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During the Discordian Era, Chaos ran free, allowing many monsters to establish solid footholds. Footholds that were lost when Celestia and Luna cast down Discord and took his place as the rulers of Equestria. Now, many thousands of years later, the Elements of Harmony, the very same tools that struck down Discord, belong to six individual ponies. Six vulnerable ponies. An ancient draconic vampire begins his campaign of revenge, uncaring of who is caught up within it. His first target? The Element of Magic, student of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle.

Art by Archonix Source is in the link, and he does do commissions.

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Note: Space was unhappy with the previous, honorable comment, so you get this post as my mark of conquest on this unblemished comments section. First this chapter, then the whole story!

Ah, a new story for me to enjoy. Muy buenno, my good sir! :pinkiehappy:

I'd say this chapter is up to your normal par as far as quality goes, except for a few mistakes (I marked them in the doc). Hope it eventually gets featured!


Thanks. Made the changes before submitting. Can't believe I STILL missed some small things like that.

this. is awesome.
epic idea. fave'd for later.

Well worth the wait, can't wait for more. The image for this story is rather neat too, got me all excited to see what comes next. Very well done here sir, well done indeed. :moustache: is approved.

Damnit. My net crapped out on me. I missed the release.

Oh well. It's here and YES.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is pretty cool! I'll be watching...and waiting...FOR AN UPDATE! :rainbowkiss:

I must admit, Vampire Twilight Sparkle is my favorite. :twilightsmile:

Huzzah! A new TwiLuna and a vampony fic at that too, I think I'll enjoy this.

2889607Stand down Nightmare Moon.
This story looks like it will be interesting to read. I want to know what happened to Twilight after the blob hit her and who/what Luna and Celestia were talking about, but that is probably spoilers at this point so I will sit...and...wait....Dammit I'm want MOAR:flutterrage:!!! sorry

so will this be a weekly style story like BOWTN was? or will this be a side project type thing?


Never change Nines, never.

Glad to know Bob. xD

Thank you much!

I'll take that as a good thing. : )

I've got to start on the first round of edits on Chapter 2. Dunno the ETA yet, but there's more written for this already.

Creepy Sombra is creepy.


Workin on it

Same here, so long as no one makes jokes about Sparkling... Yeesh.

I hope you do enjoy it!

Things that aren't mentioned will be in later chapters. Chapter 3 in this case.

This is more of my central focus while I take the time to think up where I want to take the sequel to BOWTN. Really, only thing that's kinda weekly from me is [Fe]Male, and that's only because I can write a chapter in nearly a single sitting.

The second sentence of the description, `Ones that were lost...' would read 8etter if it started with `Footholds that were lost...'

you had me at twiluna, faveing nad putting it off until it has more chapters


I'll admit descriptions written at 4:30am during a night shift leaves much to be yearned for. Thanks for the feedback on it.

2nd one is in the editing stage, same thing with 3rd. Please note that although I fucking love TwiLuna, Adventure is the focus here more than anything. Still, glad to have your views and Favorite, hopefully you'll enjoy it!

this story... all my yes.


More plz.

So... Yeah.

The only acceptable vampire with Sparkles.

Looks interesting, I will be keeping an eye on this.

Interesting... This should be interesting.

And interesting opening, and I love how Twi and Luna interact.

you... i really should watch you. cause anyone that makes twiluna is good... hell, anyone that makes luna anything is good. and you appear to do so quite often.

I really love and appreciate the fact you skipped over the " oh shit we have to find Twilight" part. :pinkiehappy:

so I just realized something
those wings are almost exactly what I imagined Twilight's wings looking like in my most current vampire story...
I find that kinda funny

While I absolutely hate evil twilight, I'm genuinely hoping that it won't be so for long because I am already really enjoying this story and I would hate to not want to read it anymore because one of the few things that ruins stories for me happens

I'm going to keep an eye on this story. Great so far, hope it stays this good or gets better.

Can't wait for the next chapters when shit hits the fan :pinkiehappy:

TwiLuna adventure stories are pretty few and far between. Please continue this soon because I love it already.

Well, I am a sucker for alternate universe Twilights. Count me in. :twilightsmile:

Pre-read: Oh boy a Vampire Twilight fic! These things never get old! No seriously I love these stories.

Alright, I can roll with this. Glad it isn't an "oh my gosh I am a ____, whatever shall I do? I must cure myself and or hide from everything," type of fic. If Twilight is corrupted by whatever that was then this will be a nice little dark fic to follow and I will enjoy it whole-heartedly.:twilightsmile: If Twilight is enjoying who she now while being corrupt is than this will be an interesting fic to follow and will be watched chapter by chapter. :unsuresweetie:

Nothing against the latter idea, it just doesn't sit well with me if done in a certain way :ajsleepy:

May I just point out that DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN!!!!

The wolf that had taken three blasts appeared to be stirring slightly as the remaining ones all tensed, spread out in a half moon shape centered on the ponies.

Hmm... super tough timber wolves? No problem.

One mission, one purpose.

to set everything on fire.

Azu has his little hands in everything it seems.

Good first chapter, I am happy that I have come to associate your name with well written, or at least zany, works.

Look Applejack, Twilight's back! Go give her a hug, will you? :pinkiecrazy:

Ahem, seriously though: this is relevant to my interests. I remember seeing that cover image on Derpibooru some time ago and was wondering when the story would surface.

I approve of this........I know updates take time but please.....next chapter soon......

The description makes it sound really good, plus I tend to have good luck with stories with TwiLuna in them. Favorited.


One can hold out hope though, amiright? No? Damn... :facehoof:

And just look at the comment I replied to right above you. *runs to a corner and cries a little* I refuse to ever read that trash. I liberally make fun of those who enjoy it. It's even sweeter that one of those folks is an ex.

The dynamics were something I was hammered on by the folks looking over it until I fixed them a little. I've always enjoyed having these two interact with each other.

I shall gladly take your watch good sir. And yes, TwiLuna seems to find its way into, well, all of my stories. Can you tell which pairing is my favorite? :rainbowlaugh:

For the grand scheme of things, that isn't so much important as the before and after. You'll get a glimpse of what happens during those missing days in a few chapters. Figured pointless exposition of guards and ponies crawling all over trying to find her wouldn't really aid anything.


Now, I just need to make sure it STAYS on the Adventure train. Romance is supposed to be there as the lull between action and adventure stuff. Got folks who'll keep me to that at least.

Oh, I know you. Glad to have you on board, hopefully it's good.

Nah, there's gonna be some angst involved, there kinda has to be considering what's happened, but anymore will spoil. I'm going to have to use the cliche 'Wait and find out, you'll see!'

2895071 :rainbowlaugh:

Azu's hands, or in this instance his eyes, are awesome.
'More detail!' 'More Detail!' 'MORE DETAIL, SPACE, GODDAMNIT!' (Liberal interpretation of his comments)
And I'll take well written and zany to my name. Gotta have some fun afterall, right?

Yeah, I commissioned Arch awhile back and although I had some of the story written at the time, I didn't want to rush it. Fucking love Archonix's artwork.

I shall gladly receive your favorite, I hope you continue to enjoy this.

Yes you gotta have fun. If a writer is not enjoying what they are doing, it starts to show in their work. I don't like authors not having fun, kills the whole experience.

Well written and interesting. I liked the interaction between Twilight and Luna and that Twilight held her own. And I look forward to more.

Oh no... vampires...

*reads* Alucard-like vampires too.

I'm going to try to read this... but it's already going to 'over-powered vampire' route. :ajbemused:

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