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Thanks for the follow! :eeyup:

2795573 Thank God they changed it.

I was talking about the original script of Magic Duel.

As Faust said, the most entertaining thing is seeing a character grow, and in the original "Magic Duel" we can see how right she is by seeing how much Rainbow Dash has changed.
While Twilight wanted to keep studying difficult spells to beat Trixie, RD, instead of being supportative like all her other friends, complains about how useless reading books is, and Twilight -obviously- ignores her because RD is just being her usual ignorant self and because knows nothing about magic. So Rainbow decides to challange Twilight in a magic duel, and actually ends up winning.
She beats her, just to prove her point, but instead of childishly bragging about her victory -as everyone would have expected-, she comes down to a now very depressed Twilight to tell her something very useful: that she is already good at magic and that overthinking or overstudying won't do her any good. Instead, she needs to face the challange head on and focus on that.

Rainbow Dash wasn't just whining, she was giving Twilight a great advice.
And in that, she proved to be even more mature than her others who were just blindly encouraging their friend.

Rainbow Freaking Dash being mature. Thinking back at the kid she used to be is so satisfying.

:rainbowlaugh: What the hell are you talking about? Nothing like that ever happened in "Magic Duel!"

BUT! If you are a chick magnet chick, won't that make your own mass collapse unto itself?!


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