOD BUCKIN' STORY.:eeyup:


Haaa! :eeyup: I get the reference to Dr. Livingstone. Clever clever clever.


Thanks! All that formatting for the articles in Chapters 6 and 16 sure took forever, but I think it was worth it!


Yup, and I do address that in Chapter 14 (I started this fic loooong before Secret of My Excess was aired). Hooray for fanon! Hope you enjoy!


Laziness, probably! (Also I've never used bbcode before, and formatting the newspaper articles ended up being a bit of a hassle, let alone all the italics I insist on using, SIGH.) Thanks for commenting!

Ah, brilliant! I loved this story, and now you've graced fimfiction with its presence.

Lovely :pinkiesmile:

Mother of Celestia, you put this here...

yay! such a wonderful story thanks :twilightsmile:

I would say, more that throw the canon in a cannon, :pinkiehappy:
bend it to your will ^^

Determamfidd: Just want to say that you've been a big inspiration to me. I hope that I can do pillar community authors like you justice in my own writing. Anyone can put words in a character's mouth, but your dialogue resounds with the wisdom of a sharp-eyed humanist, and a person worth learning from. It's this promise of deeper truths that sucks a reader into a novel faster than any action or fancy description. The emotions in this story are real and authentic. The humor is clever. The advice that the mentor characters give is good advice, not just obvious advice. Spike makes a charming and admirable hero. This story is entertaining, unpredictable, and thought provoking. But most importantly, it is true. :raritywink:

Yay! One of my favourite stories is now on FiMfiction!


Yes! Read this via the fanfiction archives, but much easier to keep tagged here. :pinkiehappy:

I squealed when I first saw this here. :heart:

Finally on FIMfiction??? Is it possible to give 6 stars if I tried hacking the system??

I'm glad you put this up on fimfiction, it's one of my favorite MLP stories. :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic! Now I can 5 star it!

This is an exemplary work of fanfiction, any aspiring fanfic writer should stop here and read this a couple times.

Good to see this one on fimfiction. However, in regards to the character tags, shouldn't you include OC? There are quite a few of those in the story, and some of them are quite central to it.

finally on FIMFiction !


Oh my...!
Thank you so much, that is one of the loveliest things anyone has ever said about my writing. I am so flattered and bashful, and so immensely happy that you enjoyed it and that it touched you. Seriously, thank you! I am blushing like a furnace here!

:twilightblush: Hee, I finally got off my flank and formatted it for FIMFiction! I did promise, after all! Thanks for all the comments, and I'm so happy to see so many familiar names! OHAI U GUISE

Good point! It was selected initially, but I was asked by the Site Gods to select fewer characters (I think the only one who doesn't turn up at some point is Twist) so I unselected it. I'll see if I can't fix that.

Read this as it was posted on EqD, probably one of my favorite series of all time. :heart:

Yay ! I loved this fic' !

Its here, its here, ITS HERE!!!!!!!
:yay: :yay: :yay:
This is the best Spike centric story on the internet, in my opinion. The only problem I have with the story is that it ended, but all things must eventually.

Long awaited, this has been. Happy to have caught it.
Amazing story, even moreso now that I can read it once more.
You are an artist the likes of which has not been seen for too long.:twilightsmile:
I still think the saddest part is that it ended. I'll be Watching you.:scootangel:

I'll add my voice to those who love this fic. I think I'm most impressed with how you handled the issues of greed and possessiveness to turn them into positive traits. That was really refreshing to read.

I adored this fic, and I'm more excited than I have any right to be to see it here.

daw is it a luna x spike shipping now? ^^

HUGE fan of this fic, Thanks for uploading to Fimfic!

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