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Recovering · 1:40am Aug 15th, 2015

Back from bronycon and recovering. Bunked with two good friends (Oldenbrony and Malwinters) and met at least a dozen people I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with. Also bumped into a few cool people from last year. Can confirm that Friendship is most likely Magic.

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Report NotSoSubtle · 432 views · #Bronycon

I AM NOT SO SUBTLE, and this autobiography technique has been passed down my family line for generations! It employs a large quantity of links that describe the autobiographer while he is describing himself! BRILLIANT, isn’t it?

I WRITE, and at least for the moment, I write FOR FRIENDSHIIIIIIIIIP! Valor is Magic is my take on a Ponies epic war tale that remains as close to the show’s canon and themes as possible. While I have crafted many a small project ViM is by far my largest undertaking, the outline having 30 chapters and room for aggressive expansion!

Do I ALWAYS talk like this? Thank you for asking! And the answer is MOST. CERTAINLY. YES…Except in my favorite library. They have all of Jim Butcher’s books there, ALL of them. ESPECIALLY the as-of-yet unwritten ones. I can’t afford to have my card revoked until I FIND them all, and I’m fresh out of souls!

As for other things I enjoy, you can’t go far wrong with things that make a story 20% cooler.

STILL not enough HAM for you? Or maybe you have a story idea that needs some refining. I can regularly be found in The Writer’s Group IRC chat!

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1988370 You commented, I clicked, I commented.

Tis Remedied, Good Sir! Please forgive the dust while I fetch some refreshment. I must ask, though, how you have found yourself back in this tiny corner of The Fictions of Fim?

More than a year without comment :pinkiegasp: NSS, we must fix this!

Hey there! Thanks a ton for the watch! I really appreciate the support. :twilightsmile:

Welcome to the legion, man.

Having fun meeting you at BronyCon.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thanks for watching!

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