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All my stories end with the word "gullible." No really, check them out!


Stand before the might of my opposable flippers and tremble.

So, yeah. I don't really like blabbity-blabbing about myself too much. I'm just a dude that likes to write in my spare time (which is not much).

I also really appreciate constructive criticism, so if you see something in one of my stories that sucks or needs some improvement, don't be afraid to let me know. I don't bite!

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This box has finally been revamped yet again.

3/19/2016: 657 words written for final chapter of Don't Open Your Eyes, Scoot.
657 words total.
3/26/2016: 857 words written for final chapter of Don't Open Your Eyes, Scoot.
1508 words total.
5/22/2016: 844 words written for final chapter of Don't Open Your Eyes, Scoot.
2353 words total.

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Semester is Over LMAO · 3:42am May 23rd

Quote from my last blog: "However, the semester is starting back up, and it's looking busy as always, soooo I will have limited time to work on it. The thing, though? I am still gonna keep working on it. I'll make time."


Ha. Hahaha, hahaha. Hooheeha.

So... I'm about 3800 words into the next chapter of B(e)aring It All. After five months or so? Sooo... yeah. It's still coming, buuut...

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Comment posted by Shady Mist deleted Dec 24th, 2020


Ah, shit... Bacterial bronchitis, the 'favorite' disease of my youth. Coughing your lungs out was always 'fun' :unsuresweetie:

Kick these bacteria assholes in their assholes and get better soon, man :raritywink:

According to the doctor at the urgent care clinic I saw, it looks like bacterial bronchitis. Negative for flu. Taking antibiotics currently but the fever is still there. We'll see how I look in about 6 days from now.


You're feeling OK, friend :unsuresweetie:? That coughing wasn't anything serious, was it?

Would you be willing to possibly take a request?

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