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Twilight is invited to Canterlot to compete with some of the greatest magicians in the world for the Moonstone Cup, a prestigious award for the most powerful and skillful magicians, unicorn and otherwise. Can she win? What sort of competition will she face?

Awesome cover image was taken from NoOneBahtim

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Looking forward to more! :D

Tracking this ish so hard that this stories children will explode and then explode again and then get cancer from the explosion!


I wonder what Pinkie was knitting.

I wonder if this will end up turning out to be like Fluttershy's quiet game that was on here awhile ago.

45546 she was knitting a rainbow colored cupcake

She's not making anything specific, she's just kind of knitting in general.


Actually, she's knitting a Klein bottle

Ah, so there will be a real reason for Twilight to be worried during the contest and not just irrational fear of failure. Good.

ohhhhhhhh this is fun! can't wait for more to read :twilightsmile:

Excelent start to compition itself. Looking forward to whatever comes next. :twilightsmile:


Trixie summoning another Trixie, who was from a Twixie universe was unexpected.

I wonder why Najstariot was so shocked at Twilight's easy dispelling...

Well, as far as Trixie is concerned, what could be more impressive than a second Trixie? It just so happened that she summoned The Great and Powerful Twixie by mistake.

And as for the dragon queen's shock at Twilight's performance, we'll find out in the next chapter.

The only thing that could not happen is Trixie being a good magitian. Trixie's talent is small tricks and decievery magic, not sorceress magic like Twilight's. Still, I cannot wait for more!:twilightsmile:

nice Twi pwns white people

So, Twilight is unnusually good at breaking spells. Interesting. And Najstariot does not seem happy about it.

Well, I plan to get into it in the story later on, but specifically because not only is magic specifically her talent, but she's the Element of Magic. She has the potential to make all magic basically bend to her will. Making magic... y'know, stop is just one aspect of that.


She was unhappy before the match, so how she won is not all of it.

51570 Makes sense!

I've been reading along with this fic and I'm rather intrigued. I like many of the original characters so far and how things are proceeding. The contests have been pretty interesting too, showing a lot of variety and thoughtfulness.

I like how Twilight has mostly been using magic that was shown through the series but I get the feeling that she'll be pulling out new spells before long. I'm just hoping that it's not too outrageous and that she doesn't become mega powerful too quickly. Having her struggle is far more interesting than having her blow through the competition.

Looking forward to seeing more and how Twilight and the rest get by!

Whoopsie. That's a pretty damn serious clash of culture there.

i say... i sense a bit oh history coming

i can't wait to read the next chapter :twilightsmile:

damn dead ponies of zombie hell

Finally Zombie ponies!
Really liking this story! moar pls!

♪ What do you say to the dead? Will you forgive me for living? ♪

Just wanted to quickly point out that you gave Twilight wings when she was stretching on her side by the fireplace. :twilightsheepish:

OH! Or are they the magic wings she made? Got confused there...

They are! I think I might have been unclear about her wings being persistent. I'm actually about to do a big round of edits in a few days/a week so I'll probably improve that.

Just stumbled across this story and wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. You have managed to write one of the best Twilight's that I have the pleasure of seeing; keeping her in character while also showing off just BAMF she can be. Quite a few stories seem to utterly forget just how capable she can be, both in raw power but also from the sheer amount of knowledge tucked away in that skull of hers.

...And I'll admit it's nice to see a story with Twilight making use of said knowledge as well instead of using the blunt hammer approach. I also find Twilight's complete ignorance when it comes to how OP she's capable of being in comparison to some of the other contestants amusing.

The cultural elements that you've added with the different races and the fact that the various things that the mane six have done have spread across Equestria, if mostly rumors also help to really make this story a treat. Along with the well written OCs. Thanks for all of the hard work!:pinkiehappy:

So! Just in case there's anyone out there who still cares, I have not given up on this/quit writing/joined a monastery/died. The editing turned out to be interminable and most of my free time of late has gone to Very Serious Things Indeed and not to ponying pony. I'm planning to have the edited chapters up this week and chapter 7 sometime next week.

The edits are a nice improvement on a great story. :twilightsmile:

Interesting. A bit short, but interesting expansion of the War between Celestia and Nightmare Moon.

And here I tought the writer had died :scootangel: . Finally an upload, one of the best stories in this site.

Woooh update!
logical back story, i like it.
keep it up!

Nice to see this continued!

We got a little back story, eh? Not too bad and we got to see why Twilight's under the spotlight as it is.

Looking forward to see how things progress from here!

You expanded the Twixie summoning encounter. Nicely done. Certainly added a bit more laughs (and awkwardness for Twilight) to the story.:twilightsmile:

A question though: Can I have a translation of what Twilight's plant elemental had said?

“Nam-tar ud huc kalam-ma ri-a,” said the plant elemental, evenly.


"Fate is a raging storm blowing over the Land."

Hmm. Either Trixie is much tougher than I thought, or Twilight needs to get her act together. She nearly lost that one, and had no strategy going in.

Come to think of it, Twi hasn't been doing any real planning at all- just reacting and duplicating tricks she's seen. Big mistake.
Twilight is a great researcher and can learn new spells at the drop of a hat. (Heck, just seeing one used seems to be enough)

She needs to find out who she is facing, and what their strengths are. Then learn a trick or two specifically to combat them, and come up with a strategy before going in to the battle.

Her skill is magic- she can learn any spell. She should use that.

I suspect she's going to need to step it up a notch, since she's not playing in the sandpit anymore... :twilightoops:

I have to say... seeing Twilight wipe the floor with Trixie was strangely satisfying :twilightsheepish:

Great chapter, can't wait to see what happens next :twilightsmile:


Well, Trixie has been training. She was strong enough to make it to the last match of her bracket, after all.

That being said, you think Twilight's been acting... perhaps a bit erratic? Bit out of character, maybe uncharacteristically inattentive, especially as the tournament wears on? Hmm, interesting.

Twilight Sparkle, for all her skill, is not a pony suited for combat, having lived a very sheltered life and rarely exploring beyond her current interests or topic of study.

In the last two fights this has come against her with Trixie only losing due to her anger and possibly developing hatred for Twilight making her push herself too far in an effort to HURT Twilight, and the cultural mis-understanding leading Twilight to learn just how "Special" (Can be read: Dangerous) other people from all over feel and think she is, something she didn't want to think about or admit to herself.

This part dosen't having anything to do with the fic unless the author wants it to but the latest episode starring the children of the Cakes (if they can be taken as examples of normal pony development), may explain why Twilight in Lesson Zero was so scared of Magic Kindergarden. She was scared because when she went she was "underdeveloped" magically and had trouble with or couldn't use her magic for things the other kindergardeners (who probably teased her mercilessly) could already easily do.

Which also may explain why she seems willfully ignorant about how powerful she is sometimes, simply put, she doesn't want to be different.


As far as trying to hurt Twilight, Trixie (being an experienced showmare) is quite good at controlling her power and keeping her head in front of an audience. She wasn't about to blow her chance to move on to the next round by flat-out injuring Twilight and violating the rules.

Other than that, your post is basically all true. Twilight's been getting hammered since even before the tournament started with expectations and other ponies' ideas of her. In "Boast Busters", she was uncomfortable enough at the thought of being seen as "bragging" like Trixie that she hid her power completely until she had no choice. She read up on the competition in the library but really didn't have much idea how to go about the actual mechanics of competition.

Additionally, consider that Princess Celestia is her teacher. The Princess knows how powerful Twilight really is, and we know that at least part of her instruction was to help Twilight get her power under control. How and what did she help Twilight control?

And, beyond all that... Yes, Twilight's having some... problems.

I expected this outcome but I'm not sure how else you could have handled it. Not unless you wanted to veer the plot in a VERY different direction.

I do wonder if this is the last we've seen of Trixie. She put in a good showing, I'll give her that.

Anyway, I get to look forward to how Najstariot handles this latest development. She definitely wasn't...pleased...with how things turned out.

Interesting fight scene. It almost looked like Twilight was about to lose there for a second. Although i was hoping Trixie would have used some serious illusion spells, and i love illusion spells. Anyway, awesome chapter, i can see Najstariot isn't so happy and i'm eager to see where this goes.

Awesome battle :pinkiehappy: Twilight's struggling more and more with her opponents, I can't wait to see what she'll have to face in the coming battles. I wonder how Trixie is gonna cope with her loss. She was so close to winning, too.

When can we expect the next chapter to be released?


Probably early next week. I'm trying to take more time with each chapter instead of hammering them out in a day and then having to go back and edit everything a million times.

>(if they can be taken as examples of normal pony development),
Probably not.

Every other unicorn seen doesn't develop magic until school/cutie mark age.
Sweetie Bell has none, Snips none, Snails almost none... (He struggled just to make light)

Twilight, on the other had, did have magic before starting school, and that was apparently enough to get her on the track to Celestia's school...

I think the babies have to be written off as "rule of funny"


Or as baby unicorns having magic surges (as the show stated). Presumably they lose the ability as they get older and have to learn how to use it again.

She thinks using a Drain Spell on a dragon is a good idea after the side effects from using it on a gryphon?

I sense mayhem incoming should she fail to expend enough of it. :pinkiecrazy:

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