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Man, I discovered this story after reading your other story, Queen of Queens. When I saw the tags, I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle it, but I read it anyway. Couple that with listening to depressive Rap songs to set the mood (1-800, Nikki, 44 Bars, and OCD by Logic) I cried a few times when I read certain parts of the story. Feeling myself understanding Twilight's emotional state, understanding how she's living in a story book she can't escape. A body that's not hers, and will never be hers.

Well done man, well done. One another note though, I feel like this story has a place in the shows Canon, although mainly relegated as an alternate timeline since Starlight have shown us that such things exists.

It also interests me how will Celestia, Mane 5, Spike, Shining Armor, Cadence, etc will react to Twilight cutting off her wings. Even better, I wonder if she's strong enough to live without her friends or family eventually. She's an Alicorn after all, and Alicorns are immortal. But her friends, they're not. All that emotional weight would definitely ruin her psyche in the long run.


basically restarting my entire life


Well I am very happy to hear that there are new books coming from you, even if it's in a random point in the future!
And good luck with everything!

*edit: I just noticed that I wrote "the seven star" by mistake even if I actually had noticed that yesterday, and I even laughted at myself at how silly it would have been to praise a book and then get the title wrong.

Yes! Yes, I've got stuff coming! I've been very busy in 2018, basically restarting my entire life -- I just couldn't focus on my writing. I've made a resolution to publish something new this year, though. I'm about... let's say 20-30% into a new book and making progress every day at a good pace.

I should probably do a full-fledged blog telling whoever is still listening what's up...

Are you the JawJoe who makes critique videos?
If so--You made great videos, but you don't advertise them here, and you don't even list them on your YouTube channel! What's up with that?

Hey! I was just in the middle of my second reading of the Seven Star (and I am enjoying so much more now! I just love the aesthetic of this alternate Europe) and I was wondering, are there any new books coming in the future?

Your writing voice is magnificent in terms of skill, wit and darkness. Truly and painfully sublime. Your prose, the way your raise inanities to profundities, is gorgeous and scintillating in the extreme. I prostrate myself before your efforts! :o


Also, congratulations on the feature as well. Though you've already recieved a lot of praise I'd imagine. :raritywink:


Oh damn, she's like a ghoul. :twilightoops:

Still pretty cool though, definitely not what I pictured though. :scootangel:

Hey, thanks! Here's the source, although it might not be what you expect.

  • Viewing 98 - 107 of 107
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