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Oi, thanks for the follow back.

Just thought that it'd be nice since we've interacted a bit on Discord.

(I know you probably know this, but I'm Carrot Top there.)

Thanks for the watch!

Hey, thanks for the follow! Here, have an awesome:

I mean, I really can't stop you from doing whatever, unless you were plagiarizing me or something, which is obviously not the case here. I don't mean to be rude, but you don't really need to reply to me for everything related to it if it's been months, and I haven't really been engaging a month or two ago I think it was? Some people would probably get annoyed with that one. If I were to feel the desire to engage with a newer story or some such, I'd do so of my own accord.
I'm thinking they've been truly abandoned, the rage reviews, if it has been this long without one. shrug It happens, I guess.

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