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This story is a sequel to Monsters

You might think that Equestrian nights are but serene exhibitions of Luna's work on the sky. You may believe that you can just lay out on the grass and admire the beautiful stars as a warm evening breeze caresses your mane. And you would be wrong.

Equestria is a magical place, and where there is magic, there is chaos. Dead rising from their graves, inanimate objects coming to life, strange apparitions making your foal cry in her room... sounds familiar? No? Then I'm doing my job right.

I'm Twilight Sparkle, and I work the Night Shift.

This follows canon up to the end of season 2.
Check out the Fanart Repository for lots of awesome Night Shift art!

Featured on Equestria Daily.
Winner of Stories Back from the Read 2013.
One hundred percent approved by Twilight's Library!
Special thanks to Nonagon and Wise Cracker.

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You weren't kidding with that "Dark" tag, were you?

I never quite got into that Mickey Spillmane stuff, but this is written well enough to rate an upward thumb.

Well, this looks very promising. I'm not going to favorite this just yet, but only because I almost never do on first chapters. Keep this up.:twilightsmile:

Interesting, but I think it's a little strange that it was never made clear why Twilight is so out of character. How long has she been doing this? Long enough to completly change her habits?

Having said that, however, it's a good story. I'm following.

Now I can't wait for more!
You've got a like from me.
I may 'fav' it later.

Hmmmmm....... Really had to be Vinyl huh? :ajbemused:
I 'm not much for grimdark, but Twilight seems in character enough for this to work. I would tread lightly if you plan to make Rarity a vampire though. :applejackunsure:

Poor Vinyl. The bad blood was changeling blood wasn't it?

Interesting story. I'll keep an eye on this.
First thing that caught my eye was the Soul Reaver font. :raritystarry:

1490690 I'm not specifically basing this on anything, but the "secret organisation keeps monsters in check" thing has been done a million times before. So yeah, this isn't exactly original. There are many like it. But this one is mine. Also this chapter is an obvious and unabashed parody of another fic. You know the one.

Maybe you should do a crossover thing. Like put an SCP in it (preferably 682), then have the SCP become the main villain, and make the Night Shift have to reveal themselves. Oh, and search SCP Foundation if you haven't hear of SCPs.

:pinkiehappy:WOW , im just on the first part but this is AMAZING.:pinkiehappy:

wow poor Twilight, and poor Rarity putting up with weeks of that.

hmmm go on....question though is Scratch dead or not?

This is phenomenally interesting. Definitely going to be watching this closely.

2167360 Decapitation is step 1. To kill a vampire fully and utterly you need to go through steps 2 through 10.

That part where Twilight attempts to lie to Rarity about her knife and crossbow, that right there.
That was good. Don't ask why I'm focusing on that part of all things, I just think it was amazing for some reason.

Predicting, predicting:

Variable 1 - Twilight gets Code Blanked. Unless Rarity becomes an operative or Twilight recovers, fic would die.

Variable 2 - Rarity gets Code Blanked. Twilight gets more upset about lying, or Rarity eventually wants to become an operative or noncombat support if not.

Variable 2a - Rarity becomes a Night Shift agent. Wheeeeeeee!

Variable 3 - The rest of the Mane 6 get sucked in somehow. Twilight might get more upset about lying otherwise, or Rarity being in counterbalances it.

Variable 3a - The rest of the Mane 6 join the Night Shift. Twilight worries about their health, they act badass, something epic happens, etc.

lol ok, I await your further explanation if she returns

must know.....make next chapter

Nice. Looking forward to the next.

At the time when I was writing the first chapter, a fic called "My Roommate is a Vampire" kept rising up to the Featured section with every update. You guessed it: it was about Vinyl Scratch being a vampire. I've never actually read it myself, but after being exposed to its massive popularity for so long, I felt it to be fitting. I wanted to have the first chapter be about Twilight hunting a vampire, and it just clicked.

2202137 you done goofed?

Well, this certainly is turning out to be an entertaining story. Skeletons in Twi's closet, vampires, this can only go well :twilightsmile:.

Hmm, unexpected midnight rain? But the weather is pony-controlled. Is something else at work here?

3061618 Could be delayed rain for maybe rain came in from the Everfree! :pinkiecrazy:
I don't got a clue but those are my guesses.

3061546 It is indeed "happening" I am happy to see you back in action, I did like your new guy aswell This well a VERY interesting story I do think. :twilightsmile:

Gentle breeze guide your path, through light and dark of the time, to the home of which you desire, to a warm smile welcoming you. :twilightsmile:


Sorry, not my kind of story but after reading the description...I just had to. Congrats on the feature.

3061618 3061959 3061838 You guys coming back after all this time means a lot to me, you know. Here's a hoping that I live up to your expectations now; I'd hate to disappoint after you've all been this patient.
Something wicked this way comes.

It's actually this guy.

Ok. You got my interest.

~Skeeter The Lurker

now here is a story that hasn't updated in awhile.....good to see it again

1)The premise is damn stupid.

a)The ponies of Equestria live daily with the knowledge of monsters as horrible as any ghost, vampire or demon living right next door. The idea of anyone skulking around in secret to deal with them is ridiculous.

b)It's stupid as a plot concept anyway, even in real-world-setting urban fantasy. If anything has been established by umpty thousand years of human civilization it's that the populace is not that dumb in the first place and keeping the populace ignorant and therefore unarmed only increases the danger.

2)Twilight casually torturing a sapient being because she accidentally gave someone a disease? Letting her prey on unsuspecting clubgoers because "they're just filthy diseased degenerates anyway?" Unfortunate implications ahoy!

3)Celestia letting Luna run around with a midnight gestapo, erasing ponies' brains who 'know too much.' Yeah, as if. I wouldn't trust my most loyal servant with that much power over my populace, much less someone who went Nightmare Moon not all that long ago! Forgiveness may be divine, but trust is a hard won currency that devalues quickly.

Sorry about the harshness of my previous post. I really have a hate-on for "Men In Black" stories.

unwillingly animate the mannequins
Unless I'm mistaken, I think this should be "unwittingly". To me, "unwillingly" implies that the person is aware of something but it happens against their will, while "unwittingly" or "unknowingly" implies that it is happening without their knowledge or realization.

Your little blip had my curiosity. This first chapter got my attention.

That interrogation scene? Top notch. The suspense was great!

I really like where you are going with this. I am off to read more! :moustache:

Well I just caught up on all the chapters!

Color me intrigued, I want to see more! :yay:

3062986 Thank you for being honest. Thing is, there isn't much I can say here, mostly because you're right and I agree with you. This started out as a silly oneshot (the first chapter) which I wrote for my own entertainment, before some people liked it and I put a disproportional amount of effort into it. I've considered the exact points you make, and the most I could do is lampshade them. If you're not prepared to turn your brain off to enjoy the ride, I can't blame you.

3063462 That makes sense, thank you. Correcting.

3064116 That's exactly the feeling I was going for. As per what I told 3062986, it's not original, it's really cliché, and follows certain tropes blindly... but it's mine.

i love where this is going cant wait for more

Gonna give this a read. Sounds interesting. I love monster hunting stories and action-adventure monster stories! Wish there was more of stuff like this than clop, shipping, and really depressing grimdark and sad stuff.

Heh. She's definitely got the Slayer's life down pat already. Too many nights, never enough sleep.

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