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The Writeoffs are writing challenges held every few weeks — alternating between My Little Pony fanfiction, original fiction, and other genres put forth by user-created groups — in which writers create stories inspired by a collaboratively chosen prompt. The stories are submitted to the website, which posts them anonymously. Voting is open to the public, with judging rounds that allow readers to choose winners based solely on the quality of the stories, without knowing any of the authors' identities.

During the judging period, the event thread on the Writeoff website becomes a centralized discussion point for the stories, with a strong tradition of participants trading story reviews and constructive criticism. Many participants feel that this feedback is the best part of the Writeoffs. The event is concluded when voting results are posted and the authors are revealed.

Although the Writeoffs are hosted offsite, their community is drawn from a strong core of FIMFiction authors and many of its stories end up here. We welcome all authors and readers, whether new or experienced — so come one, come all to the Writeoff Association!

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horizon - FimFiction group admin
CoffeeMinion - FimFiction group owner as of July 2020
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Does anyone know what the additional awards given to stories are and how they're triggered, such as "writeoff graduate" etc.? I can't find any info on them on the site or here.

Hay. First off, I appreciate that there are people in the Writeoff who care about my wellbeing, so I want you to know that it makes me feel good knowing that.

That said, I don't feel that it's appropriate for you to apologize on behalf of the Writeoff. :applejackunsure: There is not a general consensus of authors who share your sentiments, and I'm certain other members don't want you to speak for them.

Now, you can apologize for your own actions, but I don't think you need to. I don't blame anypony for what they said or did, because you all have a right to say how you feel. The problem isn't what ponies said and did; rather, what ponies said and did revealed an underlying problem that I am a part of.

There's only one person (besides myself) who significantly hurt me by saying something, and what hurt me wasn't so much what they said but the fact that everypony agreed with them. I don't know who you are, but that person wasn't you (and for the record, I'm not mad at them either). Having had time to straighten myself out, I'm not deeply troubled by any of the other comments I received (including any and all of the comments about the story itself). I was just having a really bad week, and I overreacted initially out of some recent pain, and then some bad things that needed to happen, happened.

I have my own story about the experience that I'll finish once I'm healthy (I've been very ill for about five weeks now). It's just a thing I gotta do for my own sanity, the story doesn't identify anypony (because it's about me, not them), and after I publish it I will not post it to this group (though obviously I can't stop CoffeeMinion). I know it may be ill-advised to say anything after what happened, but I need to do it because I've spent too much time over the past decade hiding the extent of my mental illness. Being able to share something about what it's like to be me will help me to heal.

Regardless, thanks for caring. :pinkiesad2:

Sounds like you know how to give quality advice, Trixie. :raritywink: I wrote this story the round after your most recent entry. I've dedicated it to you because we want you to stay. I checked in our discord; you're not there. Let it be said that there have been mistakes and those mistakes carry regrets. I for one said things I wish I could take back. I also didn't say things that I wish I had. Though I share a name with the main character in my story, between us, she's more ideal version.

On behalf of the Writeoff Association, I would like to publicly apologize to you.

The website has information on how to enter the competitions.

We've moved the contest to a different server (but we do post fixed-up entries here). Click on the website link, above.

Question. Why in the world is the main page stuck in July?

do i enter my story here or on the website linked?

404786 I've done a bit more thinking, and unless I'm told not to, I'm going to give this another shot.

I have a question.

A few weeks ago, I had a freakout about my conduct in one of the Write-Off competitions, and left the group. Recently, though, after some calming down, some reassurance and some practice, I've been desiring to try my hand at it again, this time with a clearer, more mature mindset. Would that be acceptable?

403787 Oooh! I can answer that one! :pinkiehappy:

To enter a contest you'll need an account on the Writeoff site. Then, wait until the event starts and the prompt is announced (again, over on that site, though the corresponding thread in this group'll probably have the info within a few minutes of the event starting). Write your story and submit it through that site, which hosts the stories during the contest. Just remember to check out the FAQ and the generic contest rules (here are the ones from the last contest, though they rarely change from event to event).

Hope that helps, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask away!

How do you submit stories to competitions? I'd like to participate in the MLP short story event.

All of the current Writeoff events are specifically MLP-themed, but 400890 has discussed holding new/alternate competitions for other fandoms or for original fiction. I remember reading a forum thread talking about those plans, but I don't recall which one off the top of my head.

A little over 24 hours.

When will the next contest be?

391781 You have a very cute profile image...What is it?

This looks like an interesting group. I guess I can have a go with this.

This group hasn't had any comments on here in a while. That's kind of weird, considering that this is a fairly active group.

Next Writeoff Begins: Sunday, January 5th


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Cool. I'm not sure if I'll manage it in a day or not, but I've got a couple ideas to marinate overnight.


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