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Could somepony please read and review my story? I have no comments other than my own, and an equal amount of likes and dislikes. It's called "Tales from the Equestrian Others-the Fallen Angel of Ponyville". It hasn't been completed yet, and it's actually the first installment of a series following my OCs and their lives working for Princess Luna.
Nopony will give me the time of day.

So... should a story be complete to be submitted? Or are incompletes okay?

My old home... How I missed it here.

I was just about to ask how dead this group was; I've been gone for about a year or so, checking my notifications periodically, so I am so behind on what's gone on here (on the site in general) in that time. Glad to see this group is active still. Is it appropriate to feel nostalgia for it, the fact that this group I joined and submitted to in my first (second?) year of Fimfiction is still around? :fluttershysad:

I'm getting old and sentimental, ignore me :rainbowlaugh:

415135 Cromegas is a very eager person. He's the only thing keeping this group properly motivated. He was the one who suggested each admin separate into teams so there would be more motivation and less strain to review fics.

Where is the story claiming thread? I'm doing a review as a member for Team Heavy to see if I got The Right Stuff.

This is a great thing you're doing here by the way. Whilst many other groups like this died, it's very nice to see you're still rather active.

New here, whens the next submission?

So if the two fanfics there are reviewed the submissions will be open again?

Hey, there.
I just want to know when any submission folders are open? For I have a story that I just finished, and it's the biggest story I've ever done, for it took me nearly 2 years write.

Hi just joined but I'm still a little confused. :applejackunsure:
If I want you to review one of my fics, which sub-folder do I put it in? Are any of them open?

Things are going down as in UP! Expect changes soon.


My story got claimed...


He says I'm back from the depths of reality, but my heart still lays there. Anyway, I'm doing some things to oil the gears in the group. Then once that is set, I'm revving up the engine that is full of fuel.

410264 Don't worry, our Lord and Savior has returned from the depths of Reality. You're in our hands now.

The group has been rather quiet for a while now. Is everything still alright? Not to sound impatient, but I've waited rather a while to get a review, and now I'm getting nervous what with the inactivity.

Never dive deep into the question "Why," if you already have a simple answer. Because that answer is most likely the correct answer, and if you question it... then you question your confidence.

So "Why" am I here? Simple.

I want to be.

W-Wow. Y-You guys sure are getting through these stories at a quick pace.



  • Viewing 341 - 360 of 360