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Brony and aspiring dubstep artist looking to make my name in the world.

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You've sent a message by banning me and deleting my story, mods. · 11:04pm Nov 22nd, 2016

You're standing with people like Shocks, ShadowbladeCR, hclegend, etc., and standing against the writers that made the "unforgivable sin" of pissing them off.

Meester and his mod buddy, that was one thing, but... it looks like the inmates really are running the asylum.

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If you're passing through here, this is a reminder of how not to use Fimfiction.

Have a nice day!


(I'm surprised this one wasn't posted here sooner)

In all seriousness, now that The Castaway Pariah has left the website, and DataBass seems to be gone as well, I'd say that this fiasco of his, while highly entertaining while it lasted, is officially dead now.

2381867 :pinkiecrazy: You're three weeks too late for that.

Hi Databass! Still butthurt about having your story removed?

:pinkiehappy: What about being savagely wrecked by the same person all over again, without me even realizing until now?

Or even posting several screenshots of other people's comments calling you out, without providing the context for those comments, as you know that giving context to those comments would make you... IN THE WRONG?

:rainbowlaugh: I don't know if I should laugh or drink bleach. Probably both, because this realization is both fucking hilarious and absolutely horrible. His Reddit account, for context on what he's been up to recently.

Anyway, enjoy your life, or whatever. Honestly, with the way you're going, you're gonna be a drain on society and nothin' more.

  • Viewing 88 - 92 of 92
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