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Contains stories featured at the Pony Fiction Vault. Note that more stories are available at the Vault; this group is obviously only those that are hosted on FIMFiction.

All stories are available as PDF, ePub, MOBI, and HTML at the Vault's Downloads page.

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I'd like to note that Past Sins and The Conversion Bureau aren't on the list of stories, so far as I can tell.

I joined your group :pinkiecrazy:

Does nopony think maybe the changeling race are a proud race but are scared of criticism, support the changeling race now on changeling support dot com.

tell me a story to write that doesn't have romance or horror

New group cheak them out

give me an idea what to read next as long as it's not dark or romance I'll review it soon enough so no:pinkiecrazy: or any of that :heart: stories.

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