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Okay, I admit it, I'm probably not your mom. But odds are I'm old enough to be. Now with Patreon account (under alarajrogers) and short stories on Amazon (under Alara Rogers).

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All of my stories on this site, sorted into series where appropriate, are available at Alara Rogers' MLP Fanfic. If you're looking for all the stories in a series, in the correct reading order, go here.

I have a Patreon account where I publish sneak previews, outlines and outtakes, and short stories for sale through Amazon Kindle. If you like my work, check them out.

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Watching Season 6, extremely short reviews so far · 9:33pm 3 hours ago

The Crystalling 1 & 2: Ok, this ruined my headcanon for Sunburst and made Starlight's backstory even more incomprehensible, but I don't mind because he's awesome. Unlike Twilight, the child prodigy who continued to excel in everything she did, Sunburst is the child prodigy who failed his initial promise and ended up believing himself to be a total failure in life despite actually being incredibly accomplished. Also his very existence seems to reinforce my belief that he and Starlight are about

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Star Trek clips, but out of context.

I appreciate the thought. It was a pleasure to talk with you!

Yeah, I didn't want to interrupt your conversation, but I had to head out. No worries. I'm pretty sure I'll be back next year. :-)

Hello! I'm so sorry we got interrupted in our conversation. After my phone call I returned to continue and you had already taken off.

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I started writing fanfic at the age of 4 and forty years later I haven't stopped.

Got into Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1993 and fell in love with Q, which led to stalking John de Lancie in pretty much every TV and movie role of his I could get my hands on, which led me eventually to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My oldest son's a brony and my little daughter is a fan from the series' actual age group. Sometimes I read them my fanfic.

I like ambiguous quasi-reformed villains. I'm also a fan of Magneto and Mystique from X-Men, Scorpius from Farscape and Mewtwo from Pokemon. And trickster figures in general.

I write under my real name. If you google "Alara Rogers" you'll find twenty zillion hits to my various other fanfics and things. Fans of Q who like the way I write Discord will probably like my Q fanfic because in my head they are very, very close to being the same character (close enough that in some of my fics, they literally are.) I'm on fanfiction dot net and archiveofourown dot org under Alara Rogers.

By the way, my avatar icon says "Mommy is a bred". My daughter decided to draw our whole family as breakfast foods.

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All my outside links.

Alara on Fanfiction.net

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Alara.net: My website. Hasn't been maintained in a bit.

Alara R on Livejournal

Alara Works: My fiction livejournal

Q: I wrote prompt fics as or for Q for years on Livejournal; haven't kept up with it recently, but I might start it up again one of these days

Dr Mystery: Livejournal account for an original character, the protagonist (I can't call her the hero, since she's a supervillain) of a novel I'm writing