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Bonjour ma colère, salut ma hargne, et mon courroux... COUCOU!

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I'm a French Brony, casually enjoying the show and amazed by some stuff this fandom can create.
My purpose is to improve both my writing and my English, and as a non native English speaker, I would be glad to find any proof-reader to check on the stupid stuff I write.
Feel free to come here to read, to talk or to ask about anything.

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When authors touched subjects I deeply care about, and managed to convey it in a beautiful way, they deserve it. :)

I'm honored to get two stories on the "amazing" list!

That also reminded me I wasn't following you back. This has been fixed. :twilightsmile:

The write-off is a great way to improve and is Damn fun, glad to have you there:pinkiehappy:

I fear I will not partecipate this week-end, at least if my muse doesn't pull me in an alley and beats some inspiration in me. I have finals looming and not much time.


You should thank PresentPerfect and his review of your story A Good Filly. That was brilliant, conveying so much with very few words.

And I'm getting ready for the next contest of the Write off association. Will you take part in the next one too?

Thank you for the following, I'm glad you appreciated my story:raritystarry:

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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