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Hi! I'm a university student graduate, a fan of cartoon ponies, and a writer, among other things. I've been writing and posting on this site since 2012. I enjoy writing comedy, mostly, but once in a while I dabble in other things as well. One day, I'd like to professionally publish something I've written, probably a novel.

Latest Stories

Future Stories

I Can Date Better Than You - Romance
Characters: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Summary: TBD
Status: Posted!

The Changelingz (tentative title) - [Comedy] [Adventure]
Characters: Changelings, ??
Summary: TBA
Status: Outlining

Stages: Outlining -> Writing -> Writing, over 50% done -> Revising -> Prereading* -> Revising, round 2* -> Posted!
Green = Currently working on, Yellow = On the back burner for the time being

* Optional steps - depends if I get a prereader