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After repeatedly stabbing a false king in the chest, somehow pulling out a scythe out of the fake kings chest like a magician with a hat and a rabbit and creating a bar that sells SNAKE BEER (beer made and brewed inside of a animated glass snake. Usually Popular with prankster gods) Dagmire fell down many staircases alongside his small basilisk friend and through the front door/window of his bar he somehow ends up smack dab in the middle of enter-for-death-forest. Now In Equestria he feels a strong pull to a strange castle in the distance. Maybe now he can finally find the one who cursed him with chaos in the first place...

Or he might play ragtime music in a massive fight. ITS CHAOS BABY NOTHING IS SAFE

(Note: If anyone is intrigued and wants to slap a displaced in my story for a few chapters just contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.)

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When you say Dragmire, do you mean Ganondorf?

Got it. Is it a reference to one of Ganondorf's attacks in the game?

That new chapter is honestly somewhat of a pain.

Writing for Zecora requires the brain cells I don’t have 🤨

Yep. Some day I’m going to figure out how to make it work though. But for now I guess Dagmire is just going to be- oh shit.

I forgot about that one pony that needed revenge on someone.

Ok nevermind I guess Dagmire is going to be the one taking the elements on an adventure

Well now that displaced are going to flood in you guys are probably going to realize basically how helpless he is against a real threat.

Equestria is usually a lot more tame than the rest of the shit Dagmire deals with. (Plus while running the bar he wasted away most of the muscles he had built on his quests)

Thank you for telling me that it started well. Hopefully it’ll stay that way through the rest of the story

Well when it happens I guaranty it’s going to be absolutely stupid.

It’ll be great

Suddenly like a drop bear (but it’s an actual bear instead of a koala) pouncing on its prey Stella dropped from the roof and landed on the griffin. Screaming and hooves hitting solid things began playing as the griffin desperately tried to drop the tiny horse on the ground. The griffin threw the pony into the ground and instead of landing with a thud Stella sank into her shadow then launched back out at the same velocity directly into the griffin’s genitalia.

I laughed so hard at the beginning and end of that paragraph.

The best way to enjoy the story is to read it like someone is screaming each word as fast as they can while rushing to finish. Fast paced and chaotic

Kinda. I literally just posted the chapter, left to use the bathroom and when I came back the comment was there

Ok since I couldn’t get the next chapter out in time I decided to say “fuck it”.

Now the next chapter should be twice the length as usual

Ok I know where I’m going with this now. The hi-tea-ass is lifted!

I’m still going. It’s just things keep getting in the way but I have enough to finish today. This one’s for you bud

Why am I like this

I just looked up the animal known as an alpaca. I have never seen something both so hilarious and adorable at the same time in all of my life.

Dagmire quickly gave a peace sign and with a flash of his mask and an explosion of croissants in his wake he was gone the moment Twilight uttered the word makeover

What in the sam hell was this

“Look at that mommy!” A little Pegasus said to his parents as he witnessed one strange ass bird fly south for the winter

“Wow...nature is beautiful” the mother said awestruck as the creature started sparkling with little black specks falling from it


Oo God yes

Bruh, dang this is a complete different version of MLP that I’m use too

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