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A young inventor named Tinker has her life turned around with the arrival of a mysterious mare in a crimson cloak and a tattoo in the shape of a draconequus that runs the length of her body. When their fates become intertwined, Tinker will travel through time and space with the pony once known as Twilight Sparkle and witness the nature of her universe and the ponies who inhabit it.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 580 )

Awesome so far and intriguingly original. :twilightblush:

I was surprised you released it already :derpyderp2:

Should probably make the paragraphs more attractive to the eyes, i don't know one space bar at the beginning of each paragraph (non-speech) should do the trick :coolphoto:


Lovin' it. Can't get enough Sci-fi spaceships in this fandom.

Interested to see where you take this. Discord in the role of Murray the skull hooked me.

That cover art has piqued my attention. To read later you go!

1474769 Read it now, you silly person!

And as I said earlier Toix, this is amazing. To quote a certain Doctor, you are Fantastic. And so's the start of this piece of fiction.

Oh my god. It feels like you are writing this story specifically for me, it pushes all of my buttons very well. :rainbowderp: Are you a wizard?

I must have more! On to the next chapter!

Well, that's not good. So Twilight's magic is unreliable at times?

You could even say it's chaotic...hah, get it, get it? Because of the...ah, I'll show myself out.

Nooooooooooo, I have no more unread chapters of this to read! :fluttercry:

But I have hope, surely more will come eventually! :pinkiehappy:

Well written sci-fi & is very much a weak spot for me, and this isn't just well written, it's straight up fantastic. I can't wait to learn about the history of how Equestria became an interplanetary civilization, assuming we get that, and I always love a good Twilight/Discord team up.

This has achieved a well deserved early entry onto my user page wall of recommended stories, should have it there as soon as my user page is no longer broken.

I plan on releasing an episode of this (divided into three chapters each time) about once ever week or week-and-a-half, so expect more to come. Glad you approve of the story, and yes there will be some serious world building. But remember, traveling across time and space doesn't only involve the future. :raritywink:

1483383 Sounds like a nice and speedy update plan, I am really looking forward to both the future and the past world building. Is this in any way connected to your Freeze Frame continuity?

Incidentally, here is a good approximation of my face after this first set of three -> :pinkiehappy:

Glad to hear it! And yes, both Freeze Frame and Out of Touch are within the same continuity, so there expect some things in one story to carry over to another.

My face when when people have taken this first episode so well-> :pinkiegasp:

Well this does not bode well.... For them. For me this means a brand new story to watch on updates for!

This is going to update every week and a half!!! *faints*
I yearn for more and by gods I am happy your readers will get it.

Will the real Starswirl please stand up.

History time!

Interesting that our protagonist is entirely unfamiliar with her earth pony magic.

Well this should prove interesting if they actually have some effect on history... Still watching closely.

So... Twilight is quantum-leaping through time and space, soul bound to Discord, with a curious young Earth Pony in tow.

I wonder who the other entities that know about Twilight are.

Silverback (King o Dragons)
Discord I assume
2 others? Or 3 others...

When I saw the cover, I immediately thought Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I will probably read this. Dunno.

When I read this, I simply expected Twilight experimenting with time travel. What I got was a fusion of Dr. Who and MLP. And it. is. awesome.

I consider myself both a brony and Whovian, so I am glad to hear it worked out so well.

This is one of them insta-fave stories.
I'll enjoy reading this later.
Really enjoy it.
Enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy Rush

Damn. Now that was an ass kicking.

Twilight even smiled a little bit herself. “Spoilers.”


I see Discord prefers the gentle touch.

Do. You will NOT regret reading this.

I guess you could say you're a...
Hoove-ian? XD Badumtish!
I'll see myself out...

Bravo my good sir! That was certainly worth the read, and I eagerly await more. I certainly see a lot of Doctor Who influence in that first "episode," and I like it. Keep going with what you have, because you are certainly doing something right.

My reaction was


And then I sad'd when I finished the chapter.

Waiting for new chapters of this story are like reliving the Harry Potter writing. I squee every time I see that a new one has come out.

And as the story progresses, I find myself more and more curious about how this uneasy binding of Twilight and Discord came about. Will that ever be explained?

What could of storyteller would I be if I didn't explain it at some point? :raritywink: Also, love your username.

1551093 Awesome! My brother writes a webcomic that has more plotholes than a changling, so..

On a side note, it's been quite a while since someone noticed my username. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, immediately after Twi showed up I was reminded of the Doctor, and I knew that you were imitating that sort of style when the office encounter happened, since that's pretty much exactly how the new Doctors got some of his companions. Kind of reminded me of that episode with Rose and that space station.

Anyway, this is a really interesting take, which gives the "Madmare with a tattoo" (not as catchy as a "Madman with a box") a lot fewer opportunities to take offscreen vacations, like is implied with the Doctor. I'm really curious where you're going to take this, so I'll sit back and watch, now.

Ah time travel, how the hell did we humans ever manage to come up with the idea of it? That and implement it into story's!? Loving this story and that title, I love Hall and Oates.

I was half expecting him to introduce himself as "The Great and Powerful Starswirl".

I don't know how to take this. Great story i'd say. Is it in my top ten? Will withhold judgment for the next chapter.

This is possibly the worst story I ever read! I cannot believe you have the sheer gall to call yourself an author!

Well only five chapters and i am hooked, cant wait to see whats in store.Hopefully some more badass Twi :twilightoops:.

1556766 Dont mean to be a pest but care to elaborate why?

OK so my timing is incredible with this one and I'm glad it was awesome chapter.

Whoo! Didn't see that coming, although I probably should've.

One question: did you get Twi's nickname from my comment or from the obvious compare and contrast with the Doctor, the "madman with a box"?

Why, from your comment of course. Congrats, you're canon!

It's too bad it isn't quite as catchy, though.

Oops, just noticed after the refresh -

what other reason could their be?


Well, it's pretty hard to beat The Doctor, so I'm not too bummed about it.

Oh, and fixed the error. Thanks for catching it.

And Discord has been around for how long?

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