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I am a mighty thesaurus. Rawr!

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Octavia Harmony
Editor and all-around cool dude. Need help with your fic? Ask him. (Be polite!)

Writer, reviewer, occasional editor -- why aren't you following him yet?

Stuck by me as I wrote Night Shift. That's right about a whole year, folks! He also writes some excellent stuff himself.

Wise Cracker
Coming to us from the Weird Side of the Internet(tm), he writes, blogs, and kicks me in the ass when he finds a plot hole in my stories. Have a look at his page.

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Story Approver

Also, congratulations on the feature as well. Though you've already recieved a lot of praise I'd imagine. :raritywink:

Story Approver

Oh damn, she's like a ghoul. :twilightoops:

Still pretty cool though, definitely not what I pictured though. :scootangel:

Hey, thanks! Here's the source, although it might not be what you expect.

Story Approver

Love your profile picture. :twilightsmile:


I mean, would I be following you if I didn't like your work?

All good, I hope. :trixieshiftright:

So, I just spent the whole day reading through Seven-Point Star. Expect a review on its amazon page from one Scott Becker to appear at some point soon.

Oh, thank you! That means so much. Please try to spread it around, let others know you liked it. (Hint: leaving a review on Amazon helps a lot, and I do mean a lot.)

And yes, I do have more books planned. :raritywink:

  • Viewing 99 - 108 of 108
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