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Bonjour ma colère, salut ma hargne, et mon courroux... COUCOU!


Life happens around Ponyville and its inhabitants. They eat, they sleep, they become friends, sometimes they fall in love, and sometimes they cry. It couldn't be otherwise. Follow the journey of Ponyvillians' everyday life.

***WARNING***This is the project I talked about in my last blog post. Basically, this is a collection of short stories. I write one story per day during the month of August 2017, and every story will be based on previous Writeoff prompts(starting by the bottom).

If you're curious to follow this madness and see where it can lead to, feel free to track it, but don't expect amazing stories. This is basically a writing exercise.

Rating, as well as characters tags, may change within the future (though I don't think I'll ever write mature content)

One last thing, criticism is more than welcome. You're not supposed to be gentle.

Pre-reader list: Not_A_Hat, Monokeras, Orbiting_Kettle, Ranmilia, Dubs Rewatcher.

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For the length of the chapters I was presently surprised with the quality of the writing as well as the overall concepts themselves. I do believe that Chapter two my favourite, the themes were handled pretty well and enjoyable to read. You earned yourself a like by the way.

If your struggling to write 'larger' chapters and simply can't find the time, there are methods that could help you get around it. If you time yourself 20-30 minutes and right continuously you should be able to write chapters with a higher amount of words. Using that method I am able to right approximately 700 words in around 30 minutes.

Thank you for the like and your contribution. I do sometimes have a hard time writing, espacially when I start losing faith in the idea that drove me to write. That's what this is all about, forcing myself to write everyday, even if it's only 500 words (I obvisouly have other things to do during the day).

I'll try your method, see if it can give me any result.

Story Approver

Even if the word-count is small, I have to commend your resolve. It isn't easy committing yourself to writing every day, I know I can't. :derpytongue2:

Um, if this is a story per day of August, then shouldn't it be "31 Days/31 Stories"? Because August is one of seven months with 31 days.

I'll try to stick to it as hard as I can. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'll try my best.

I come back from a long trip the 31st of July. Thirsday was a bit hectic between all the things I needed to do. Plus I like round numbers.

Will all these stories be this short?

Probably not. I skipped a day and this was a way to make up for it.

Will we see you write-off entry as companion piece to this chapter?

Not the one you're thinking, but probably The Best Dealer, once I would have reworked it a bit.

Whaat the f****CK!?! What just happened!?!

Don't deal on Fluttershy's turf.

This is actually a pretty neat idea, maybe you can inspire some more authors to adopt it :twilightsmile:

You're more than welcome to try :pinkiehappy:

I Swear this is a reference to did somebody say yoga.

I'm... not sure of what you're talking about.

I'm talking about mission...26? I think that's in GTA 5, check it out and I think you will get it.

I've played GTA 5 and I've checked the mission with the yoga part. I didn't have this in mind when writing it, though it could very well be some sort of subconscious things.

It was so sad but I loved it! Great story

You know August has 31 days, right?


So that's how it all began! Great story

Oh that was silly :P

Thank you. Though the idea could, and should, have used many more words, I'm still happy with how it turned out with the short amount of time I spent writing it.

Glad you liked it. :)

I am in every way surprised that you actually did this. Mad respect.

Thank you very much.
As for the result, I'm not so sure about the quality, but it's mainly a writing exercise.

No, one last story will be publish later today.

Congratulations on having finished this death-march. It's quite an achievement.

Thank you, I'm glad this is finally over. It was a tedious task.

Great Story! For this you shall be gifted a fav and like, along with a song from TheFatRat that has nothing to do with this. (although tell me if you see something that relates to the story!!

Thank you very much.

As for the song, there are a lot of lyrics that could relate to the story and the whole thing:

Don’t you be afraid
Everything will change

We’ll make it through

A thousand views

Somewhere close to harmony
When the world is sound asleep

Not really the kind of music I enjoy, but this one is quite good. Also, it's me or the very first notes are the same that in MLP's theme?

I would read an expanded and more developed version of this fic. sounds awesome! Especially if they met the now grown cmc.

That won't probably happen in a near future, but it's definitely a story I want to tell. And yes, the CMCs would definitely be involved in their shenanigans, one way or another.

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