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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that ending. :rainbowlaugh:

and Trixie was making out with Chrysalis.

This... it's gold. I like it... but, this is my over all thoughts.

This will be featured. It's too stupidly funny NOT to be featured!

Edit: Someone better pick up that phone, because I fucking called it!

This is funny/weird.
I like it!:twilightsmile:

Hang on a sec, I need to find somewhere to laugh without waking anyone

The ending pretty much made it.

Hilariously awesome work. :moustache:

I detect the feature box coming as well...

Alright, that was genuinely funny :rainbowlaugh: Sometimes short and sweet is the best way to have a laugh.

This is a very short piece but I had to take brakes because I was laughing so hard. :rainbowlaugh:
This is so far the best I've read.
And OMG, that twist ending! :raritystarry:


Amazing! One of the funniest I've read in a long time! :rainbowlaugh:


Sellout! :c

Oh god yes. Short, sweet, and hilarious. :trixieshiftright::rainbowwild::twilightblush:

I call for a sequel, this was pretty funny (that is if it feels right, no point forcing it).

This is so funny:rainbowlaugh:

What other models are in that desk? Could there be a purple pony, by any chance? And a tall white one?

No, sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again, sir! :rainbowlaugh:

These might now be the best 1000 words in pony fiction.

That is why I play video games and watch a lot of violent movies. So no one will walk in on that sort of thing.


that ending its geniopsu. im glad this was fetured.

Me: Head-cannon acquired.
Logical Brony: What? But this comedy is highly unlikel-

1476046 Awesome slither reference!

"Twilight, you've gotten really weird since Trixie dumped you."


Oh my god:derpyderp1:

Someone has been eating my premonition pizza, haven't they?

Trixie needs to get back together with Twilight.

She has issues. Do another chapter, I want to see the intervention.

That Ending Was just One word to me and its VIRGIN! :pinkiegasp:

lol no wonder

only in this fandom would a girl playing with dolls be abnormal

But... what did I just... How did... :derpyderp1:

1476573 I kept waiting for that line to come up in the fic...

I liked the concept of Twilight using her figurines as an outlet. Huge humorous potential as well as potential for really nice deconstruction and introspection.
Last line kind of ruined it for me. It cheapened the concept by making it a coping mechanism instead of a character quirk.

Welcome to the feature box. <3


It was definitely the first thing that crossed my mind while reading this!

this was really fun :scootangel:

Am I the only one who thinks the author should write more chapters depicting Twilight playing which each of her friends (and enemies too)?:ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:

Is it bad that I can legitimately believe that Twilight would do such a thing?

:rainbowlaugh: This is fantastic! So goofy it's realistic!

That was very entertaining. Well done.

And it was rocketed straight to the featured box!

Anyways, funny fic! :heart:


The ending was what made this for me. Completely. I died. :rainbowlaugh: A very short and simple comedy fanfiction. I liked it.

+1 joke fic in the feature box. :trixieshiftleft:

What a :twistnerd:!

That was fun, good job on making it entertaining and keeping it entertaining through the whole piece. Some comedies drop off at the ends, are slow to start, or dip in the middle, but this was was nice and steady. :moustache:

It was a beautiful day in Equestria. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Trixie was making out with Chrysalis.



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